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RALFF Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1252.65Durham Bulls200714
2241Durham Bulls20076
3237.7Junkyard Frogs20072
4234.45Durham Bulls200712
5234Junkyard Frogs200512
6228.25Captain Cavemen20073
7228.05Turbo Dogs200914
8223.75Shizzle Dizzle20091
9222.5Hunter Dogs20048
10 (tie)222Junkyard Frogs200410
 222Hunter Dogs200911
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
153.5The Huns20021
255.9Captain Cavemen20095
357Durham Bulls20034
457.5Warrior Wolves200310
560.4Lil Monsters20081
662.5Turbo Dogs20029
7 (tie)64Turbo Dogs20022
 64Turbo Dogs20033
964.5Warrior Wolves200210
1065Hunter Dogs20034
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
179Warrior Wolves20033Dishdogs (79-71.5)
2 (tie)88.5Sharons Team200212Turbo Dogs (88.5-68)
 88.5Hunter Dogs20035Junkyard Frogs (88.5-76.5)
489.5Turbo Dogs200313Lil Monsters (89.5-85.5)
589.65Lil Monsters20083Junkyard Frogs (89.65-83.15)
6 (tie)90.5Warrior Wolves20036The Huns (90.5-81)
 90.5Durham Bulls20033Up Your Arsenal (90.5-83.5)
 90.5Hunter Dogs20036Dishdogs (90.5-89.5)
9 (tie)91Turbo Dogs20031Up Your Arsenal (91-80)
 91Durham Bulls20032Turbo Dogs (91-86)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1193.6Shizzle Dizzle200714Durham Bulls (193.6-252.65)
2190Smoke Ricky Smoke20072Junkyard Frogs (190-237.7)
3189.8Captain Cavemen20076Durham Bulls (189.8-241)
4181.75Smoke Ricky Smoke20093The Huns (181.75-205.55)
5176.5Shizzle Dizzle200414Durham Bulls (176.5-207.5)
6176.1Smoke Ricky Smoke20077Captain Cavemen (176.1-198.25)
7175.55The Huns20072Durham Bulls (175.55-182.75)
8175.5Up Your Arsenal200610Bull Dawgs (175.5-213.5)
9175Shizzle Dizzle200412Hunter Dogs (175-182)
10174.75Shizzle Dizzle20071Durham Bulls (174.75-177.55)
Most Combined Points
1446.25Durham Bulls vs Shizzle Dizzle (252.65-193.6)200714
2430.8Durham Bulls vs Captain Cavemen (241-189.8)20076
3427.7Junkyard Frogs vs Smoke Ricky Smoke (237.7-190)20072
4401.55Turbo Dogs vs Junkyard Frogs (228.05-173.5)200914
5395.85Durham Bulls vs The Huns (234.45-161.4)200712
6389Bull Dawgs vs Up Your Arsenal (213.5-175.5)200610
7387.3The Huns vs Smoke Ricky Smoke (205.55-181.75)20093
8386Hunter Dogs vs Junkyard Frogs (222.5-163.5)20048
9385.45Durham Bulls vs Hunter Dogs (221.75-163.7)20073
10384.35The Huns vs Hunter Dogs (219.5-164.85)20071
Fewest Combined Points
1150.5Warrior Wolves vs Dishdogs (79-71.5)20033
2156.5Sharons Team vs Turbo Dogs (88.5-68)200212
3158.15Warrior Wolves vs Lil Monsters (97.75-60.4)20081
4162The Huns vs Hunter Dogs (95-67)20027
5162.5TAO:ASO vs Lil Monsters (93.5-69)200311
6163The Huns vs Turbo Dogs (97-66)201012
7 (tie)165Sharons Team vs Warrior Wolves (107.5-57.5)200310
 165Hunter Dogs vs Junkyard Frogs (88.5-76.5)20035
9166Up Your Arsenal vs The Huns (112.5-53.5)20021
10169.5TAO:ASO vs Turbo Dogs (105.5-64)20033
Victory Margin
1117.75Captain Cavemen20084Junkyard Frogs (197.05-79.3)
2112Junkyard Frogs200512Lil Monsters (234-122)
3108.25Turbo Dogs200910Durham Bulls (218.55-110.3)
4106.35Captain Cavemen20109Durham Bulls (210.1-103.75)
5105Junkyard Frogs200410Dishdogs (222-117)
6104Turbo Dogs20076The Huns (179.75-75.75)
7103.3Up Your Arsenal20102Touchdown Tizom (194.15-90.85)
8101.8Durham Bulls200810Lil Monsters (202.7-100.9)
9101Junkyard Frogs20067Shizzle Dizzle (201.5-100.5)
1098Bull Dawgs20068Lil Monsters (190-92)
Least Victory Margin
10.10Junkyard Frogs200912Warrior Wolves (127.15-127.05)
20.20Hunter Dogs20105Smoke Ricky Smoke (116.15-115.95)
30.25Turbo Dogs20096The Huns (143.85-143.6)
4 (tie)0.50Turbo Dogs20043Warrior Wolves (121-120.5)
 0.50Warrior Wolves20046Hunter Dogs (140-139.5)
60.80Smoke Ricky Smoke200911Lil Monsters (142.75-141.95)
70.85Lil Monsters20094Turbo Dogs (149.75-148.9)
8 (tie)1Junkyard Frogs20044Turbo Dogs (129.5-128.5)
 1Junkyard Frogs20051Warrior Wolves (143.5-142.5)
 1Durham Bulls20042Shizzle Dizzle (141-140)
 1Hunter Dogs20036Dishdogs (90.5-89.5)

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