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Dynasty Xtreme League est. 2005 Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1150.5Jersey City Mafia201211
2145.8Long Beach Llamas20112
3139.2Las Vegas Assassins20128
4137.4Houston Psychos201211
5137.3Jacksonville Sheeple20116
6136.7Chicago Storm201114
7136.5Chicago Storm201210
8135.3Las Vegas Assassins20122
9132.7Phoenix Phantoms20126
10132.1Los Angeles Maniacs201212
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
124.8Denver Banthas20119
225.7San Diego Saints20118
328Jersey City Mafia201210
433.1Long Island Surf20127
536.3Denver Banthas201214
637.5Long Island Surf201113
739.6Long Island Surf201212
841.2Long Island Surf201114
942.5Wichita Twisters20117
1042.6Denver Banthas201213
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
149.1Jacksonville Sheeple20117Denver Banthas (49.1-47.6)
264.7Denver Banthas201212San Diego Saints (64.7-60.9)
364.8San Diego Saints201115Denver Banthas (64.8-49.9)
465.6Boston Shamrocks20124Denver Banthas (65.6-56.7)
565.9New York Cereal Killers201116San Diego Saints (65.9-56.3)
666.6Long Beach Llamas201210Boston Shamrocks (66.6-50.5)
767.1Long Beach Llamas201113Long Island Surf (67.1-37.5)
870.1Jersey City Mafia20117New York Cereal Killers (70.1-65.9)
970.4Los Angeles Maniacs20116Chicago Storm (70.4-64.9)
1070.5Phoenix Phantoms201112Las Vegas Assassins (70.5-65.8)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1115.9Chicago Storm201115New York Cereal Killers (115.9-116.1)
2112.8Houston Psychos20114Seattle Hellcats (112.8-113.2)
3112.6Seattle Hellcats20111Long Beach Llamas (112.6-113.3)
4112.5Baltimore Wildcats201114Wichita Twisters (112.5-127.2)
5111.7Chicago Storm20126Phoenix Phantoms (111.7-132.7)
6109.7Las Vegas Assassins201114Chicago Storm (109.7-136.7)
7109.6Boston Shamrocks20123Long Island Surf (109.6-110.9)
8108.2Phoenix Phantoms20122Las Vegas Assassins (108.2-135.3)
9107.8Boston Shamrocks201113Houston Psychos (107.8-120.8)
10107Chicago Storm201214Los Angeles Maniacs (107-125.8)
Most Combined Points
1246.4Chicago Storm vs Las Vegas Assassins (136.7-109.7)201114
2244.4Phoenix Phantoms vs Chicago Storm (132.7-111.7)20126
3243.5Las Vegas Assassins vs Phoenix Phantoms (135.3-108.2)20122
4239.7Wichita Twisters vs Baltimore Wildcats (127.2-112.5)201114
5236.6Long Beach Llamas vs San Diego Saints (145.8-90.8)20112
6236.2Chicago Storm vs Los Angeles Maniacs (136.5-99.7)201210
7232.8Los Angeles Maniacs vs Chicago Storm (125.8-107)201214
8232New York Cereal Killers vs Chicago Storm (116.1-115.9)201115
9228.6Houston Psychos vs Boston Shamrocks (120.8-107.8)201113
10226Seattle Hellcats vs Houston Psychos (113.2-112.8)20114
Fewest Combined Points
196.7Jacksonville Sheeple vs Denver Banthas (49.1-47.6)20117
2103.2San Diego Saints vs Denver Banthas (78.4-24.8)20119
3104.6Long Beach Llamas vs Long Island Surf (67.1-37.5)201113
4106.3San Diego Saints vs Jersey City Mafia (78.3-28)201210
5113.2Denver Banthas vs Long Island Surf (72-41.2)201114
6114.7San Diego Saints vs Denver Banthas (64.8-49.9)201115
7115.8Baltimore Wildcats vs San Diego Saints (90.1-25.7)20118
8117.1Long Beach Llamas vs Boston Shamrocks (66.6-50.5)201210
9117.8Baltimore Wildcats vs Denver Banthas (73.4-44.4)20125
10121.1Jersey City Mafia vs Denver Banthas (72.8-48.3)20129
Victory Margin
189.5Houston Psychos201211Boston Shamrocks (137.4-47.9)
280.6Jersey City Mafia201211Long Island Surf (150.5-69.9)
380.2Boston Shamrocks201215Long Island Surf (128.8-48.6)
476Las Vegas Assassins20128Jersey City Mafia (139.2-63.2)
573.2Boston Shamrocks20122Jersey City Mafia (118.2-45)
667.4Jacksonville Sheeple20116Las Vegas Assassins (137.3-69.9)
765.4Seattle Hellcats201213Denver Banthas (108-42.6)
864.5Los Angeles Maniacs201114Phoenix Phantoms (122.8-58.3)
964.4Baltimore Wildcats20118San Diego Saints (90.1-25.7)
1061.8Seattle Hellcats201115Houston Psychos (131.7-69.9)
Least Victory Margin
10.20New York Cereal Killers201115Chicago Storm (116.1-115.9)
2 (tie)0.40Seattle Hellcats20114Houston Psychos (113.2-112.8)
 0.40Baltimore Wildcats20115Long Island Surf (76.1-75.7)
 0.40Wichita Twisters201110Jacksonville Sheeple (80.4-80)
50.70Long Beach Llamas20111Seattle Hellcats (113.3-112.6)
61.10Baltimore Wildcats201111New York Cereal Killers (78.2-77.1)
71.30Long Island Surf20123Boston Shamrocks (110.9-109.6)
8 (tie)1.50Seattle Hellcats20124Jersey City Mafia (92.6-91.1)
 1.50Jacksonville Sheeple20117Denver Banthas (49.1-47.6)
101.80Phoenix Phantoms20127Long Beach Llamas (90.7-88.9)

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