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6th Annual Ravens All-Pro FFL Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1217.02Team Punishment200610
2208.78Team Punishment200611
3202.68Knight Riders20066
4201.12Red Headed Slut20067
5194.64Beltway Snipers200412
6193.34Team Punishment20092
7192.4Baltimore Blunt Squadron200516
8190.02Beltway Snipers200410
9189.56Red Headed Slut200816
10189.26Chinky Kimo's Atomic Bombers20079
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
140.48Tough as McNails20065
241.42Red Headed Slut20094
343.96Tough as McNails200710
446.08Tough as McNails200612
548.84Baltimore Blunt Squadron20086
650.64Chinky Kimo's Atomic Bombers20075
758.64Baltimore Blunt Squadron200414
959.08Snyders Deli200613
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
177.82Tough as McNails200611Drunk fuck (77.82-70.94)
278.44Beltway Snipers20078Drunk fuck (78.44-71.72)
379.18Thundercats20093Knight Riders (79.18-61.36)
481.24Drunk fuck20074Snyders Deli (81.24-66.34)
582.32Inspecta Deck200512Knight Riders (82.32-71.14)
682.82Red Headed Slut20074Beltway Snipers (82.82-69.26)
784.2Beltway Snipers20084suburban unicorns (84.2-72.8)
884.48Knight Riders20045The Realness (84.48-68.14)
985.78Knight Riders200611Baltimore Blunt Squadron (85.78-70.82)
1085.92Burg4Life20049Beltway Snipers (85.92-84.16)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1168.08Beltway Snipers200610Team Punishment (168.08-217.02)
2165.92Team Punishment200511Inspecta Deck (165.92-170.34)
3158.74Inspecta Deck200413Baltimore Blunt Squadron (158.74-176.88)
4148.36Beltway Snipers200616Baltimore Blunt Squadron (148.36-157.48)
5147.54Inspecta Deck200710Red Headed Slut (147.54-153.08)
6146.6Glicks All In200816Red Headed Slut (146.6-189.56)
7145.3Kreis Almighty20088R.A.R.E. Ent Inc. (145.3-151.88)
8144.5Baltimore Blunt Squadron20055Tough as McNails (144.5-149.06)
9143.38Burg4Life20053Inspecta Deck (143.38-167.28)
10143Team Punishment200615Baltimore Blunt Squadron (143-149.02)
Most Combined Points
1385.1Team Punishment vs Beltway Snipers (217.02-168.08)200610
2336.26Inspecta Deck vs Team Punishment (170.34-165.92)200511
3336.16Red Headed Slut vs Glicks All In (189.56-146.6)200816
4335.62Baltimore Blunt Squadron vs Inspecta Deck (176.88-158.74)200413
5329.04Inspecta Deck vs Beltway Snipers (188.9-140.14)20097
6318.42Red Headed Slut vs Knight Riders (201.12-117.3)20067
7314.26Beltway Snipers vs Thundercats (190.02-124.24)200410
8313.72R.A.R.E. Ent Inc. vs Beltway Snipers (176.2-137.52)20073
9310.66Inspecta Deck vs Burg4Life (167.28-143.38)20053
10306.08Beltway Snipers vs Red Headed Slut (174.64-131.44)20064
Fewest Combined Points
1135.42Glicks All In vs Tough as McNails (94.94-40.48)20065
2137Snyders Deli vs Baltimore Blunt Squadron (88.16-48.84)20086
3140.54Thundercats vs Knight Riders (79.18-61.36)20093
4147.58Drunk fuck vs Snyders Deli (81.24-66.34)20074
5148.76Tough as McNails vs Drunk fuck (77.82-70.94)200611
6150.16Beltway Snipers vs Drunk fuck (78.44-71.72)20078
7150.54Thundercats vs Knight Riders (90.24-60.3)200514
8152.08Red Headed Slut vs Beltway Snipers (82.82-69.26)20074
9152.62Knight Riders vs The Realness (84.48-68.14)20045
10153.46Inspecta Deck vs Knight Riders (82.32-71.14)200512
Victory Margin
1125.36Knight Riders20066Thundercats (202.68-77.32)
2115.14Beltway Snipers200412Hellz Wind Staff (194.64-79.5)
3113.62Team Punishment200611Thundercats (208.78-95.16)
4107.64R.A.R.E. Ent Inc.20078Tough as McNails (169.14-61.5)
5105.36Team Punishment20092Snyders Deli (193.34-87.98)
6103.28Inspecta Deck20048Knight Riders (184.42-81.14)
7102.02Inspecta Deck20095Knight Riders (178.66-76.64)
899.46Thundercats200414Baltimore Blunt Squadron (158.1-58.64)
995.76Red Headed Slut20068Inspecta Deck (186.78-91.02)
1095.64Team Punishment20066Glicks All In (179.24-83.6)
Least Victory Margin
10.04Team Punishment200816R.A.R.E. Ent Inc. (122.34-122.3)
2 (tie)0.12Glicks All In200711Baltimore Blunt Squadron (105.8-105.68)
 0.12Kreis Almighty20095Dr. Funke's 100% Natural Good-Time Family Band Solution (113.36-113.24)
40.24Knight Riders20069Beltway Snipers (122.88-122.64)
50.38Glicks All In200516Thundercats (123.38-123)
60.52Baltimore Blunt Squadron200614Thundercats (117.06-116.54)
70.68Glicks All In20042Team Punishment (110-109.32)
80.74Team Punishment200910Thundercats (93.96-93.22)
91Thundercats200715R.A.R.E. Ent Inc. (117.3-116.3)
101.04Knight Riders20052Team Punishment (140.26-139.22)

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