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The Brotherhood Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
2203.3Taz Maniacs20102
3199.85Taz Maniacs201010
4192.35Pink Panthers20114
5191.65Pink Panthers20105
6191.25Pink Panthers20112
7 (tie)191.2Space Ghost201115
9188Huckleberry Hound20112
10187.15Space Ghost201011
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
151.35Daffy's Rednecks20111
252Wiley Coyotes20104
353.5Taz Maniacs20101
462.9Wiley Coyotes20117
566.45Wiley Coyotes201111
667.2Wiley Coyotes20109
767.8Scrappy Doo20108
868.75Scrappy Doo20119
969.05Huckleberry Hound201013
1072.2Daffy's Rednecks20101
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
182.35Daffy's Rednecks20116Taz Maniacs (82.35-82.15)
287.15Daffy's Rednecks20104Wiley Coyotes (87.15-52)
387.55Papa Smurf20102Daffy's Rednecks (87.55-74.7)
491.6Pink Panthers20106Scrat (91.6-86.25)
594.7Daffy's Rednecks201015Scrappy Doo (94.7-87.6)
695.1Scrappy Doo201110Daffy's Rednecks (95.1-88.15)
797.6Wiley Coyotes20108Scrappy Doo (97.6-67.8)
897.7Papa Smurf201117Tongan Thundercats (97.7-88.6)
997.75Wiley Coyotes20105The Scottish Punisher (97.75-84.95)
1098.5Taz Maniacs201111Huckleberry Hound (98.5-90.3)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1188Huckleberry Hound20112Pink Panthers (188-191.25)
2 (tie)165Space Ghost201116Scrat (165-169.45)
 165Space Ghost201117Scrat (165-169.45)
4161.1Tongan Thundercats201011Mr. Incredible (161.1-182.4)
5158.2The Scottish Punisher20112Taz Maniacs (158.2-161.2)
6150.75Huckleberry Hound20105Scrat (150.75-153.7)
7148.3Tongan Thundercats20112Space Ghost (148.3-157.85)
8144.85Papa Smurf201015Tongan Thundercats (144.85-146.85)
9144.6Mr. Incredible20114Pink Panthers (144.6-192.35)
10144.35Tongan Thundercats201113Space Ghost (144.35-146.45)
Most Combined Points
1379.25Pink Panthers vs Huckleberry Hound (191.25-188)20112
2343.5Mr. Incredible vs Tongan Thundercats (182.4-161.1)201011
3336.95Pink Panthers vs Mr. Incredible (192.35-144.6)20114
4 (tie)334.45Scrat vs Space Ghost (169.45-165)201117
 334.45Scrat vs Space Ghost (169.45-165)201116
6330Taz Maniacs vs Scrat (199.85-130.15)201010
7328.8Space Ghost vs Taz Maniacs (191.2-137.6)201115
8319.4Taz Maniacs vs The Scottish Punisher (161.2-158.2)20112
9316.45Space Ghost vs Tongan Thundercats (172.6-143.85)20101
10314.7Taz Maniacs vs The Scottish Punisher (203.3-111.4)20102
Fewest Combined Points
1139.15Daffy's Rednecks vs Wiley Coyotes (87.15-52)20104
2153.35Papa Smurf vs Taz Maniacs (99.85-53.5)20101
3162.25Papa Smurf vs Daffy's Rednecks (87.55-74.7)20102
4164.5Daffy's Rednecks vs Taz Maniacs (82.35-82.15)20116
5165.4Wiley Coyotes vs Scrappy Doo (97.6-67.8)20108
6167.8Wiley Coyotes vs Huckleberry Hound (98.75-69.05)201013
7177.85Pink Panthers vs Scrat (91.6-86.25)20106
8179.15Mr. Incredible vs Daffy's Rednecks (101.45-77.7)20119
9180.2Huckleberry Hound vs Daffy's Rednecks (128.85-51.35)20111
10181.8Scrat vs Wiley Coyotes (100.8-81)201012
Victory Margin
1125.3Scrat201014Daffy's Rednecks (214.55-89.25)
2105.85Scrat20112Daffy's Rednecks (191.2-85.35)
3100.25Space Ghost201011Wiley Coyotes (187.15-86.9)
493.65Mr. Incredible20118Huckleberry Hound (184.8-91.15)
591.9Taz Maniacs20102The Scottish Punisher (203.3-111.4)
685.35Tongan Thundercats201013Scrappy Doo (174.55-89.2)
782.3Space Ghost201010Mr. Incredible (165.25-82.95)
880.75Space Ghost201110Mr. Incredible (169.55-88.8)
977.95Scrat201113Daffy's Rednecks (151.45-73.5)
1077.5Huckleberry Hound20111Daffy's Rednecks (128.85-51.35)
Least Victory Margin
10.20Daffy's Rednecks20116Taz Maniacs (82.35-82.15)
2 (tie)0.80Taz Maniacs201116Pink Panthers (142.25-141.45)
 0.80Taz Maniacs201117Pink Panthers (142.25-141.45)
40.85The Scottish Punisher20119Huckleberry Hound (100.35-99.5)
51.05Scrat201011Scrappy Doo (118.7-117.65)
61.20Mr. Incredible20102Scrat (101.4-100.2)
71.45Scrat20103Tongan Thundercats (119-117.55)
81.60Papa Smurf20103Pink Panthers (145.8-144.2)
91.80Tongan Thundercats20118Papa Smurf (108.65-106.85)
102Tongan Thundercats201015Papa Smurf (146.85-144.85)

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