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Alma Fantasy League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
2173Goon Squad20053
3169Midnight Riders200412
4 (tie)154Demigods200511
 154Almost Shameless20045
6151Goon Squad200415
7150Almost Shameless20049
8148Almost Shameless20048
10 (tie)145Demigods20062
 145Almost Shameless200612
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
128Nobody's Fool20034
2 (tie)34Demigods20029
 34Nobody's Fool20036
4 (tie)36Demigods200311
 36Ditka's Rigid D200312
841Almost Shameless20025
942Hardcore Healthy Habits20035
10 (tie)43Ditka's Rigid D20053
 43Hardcore Healthy Habits20031
 43Hardcore Healthy Habits20055
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
143Demsome20035Hardcore Healthy Habits (43-42)
249Demsome20036Ditka's Rigid D (49-44)
350Hardcore Healthy Habits20038Midnight Riders (50-47)
4 (tie)53Almost Shameless20033Nobody's Fool (53-45)
 53Ditka's Rigid D200311Demigods (53-36)
 53Demsome20034Nobody's Fool (53-28)
756Goon Squad20029Hardcore Healthy Habits (56-46)
857Almost Shameless200312Ditka's Rigid D (57-36)
958Ditka's Rigid D20027Demsome (58-53)
10 (tie)59Almost Shameless20024Midnight Riders (59-46)
 59Midnight Riders20029Ditka's Rigid D (59-47)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1136Almost Shameless20043Goon Squad (136-141)
2131Demigods200615Ditka's Rigid D (131-135)
3129Demsome200410Ditka's Rigid D (129-134)
4125Nobody's Fool20048Almost Shameless (125-148)
5 (tie)123Demigods200413Goon Squad (123-128)
 123Goon Squad200612Ditka's Rigid D (123-130)
7 (tie)122Demigods20067Goon Squad (122-123)
 122Demsome20053Almost Shameless (122-144)
9118Almost Shameless200410Goon Squad (118-124)
10117Demigods20066Demsome (117-129)
Most Combined Points
1308Demigods vs Midnight Riders (209-99)20068
2285Midnight Riders vs Ditka's Rigid D (169-116)200412
3277Goon Squad vs Almost Shameless (141-136)20043
4273Almost Shameless vs Nobody's Fool (148-125)20048
5267Goon Squad vs Demigods (173-94)20053
6 (tie)266Almost Shameless vs Demsome (144-122)20053
 266Ditka's Rigid D vs Demigods (135-131)200615
8263Ditka's Rigid D vs Demsome (134-129)200410
9259Almost Shameless vs Demsome (154-105)20045
10257Demigods vs Almost Shameless (147-110)200610
Fewest Combined Points
181Demsome vs Nobody's Fool (53-28)20034
285Demsome vs Hardcore Healthy Habits (43-42)20035
389Ditka's Rigid D vs Demigods (53-36)200311
4 (tie)93Demsome vs Ditka's Rigid D (49-44)20036
 93Almost Shameless vs Ditka's Rigid D (57-36)200312
696Almost Shameless vs Demigods (62-34)20029
797Hardcore Healthy Habits vs Midnight Riders (50-47)20038
898Almost Shameless vs Nobody's Fool (53-45)20033
9100Hardcore Healthy Habits vs Demigods (61-39)20033
10102Goon Squad vs Hardcore Healthy Habits (56-46)20029
Victory Margin
1110Demigods20068Midnight Riders (209-99)
288Goon Squad20058Almost Shameless (139-51)
386Demsome200413Midnight Riders (144-58)
479Goon Squad20053Demigods (173-94)
5 (tie)73Almost Shameless200411Ditka's Rigid D (142-69)
 73Ditka's Rigid D200614Demsome (134-61)
7 (tie)64Almost Shameless200514Ditka's Rigid D (131-67)
 64Almost Shameless200612Demsome (145-81)
 64Ditka's Rigid D200413Nobody's Fool (133-69)
10 (tie)63Goon Squad200213Nobody's Fool (115-52)
 63Demsome20055Hardcore Healthy Habits (106-43)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)1Demigods20037Goon Squad (70-69)
 1Demigods20055Dear Mr.Fantasy (111-110)
 1Goon Squad20061Nobody's Fool (83-82)
 1Goon Squad20067Demigods (123-122)
 1Almost Shameless200210Nobody's Fool (75-74)
 1Ditka's Rigid D20037Hardcore Healthy Habits (61-60)
 1Ditka's Rigid D20028Hardcore Healthy Habits (83-82)
 1Demsome20035Hardcore Healthy Habits (43-42)
 1Spunky Monkeys20052Ditka's Rigid D (73-72)
10 (tie)2Demigods200516Goon Squad (91-89)
 2Goon Squad20036Midnight Riders (65-63)
 2Nobody's Fool20025Ditka's Rigid D (67-65)
 2Nobody's Fool20049Midnight Riders (111-109)
 2Almost Shameless20022Demigods (78-76)
 2Ditka's Rigid D20038Nobody's Fool (62-60)
 2Dear Mr.Fantasy200513Ditka's Rigid D (86-84)
 2Midnight Riders200312Demigods (77-75)
 2Midnight Riders20059Spunky Monkeys (111-109)
 2Midnight Riders20063Ditka's Rigid D (114-112)

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