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TINO Ultimate Dynasty League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1260.6Lanham Ladykillers200612
2253.2Chesapeake Cardinals200610
3252.05Minnesota Sub-Zero20073
4246Calexico Guapos20079
5240.3Austin Bevo's200610
6238.55Round Rock Bullz200710
7236.4Sonoran Monsoon20062
8234.3Round Rock Bullz20069
9231.8Round Rock Bullz20064
10230.8Sonoran Monsoon20072
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
1117.5Beaver Lake Mud Dogs20078
2119.45Beaver Lake Mud Dogs20073
3123.6Mississippi Bluesmen20062
4124.35Austin Bevo's20078
5127Mississippi Bluesmen20071
6128.6Lanham Ladykillers200615
7130.2Winona Wildman20078
8130.85Beaver Lake Mud Dogs200711
9132.9Northern Michigan Artic Blast20061
10133.95Minnesota Sub-Zero200716
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
1140.35Austin Bevo's200716Minnesota Sub-Zero (140.35-133.95)
2148.65Northern Michigan Artic Blast200716Mississippi Bluesmen (148.65-137.45)
3152.15Austin Bevo's20079Chesapeake Cardinals (152.15-136.2)
4153.95Sonoran Monsoon20074Beaver Lake Mud Dogs (153.95-144.3)
5158.55Seoul Ssaulabi20074Minnesota Sub-Zero (158.55-151.5)
6160.4Sonoran Monsoon20065Beaver Lake Mud Dogs (160.4-146.5)
7161Seoul Ssaulabi200611Mississippi Bluesmen (161-143.1)
8161.4Sonoran Monsoon20071Mississippi Bluesmen (161.4-127)
9162.25Northern Michigan Artic Blast20071Winona Wildman (162.25-138.9)
10162.5Round Rock Bullz20065Winona Wildman (162.5-146.3)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1222.5Lanham Ladykillers20062Sonoran Monsoon (222.5-236.4)
2218.4Round Rock Bullz200612Calexico Guapos (218.4-223.4)
3216.6Calexico Guapos20072Sonoran Monsoon (216.6-230.8)
4 (tie)216.4Sonoran Monsoon200611Chesapeake Cardinals (216.4-225.7)
 216.4Chesapeake Cardinals20066Mississippi Bluesmen (216.4-219.8)
6211.4Calexico Guapos20064Round Rock Bullz (211.4-231.8)
7210.05Calexico Guapos20071Chesapeake Cardinals (210.05-214.2)
8208.4Mississippi Bluesmen20079Lanham Ladykillers (208.4-216.85)
9206.5Calexico Guapos20067Arizona Slicktops (206.5-209.9)
10204.1Chesapeake Cardinals20067Austin Bevo's (204.1-220.9)
Most Combined Points
1458.9Sonoran Monsoon vs Lanham Ladykillers (236.4-222.5)20062
2447.4Sonoran Monsoon vs Calexico Guapos (230.8-216.6)20072
3444.3Chesapeake Cardinals vs Winona Wildman (253.2-191.1)200610
4443.2Round Rock Bullz vs Calexico Guapos (231.8-211.4)20064
5442.1Chesapeake Cardinals vs Sonoran Monsoon (225.7-216.4)200611
6441.8Calexico Guapos vs Round Rock Bullz (223.4-218.4)200612
7436.2Mississippi Bluesmen vs Chesapeake Cardinals (219.8-216.4)20066
8430.8Austin Bevo's vs Beaver Lake Mud Dogs (240.3-190.5)200610
9430.3Minnesota Sub-Zero vs Sonoran Monsoon (252.05-178.25)20073
10428Round Rock Bullz vs Arizona Slicktops (234.3-193.7)20069
Fewest Combined Points
1274.3Austin Bevo's vs Minnesota Sub-Zero (140.35-133.95)200716
2286.1Northern Michigan Artic Blast vs Mississippi Bluesmen (148.65-137.45)200716
3288.35Austin Bevo's vs Chesapeake Cardinals (152.15-136.2)20079
4288.4Sonoran Monsoon vs Mississippi Bluesmen (161.4-127)20071
5291.4Northern Michigan Artic Blast vs Beaver Lake Mud Dogs (173.9-117.5)20078
6293.5Round Rock Bullz vs Mississippi Bluesmen (169.9-123.6)20062
7293.9Lanham Ladykillers vs Beaver Lake Mud Dogs (174.45-119.45)20073
8298.25Sonoran Monsoon vs Beaver Lake Mud Dogs (153.95-144.3)20074
9301.15Northern Michigan Artic Blast vs Winona Wildman (162.25-138.9)20071
10301.25Calexico Guapos vs Austin Bevo's (176.9-124.35)20078
Victory Margin
193.7Lanham Ladykillers200612Beaver Lake Mud Dogs (260.6-166.9)
283.5Calexico Guapos20079Minnesota Sub-Zero (246-162.5)
381.6Winona Wildman20066Sonoran Monsoon (229-147.4)
4 (tie)73.8Round Rock Bullz200616Arizona Slicktops (220.9-147.1)
 73.8Minnesota Sub-Zero20073Sonoran Monsoon (252.05-178.25)
671.1Round Rock Bullz20071Lanham Ladykillers (215.8-144.7)
770.25Round Rock Bullz20079Sonoran Monsoon (210.4-140.15)
868.4Round Rock Bullz200615Austin Bevo's (214.3-145.9)
967.6Chesapeake Cardinals200712Austin Bevo's (229.25-161.65)
1066.9Arizona Slicktops200615Lanham Ladykillers (195.5-128.6)
Least Victory Margin
10.35Winona Wildman20079Beaver Lake Mud Dogs (164.45-164.1)
20.50Lanham Ladykillers20066Austin Bevo's (196.9-196.4)
31Sonoran Monsoon200711Calexico Guapos (198.85-197.85)
41.15Sonoran Monsoon20078Lanham Ladykillers (176.65-175.5)
52.50Northern Michigan Artic Blast20069Austin Bevo's (184.4-181.9)
62.90Northern Michigan Artic Blast20066Arizona Slicktops (172.3-169.4)
72.95Seoul Ssaulabi20079Northern Michigan Artic Blast (178.45-175.5)
83.25Sonoran Monsoon200713Chesapeake Cardinals (207.2-203.95)
9 (tie)3.40Arizona Slicktops20067Calexico Guapos (209.9-206.5)
 3.40Mississippi Bluesmen20066Chesapeake Cardinals (219.8-216.4)
 3.40Chesapeake Cardinals200613Austin Bevo's (184-180.6)

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