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Deep Devy Challenge Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1232Oxford Bagmen20183
2227Litchfield Dragons20191
3220Oxford Bagmen201812
4219New Smyrna Beachcombers20181
5216Oxford Bagmen20182
6214Oxford Bagmen20184
7210Sinking Spring Hunters20184
8 (tie)208New Smyrna Beachcombers201811
 208Somers Sharks201915
10 (tie)205Oxford Bagmen20193
 205Litchfield Dragons20184
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
126Sinking Spring Hunters201711
250Sinking Spring Hunters201710
359Rancho Cucamonga Ghosts201811
471Sinking Spring Hunters201713
573Sinking Spring Hunters201712
683Sinking Spring Hunters20178
7 (tie)84Oxford Bagmen201910
 84Sinking Spring Hunters201911
985Rancho Cucamonga Ghosts201810
10 (tie)86Venice Beasts20178
 86Sinking Spring Hunters20175
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
1107Silicon Valley Sabermetrics20171Litchfield Dragons (107-106)
2110Oxford Bagmen20171Sinking Spring Hunters (110-96)
3111Sinking Spring Hunters20189Rancho Cucamonga Ghosts (111-108)
4 (tie)114Rancho Cucamonga Ghosts20195River City Rattlers (114-104)
 114River City Rattlers20177Sinking Spring Hunters (114-111)
6 (tie)115New Smyrna Beachcombers201912Pinhoti Bandits (115-91)
 115Somers Sharks20177Boston Massacre (115-103)
 115Somers Sharks20178Sinking Spring Hunters (115-83)
9116Milwaukee Beers20176Pinhoti Bandits (116-100)
10118Venice Beasts20176Somers Sharks (118-103)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1205Litchfield Dragons20184Sinking Spring Hunters (205-210)
2193Venice Beasts20184Arvin Legends (193-198)
3185Silicon Valley Sabermetrics20191Litchfield Dragons (185-227)
4184Silicon Valley Sabermetrics20193Somers Sharks (184-187)
5182Oxford Bagmen20195Somers Sharks (182-203)
6180Somers Sharks201916New Smyrna Beachcombers (180-201)
7179New Smyrna Beachcombers20186River City Rattlers (179-198)
8176Silicon Valley Sabermetrics20182River City Rattlers (176-184)
9172Litchfield Dragons201914Silicon Valley Sabermetrics (172-194)
10 (tie)171Pinhoti Bandits20199Somers Sharks (171-191)
 171Silicon Valley Sabermetrics201915Somers Sharks (171-208)
 171Litchfield Dragons201913Silicon Valley Sabermetrics (171-176)
Most Combined Points
1415Sinking Spring Hunters vs Litchfield Dragons (210-205)20184
2412Litchfield Dragons vs Silicon Valley Sabermetrics (227-185)20191
3392Oxford Bagmen vs Venice Beasts (232-160)20183
4391Arvin Legends vs Venice Beasts (198-193)20184
5385Somers Sharks vs Oxford Bagmen (203-182)20195
6381New Smyrna Beachcombers vs Somers Sharks (201-180)201916
7379Somers Sharks vs Silicon Valley Sabermetrics (208-171)201915
8378Oxford Bagmen vs Dalton Holywater (216-162)20182
9377River City Rattlers vs New Smyrna Beachcombers (198-179)20186
10376New Smyrna Beachcombers vs Arvin Legends (219-157)20181
Fewest Combined Points
1171New Smyrna Beachcombers vs Sinking Spring Hunters (121-50)201710
2192Milwaukee Beers vs Sinking Spring Hunters (166-26)201711
3198Somers Sharks vs Sinking Spring Hunters (115-83)20178
4 (tie)206Oxford Bagmen vs Sinking Spring Hunters (110-96)20171
 206New Smyrna Beachcombers vs Pinhoti Bandits (115-91)201912
6208Litchfield Dragons vs Oxford Bagmen (124-84)201910
7213Silicon Valley Sabermetrics vs Litchfield Dragons (107-106)20171
8214Silicon Valley Sabermetrics vs Venice Beasts (127-87)20175
9 (tie)216Milwaukee Beers vs Pinhoti Bandits (116-100)20176
 216Dalton Holywater vs Rancho Cucamonga Ghosts (131-85)201810
Victory Margin
1149New Smyrna Beachcombers201811Rancho Cucamonga Ghosts (208-59)
2140Milwaukee Beers201711Sinking Spring Hunters (166-26)
3120Oxford Bagmen20184Pinhoti Bandits (214-94)
4111Oxford Bagmen201713Sinking Spring Hunters (182-71)
5105Silicon Valley Sabermetrics201712Sinking Spring Hunters (178-73)
6101Venice Beasts201712Sinking Spring Hunters (174-73)
7100Oxford Bagmen201812Rancho Cucamonga Ghosts (220-120)
888Venice Beasts20188Rancho Cucamonga Ghosts (188-100)
9 (tie)87Oxford Bagmen201812Dalton Holywater (220-133)
 87Litchfield Dragons20186Rancho Cucamonga Ghosts (182-95)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)1Pinhoti Bandits20185Sinking Spring Hunters (157-156)
 1New Smyrna Beachcombers20184Somers Sharks (161-160)
 1Silicon Valley Sabermetrics20171Litchfield Dragons (107-106)
 1River City Rattlers20199Oxford Bagmen (165-164)
 1Litchfield Dragons20197Dalton Holywater (134-133)
6 (tie)2Pinhoti Bandits201713Boston Massacre (167-165)
 2Silicon Valley Sabermetrics20179Arvin Legends (146-144)
 2Boston Massacre20173New Smyrna Beachcombers (161-159)
9 (tie)3Howland Hunters201911Pinhoti Bandits (143-140)
 3Sinking Spring Hunters20189Rancho Cucamonga Ghosts (111-108)
 3Sinking Spring Hunters20193Dalton Holywater (153-150)
 3Somers Sharks20193Silicon Valley Sabermetrics (187-184)
 3River City Rattlers20177Sinking Spring Hunters (114-111)
 3Arvin Legends201811Pinhoti Bandits (120-117)

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