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Pulp Fiction League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
2208.65The Mayberry Smackdown201715
3200.15The Mayberry Smackdown201712
4200Urine Luck20177
5197.1Be Cool Honey Bunny201713
6195.95Bronco Country20172
7 (tie)195.15Fifty % luck201711
 195.15Hoodlum Knowledge20173
9192.1Be Cool Honey Bunny20173
10188.45Hoodlum Knowledge201711
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
389.7Dream Warriors201710
492.95Hit Men Jules and Company201713
796.4Team injury ;)20178
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
1106.9Dream Warriors201712Bender (106.9-80.9)
2 (tie)108.5Mike20177Hit Men Jules and Company (108.5-106.95)
 108.5Harry20179Dream Warriors (108.5-106.3)
4113.8Mike20175Harry (113.8-104.2)
5114.75Be Cool Honey Bunny20171Harry (114.75-112.75)
6117.85Urine Luck20176Dream Warriors (117.85-112.95)
7118.3Urine Luck201711Team injury ;) (118.3-114.65)
8133.7Fifty % luck20172Harry (133.7-114.95)
9135Fifty % luck20179Be Cool Honey Bunny (135-117.5)
10135.7Bronco Country20171Bender (135.7-110.85)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1174.9Hoodlum Knowledge201710The Mayberry Smackdown (174.9-174.95)
2170.45Bender20179Mike (170.45-170.55)
3166.95Be Cool Honey Bunny20177Bronco Country (166.95-175.8)
4160.5Hit Men Jules and Company20174Fifty % luck (160.5-187.25)
5160.1The Mayberry Smackdown20173Fifty % luck (160.1-183.3)
6159.35Bronco Country201716The Mayberry Smackdown (159.35-176.5)
7158.85The Mayberry Smackdown20177Urine Luck (158.85-200)
8158.15Urine Luck20178Hit Men Jules and Company (158.15-171.2)
9156.25Mike20176Team injury ;) (156.25-157.6)
10154.5Fifty % luck20171Hoodlum Knowledge (154.5-167.5)
Most Combined Points
1358.85Urine Luck vs The Mayberry Smackdown (200-158.85)20177
2351.3Be Cool Honey Bunny vs Team injury ;) (197.1-154.2)201713
3349.85The Mayberry Smackdown vs Hoodlum Knowledge (174.95-174.9)201710
4347.75Fifty % luck vs Hit Men Jules and Company (187.25-160.5)20174
5346.35Fifty % luck vs Hit Men Jules and Company (195.15-151.2)201711
6343.6Hoodlum Knowledge vs Harry (195.15-148.45)20173
7343.4Fifty % luck vs The Mayberry Smackdown (183.3-160.1)20173
8342.75Bronco Country vs Be Cool Honey Bunny (175.8-166.95)20177
9341Mike vs Bender (170.55-170.45)20179
10339.65The Mayberry Smackdown vs Bronco Country (200.15-139.5)201712
Fewest Combined Points
1187.8Dream Warriors vs Bender (106.9-80.9)201712
2214.8Harry vs Dream Warriors (108.5-106.3)20179
3215.45Mike vs Hit Men Jules and Company (108.5-106.95)20177
4218Mike vs Harry (113.8-104.2)20175
5226.8Be Cool Honey Bunny vs Bender (137.6-89.2)20178
6227.5Be Cool Honey Bunny vs Harry (114.75-112.75)20171
7229.15Mike vs Dream Warriors (139.45-89.7)201710
8230.8Urine Luck vs Dream Warriors (117.85-112.95)20176
9232.95Urine Luck vs Team injury ;) (118.3-114.65)201711
10242.9Fifty % luck vs Bender (142.75-100.15)20176
Victory Margin
1127.4Mike201712Harry (223.25-95.85)
283.5The Mayberry Smackdown201715Fifty % luck (208.65-125.15)
375.1Bronco Country20174Mike (170.6-95.5)
473.4Urine Luck201713Harry (182-108.6)
570.25Hoodlum Knowledge201713Hit Men Jules and Company (163.2-92.95)
667.65Be Cool Honey Bunny20173Mike (192.1-124.45)
763.15The Mayberry Smackdown201711Harry (179.6-116.45)
861.65Hoodlum Knowledge201711Bender (188.45-126.8)
960.65The Mayberry Smackdown201712Bronco Country (200.15-139.5)
1060.45Fifty % luck20175Urine Luck (175.45-115)
Least Victory Margin
10.05The Mayberry Smackdown201710Hoodlum Knowledge (174.95-174.9)
20.10Mike20179Bender (170.55-170.45)
30.75Dream Warriors20175Bender (140.5-139.75)
41.35Team injury ;)20176Mike (157.6-156.25)
51.55Mike20177Hit Men Jules and Company (108.5-106.95)
61.75Hit Men Jules and Company20179Bronco Country (148.15-146.4)
7 (tie)2Be Cool Honey Bunny20171Harry (114.75-112.75)
 2Bronco Country201710Fifty % luck (145.8-143.8)
9 (tie)2.20The Mayberry Smackdown201713Bender (144.4-142.2)
 2.20Harry20179Dream Warriors (108.5-106.3)

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