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Ghost of 3 League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1183The Sick Scents200215
2173Pygmy Love Circus19991
3 (tie)168Hamiltucky Wildcats20043
 168The 2112ers19998
5166Weekend Warriors200410
7163Dick Buttkiss20057
9161Pygmy Love Circus20008
10159Pygmy Love Circus20007
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
239The Bad Boys20013
3 (tie)44The Four Horsemen20065
 44Tennessee Rattlesnakes20009
5 (tie)45West Haven Black Crowes19996
746.4*Drunken Yoopers20086
8 (tie)47RumblinStumblin200514
 47EFS 03-1 FOR SALE20036
 47The Bad Boys19997
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
149.1Blind Faith 3200813doodledog (49.1-37.45)
265Jedi Knights20038EFS 03-1 FOR SALE (65-63)
366Bush Pilots19997Weekend Warriors (66-65)
467RumblinStumblin20059The Four Horsemen (67-64)
5 (tie)68Avengers20078El-Dooderinos (68-59)
 68The 2112ers20045RumblinStumblin (68-67)
7 (tie)69The Bad Boys20012Bush Pilots (69-65)
 69Tennessee Rattlesnakes19993West Haven Black Crowes (69-64)
 69Big Apple Destroyers19992Jedi Knights (69-63)
10 (tie)70Da' Saints20029The Sick Scents (70-60)
 70Big Apple Destroyers19997West Haven Black Crowes (70-59)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1148Great Ketch200315Weekend Warriors (148-156)
2139The Blues20025Weekend Warriors (139-147)
3133Dick Buttkiss20072Avengers (133-157)
4 (tie)131The Sick Scents200113The Bad Boys (131-142)
 131The Four Horsemen20073doodledog (131-148)
 131Pygmy Love Circus20002The Sick Scents (131-136)
7 (tie)126Blind Faith 320072The Four Horsemen (126-128)
 126Weekend Warriors20024Da' Saints (126-137)
9 (tie)125Blind Faith 3200412Dick Buttkiss (125-149)
 125Pygmy Love Circus200012The Sick Scents (125-137)
Most Combined Points
1304Weekend Warriors vs Great Ketch (156-148)200315
2293The Sick Scents vs Weekend Warriors (183-110)200215
3290Avengers vs Dick Buttkiss (157-133)20072
4286Weekend Warriors vs The Blues (147-139)20025
5279doodledog vs The Four Horsemen (148-131)20073
6277The 2112ers vs Jedi Knights (157-120)20006
7274Dick Buttkiss vs Blind Faith 3 (149-125)200412
8273The Bad Boys vs The Sick Scents (142-131)200113
9271Pygmy Love Circus vs Tennessee Rattlesnakes (161-110)20008
10 (tie)267The Sick Scents vs Pygmy Love Circus (136-131)20002
 267Pygmy Love Circus vs The Bad Boys (173-94)19991
Fewest Combined Points
186.55Blind Faith 3 vs doodledog (49.1-37.45)200813
2122Smoking Loungers vs West Haven Black Crowes (71-51)20078
3124The Bad Boys vs Tennessee Rattlesnakes (80-44)20009
4125The Bad Boys vs The Sick Scents (75-50)20003
5 (tie)127Avengers vs El-Dooderinos (68-59)20078
 127The Four Horsemen vs West Haven Black Crowes (74-53)200612
 127Dick Buttkiss vs The Four Horsemen (83-44)20065
8128Jedi Knights vs EFS 03-1 FOR SALE (65-63)20038
9 (tie)129Bush Pilots vs Prozac Nation (72-57)20015
 129Big Apple Destroyers vs West Haven Black Crowes (70-59)19997
Victory Margin
1108Blind Faith 3200514RumblinStumblin (155-47)
2101Weekend Warriors200410Dawgs (166-65)
399Bears20078Blind Faith 3 (162-63)
497West Haven Black Crowes20046Dawgs (142-45)
593Weekend Warriors20029Crimson Voodoo (152-59)
689Dick Buttkiss20069Smoking Loungers (155-66)
784Weekend Warriors200012West Haven Black Crowes (148-64)
8 (tie)80Hamiltucky Wildcats20043Avengers (168-88)
 80Pygmy Love Circus20007The Blues (159-79)
1079Pygmy Love Circus19991The Bad Boys (173-94)
Least Victory Margin
10.25BLACKMAMBA2200811Blind Faith 3 (74.4-74.15)
2 (tie)1The Sick Scents200013The Bad Boys (110-109)
 1El-Dooderinos20071The Four Horsemen (80-79)
 1Tater Bakers200712El-Dooderinos (101-100)
 1Dick Buttkiss200515West Haven Black Crowes (91-90)
 1RumblinStumblin20052GREYDOGS (82-81)
 1The 2112ers20045RumblinStumblin (68-67)
 1BLACKMAMBA220044SoutherN RagE (79-78)
 1DawgPound20039Great Ketch (83-82)
 1Great Ketch20035EFS 03-1 FOR SALE (78-77)
 1The Blues200012Da' Saints (83-82)
 1Bush Pilots19997Weekend Warriors (66-65)
 1Bush Pilots19995Tennessee Rattlesnakes (86-85)
 1Pygmy Love Circus19992The Sick Scents (99-98)
 1Pygmy Love Circus20019The 2112ers (118-117)
 1Big Apple Destroyers19994Pygmy Love Circus (99-98)
 1Big Apple Destroyers200012Jedi Knights (110-109)

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