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Ballers By The Bay Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1197.4The Mad Macedonian200710
2177.9Brew Crew200714
3174.95Sacramento Stampede200712
4174.6The Bay Newz Kennels200712
5173.45The Bay Newz Kennels20073
6171.75Tokyo To The Bay20073
7170Sacramento Stampede20076
8159.2Brew Crew200711
9155.45Tokyo To The Bay20076
10155Sacramento Stampede20079
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
1 (tie)0The Shakiest Team in the Universe20076
 0The Shakiest Team in the Universe200712
452.1The Shakiest Team in the Universe20075
765.7The Darkside20078
870.4Risk It All20075
1072.55The Shakiest Team in the Universe200713
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
184.8Alex20076Diablos (84.8-71.2)
288.05Brew Crew200715The Bay Newz Kennels (88.05-74.5)
3 (tie)89.3Brew Crew20075Alex (89.3-0)
 89.3Alex20073The Shakiest Team in the Universe (89.3-81.95)
590.6Thunderstruck200715The Mad Macedonian (90.6-79.15)
692.8The Mad Macedonian20074Alex (92.8-75.25)
793.35Risk It All20078Alex (93.35-82.6)
898.25Salary Cap Casualties20077Alex (98.25-55.8)
998.45The Mad Macedonian20076The Darkside (98.45-98.05)
1099.1Salary Cap Casualties200710Risk It All (99.1-79.05)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1152.6Salary Cap Casualties20073Tokyo To The Bay (152.6-171.75)
2144.75The Shakiest Team in the Universe20072Salary Cap Casualties (144.75-146.55)
3139.85Risk It All20072The Bay Newz Kennels (139.85-139.95)
4134.45Tokyo To The Bay200714Brew Crew (134.45-177.9)
5132.4The Darkside20079Tokyo To The Bay (132.4-153.25)
6130.7Tokyo To The Bay20071The Darkside (130.7-149.55)
7130.55Brew Crew20073Sacramento Stampede (130.55-133.95)
8128.9Risk It All200711Brew Crew (128.9-159.2)
9127.55Salary Cap Casualties200712Sacramento Stampede (127.55-174.95)
10127.35The Shakiest Team in the Universe20079Risk It All (127.35-140.1)
Most Combined Points
1324.35Tokyo To The Bay vs Salary Cap Casualties (171.75-152.6)20073
2312.35Brew Crew vs Tokyo To The Bay (177.9-134.45)200714
3302.5Sacramento Stampede vs Salary Cap Casualties (174.95-127.55)200712
4299.3The Mad Macedonian vs Thunderstruck (197.4-101.9)200710
5291.3Salary Cap Casualties vs The Shakiest Team in the Universe (146.55-144.75)20072
6288.35The Bay Newz Kennels vs The Darkside (173.45-114.9)20073
7288.1Brew Crew vs Risk It All (159.2-128.9)200711
8286.35Sacramento Stampede vs Risk It All (170-116.35)20076
9285.65Tokyo To The Bay vs The Darkside (153.25-132.4)20079
10280.25The Darkside vs Tokyo To The Bay (149.55-130.7)20071
Fewest Combined Points
189.3Brew Crew vs Alex (89.3-0)20075
2125.4Thunderstruck vs The Shakiest Team in the Universe (125.4-0)20076
3143The Darkside vs The Shakiest Team in the Universe (143-0)200712
4154.05Salary Cap Casualties vs Alex (98.25-55.8)20077
5156Alex vs Diablos (84.8-71.2)20076
6162.55Brew Crew vs The Bay Newz Kennels (88.05-74.5)200715
7168.05The Mad Macedonian vs Alex (92.8-75.25)20074
8169.75Thunderstruck vs The Mad Macedonian (90.6-79.15)200715
9171.25Alex vs The Shakiest Team in the Universe (89.3-81.95)20073
10175.95Risk It All vs Alex (93.35-82.6)20078
Victory Margin
1143The Darkside200712The Shakiest Team in the Universe (143-0)
2125.4Thunderstruck20076The Shakiest Team in the Universe (125.4-0)
3100.5Sacramento Stampede20079Alex (155-54.5)
495.5The Mad Macedonian200710Thunderstruck (197.4-101.9)
589.45The Bay Newz Kennels20075The Shakiest Team in the Universe (141.55-52.1)
689.3Brew Crew20075Alex (89.3-0)
772.05Thunderstruck200714Alex (153.05-81)
870The Bay Newz Kennels200712Brew Crew (174.6-104.6)
963.2The Darkside200713Risk It All (153.9-90.7)
1058.55The Bay Newz Kennels20073The Darkside (173.45-114.9)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)0.10Thunderstruck200716The Darkside (105.95-105.85)
 0.10The Bay Newz Kennels20072Risk It All (139.95-139.85)
30.15The Bay Newz Kennels200713Thunderstruck (114.65-114.5)
40.40The Mad Macedonian20076The Darkside (98.45-98.05)
51.25Tokyo To The Bay20072Alex (125.8-124.55)
61.80Salary Cap Casualties20072The Shakiest Team in the Universe (146.55-144.75)
72.60Risk It All20074Tokyo To The Bay (126.55-123.95)
83.10Risk It All20073Thunderstruck (121.2-118.1)
93.40Sacramento Stampede20073Brew Crew (133.95-130.55)
104.55Diablos200714Salary Cap Casualties (115.55-111)

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