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The League That Matters Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1416.24Eat, Drink and Be Murray!20217
3410.32Who's Your Daddy20214
5404.28Evel Knievel All-Stars20228
6401.38SK Bombers20215
7398.88Ezekiel 25:17202110
8397.42SK Bombers20228
9382.02SK Bombers20219
10374.3Seattle SuperZars20225
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
1124.24Worst Nightmare20197
2128.5North Alabama Rocketmen202010
3142.5Cats Queef202211
4143.44The Hot Boyz20206
6149.7North Alabama Rocketmen20202
7152.04London Silly Nannies201911
8152.12SK Bombers201912
9155.52The Hot Boyz20196
10155.66SK Bombers20197
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
1167.38SK Bombers20206Buzzards (167.38-166.26)
2175.3The Hot Boyz201912SK Bombers (175.3-152.12)
3184.44In Hops We Trust20204North Alabama Rocketmen (184.44-174.6)
4186.1Spongy Yellow Bastards20205Bullet Ants (186.1-183.24)
5190.22Buzzards202012Sir-Hitz-A-Lot (190.22-168.8)
6191.52Who's Your Daddy20196Bullygoats (191.52-187.52)
7191.58Worst Nightmare201910Perpetually Rebuilding (191.58-186.62)
8191.66Spongy Yellow Bastards20208Buzzards (191.66-161.3)
9192.74The Hot Boyz20193London Silly Nannies (192.74-188.54)
10193.08Buzzards202010North Alabama Rocketmen (193.08-128.5)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1351.66Death Star20215Ezekiel 25:17 (351.66-361)
2345.62SK Bombers20212Eat, Drink and Be Murray! (345.62-347.6)
3340.48Who's Your Daddy202215Evel Knievel All-Stars (340.48-371.62)
4338.94Joevid-19202213Who's Your Daddy (338.94-342.4)
5338.42Bullet Ants202110Ezekiel 25:17 (338.42-398.88)
6337.9Sir-Hitz-A-Lot202217Evel Knievel All-Stars (337.9-364.88)
7329.76Ezekiel 25:17202215Joevid-19 (329.76-405.68)
8326.44Who's Your Daddy20211Bullet Ants (326.44-345.4)
9325.04Evel Knievel All-Stars20223Spongy Yellow Bastards (325.04-350.9)
10320.82SK Bombers202211Ezekiel 25:17 (320.82-337.36)
Most Combined Points
1737.3Ezekiel 25:17 vs Bullet Ants (398.88-338.42)202110
2735.44Joevid-19 vs Ezekiel 25:17 (405.68-329.76)202215
3712.66Ezekiel 25:17 vs Death Star (361-351.66)20215
4712.1Evel Knievel All-Stars vs Who's Your Daddy (371.62-340.48)202215
5710.38Evel Knievel All-Stars vs Who's Your Daddy (404.28-306.1)20228
6702.78Evel Knievel All-Stars vs Sir-Hitz-A-Lot (364.88-337.9)202217
7693.22Eat, Drink and Be Murray! vs SK Bombers (347.6-345.62)20212
8681.34Who's Your Daddy vs Joevid-19 (342.4-338.94)202213
9676.36Eat, Drink and Be Murray! vs Death Star (359.06-317.3)20211
10675.94Spongy Yellow Bastards vs Evel Knievel All-Stars (350.9-325.04)20223
Fewest Combined Points
1321.58Buzzards vs North Alabama Rocketmen (193.08-128.5)202010
2327.42The Hot Boyz vs SK Bombers (175.3-152.12)201912
3333.64SK Bombers vs Buzzards (167.38-166.26)20206
4349.9Bullygoats vs SK Bombers (194.24-155.66)20197
5352.96Spongy Yellow Bastards vs Buzzards (191.66-161.3)20208
6359.02Buzzards vs Sir-Hitz-A-Lot (190.22-168.8)202012
7359.04In Hops We Trust vs North Alabama Rocketmen (184.44-174.6)20204
8359.3Death Star vs Worst Nightmare (235.06-124.24)20197
9361.94Worst Nightmare vs London Silly Nannies (193.38-168.56)20199
10369.02Buzzards vs In Hops We Trust (197.74-171.28)20205
Victory Margin
1219.9Eat, Drink and Be Murray!202173 Amigos (416.24-196.34)
2195.44Seattle SuperZars20225Cats Queef (374.3-178.86)
3181.5SK Bombers202153 Amigos (401.38-219.88)
4174.54BodyBaggers20216Shawshank RED Beasts (410.46-235.92)
5171.5Who's Your Daddy20214Spongy Yellow Bastards (410.32-238.82)
6161.62In Hops We Trust202211Cats Queef (304.12-142.5)
7155.46Who's Your Daddy20206The Hot Boyz (298.9-143.44)
8148.9SK Bombers20228Cats Queef (397.42-248.52)
9144.16Ezekiel 25:1720207Buzzards (291.46-147.3)
10142.32Ezekiel 25:1720221Moms (348.3-205.98)
Least Victory Margin
10.10Ezekiel 25:1720193In Hops We Trust (250.14-250.04)
20.14Evel Knievel All-Stars202214Spongy Yellow Bastards (300.02-299.88)
30.22In Hops We Trust202111Cats Queef (252.46-252.24)
40.32SK Bombers201911Ezekiel 25:17 (194.98-194.66)
50.80BodyBaggers20223In Hops We Trust (253.04-252.24)
60.82North Alabama Rocketmen20216Spongy Yellow Bastards (267.04-266.22)
70.90Eat, Drink and Be Murray!20199The Hot Boyz (231.9-231)
81.12SK Bombers20206Buzzards (167.38-166.26)
91.18Eat, Drink and Be Murray!202012Ezekiel 25:17 (230.2-229.02)
101.28Cats Queef20218Sir-Hitz-A-Lot (248.76-247.48)

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