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Atlanta Fantasy League Single Game Records

Single Game - Most Points Scored
1157.15Bone Crushers200615
2149.8Junkyard Dawgs200614
3149.6Bad Karma20064
4148.75Junkyard Dawgs20066
5142.85Bone Crushers200611
6138.3Bad Karma200610
7135.5Texas Rattlers20066
8130.75Bone Crushers200614
9129.65The Predators20061
10129.45The Predators20066
11129.1Bone Crushers200610
12127.35Bone Crushers200612
13127.3Junkyard Dawgs200613
14124.85Junkyard Dawgs200612
15124.6Bad Karma200613
Single Game - Most Points Scored (Combined)
1278.2Junkyard Dawgs vs The Predators (148.75-129.45)20066
2265.55Bad Karma vs Junkyard Dawgs (149.6-115.95)20064
3248.95Bone Crushers vs Bad Karma (157.15-91.8)200615
4248Junkyard Dawgs vs The Predators (124.85-123.15)200612
5243.4The Predators vs Junkyard Dawgs (123.4-120)20062
6239.75The Predators vs Bad Karma (129.65-110.1)20061
7237.75Texas Rattlers vs Bad Karma (135.5-102.25)20066
8235.25Bad Karma vs Bone Crushers (124.6-110.65)200613
9232.65Junkyard Dawgs vs Georgia Termites (149.8-82.85)200614
10231.8Bone Crushers vs Wild Boyz II (129.1-102.7)200610
11230Bone Crushers vs The Predators (130.75-99.25)200614
12218.25Junkyard Dawgs vs KOBAYASHI MARU (127.3-90.95)200613
13212.45Bone Crushers vs Texas Rattlers (142.85-69.6)200611
14210.45Wild Boyz II vs Junkyard Dawgs (106.5-103.95)20065
15209.55Wild Boyz II vs Junkyard Dawgs (121.4-88.15)200615
Single Game - Greatest Victory Margin
190The Predators20049No Clue (113-23)
277.5Bad Karma200610KOBAYASHI MARU (138.3-60.8)
373.25Bone Crushers200611Texas Rattlers (142.85-69.6)
471Bone Crushers200412Bird (93-22)
568No Clue200513The Predators (77-9)
667Junkyard Dawgs200513Georgia Termites (91-24)
766.95Junkyard Dawgs200614Georgia Termites (149.8-82.85)
8 (tie)66Bone Crushers20056Wild Boyz II (118-52)
 66No Clue20044The Predators (82-16)
1065.35Bone Crushers200615Bad Karma (157.15-91.8)
1164Bone Crushers20055No Clue (81-17)
1261Junkyard Dawgs20057No Clue (84-23)
13 (tie)60Bone Crushers20053The Predators (117-57)
 60The Predators20047Texas Rattlers (100-40)
1559.4Bone Crushers200612Georgia Termites (127.35-67.95)
Single Game - Lowest Score By Winning Team
1 (tie)19Capulets200216The Predators (19-7)
 19No Clue20047Bad Karma (19-10)
320Capulets20052Bone Crushers (20-17)
425Pups200415The Predators (25-20)
528No Clue200512Capulets (28-27)
629Bone Crushers200410Junkyard Dawgs (29-27)
7 (tie)30The Predators200510Georgia Termites (30-18)
 30Bad Karma20055Wild Boyz II (30-23)
932Bad Karma20041Texas Rattlers (32-24)
10 (tie)33No Clue20042Junkyard Dawgs (33-22)
 33Bad Karma20045Pups (33-26)
1237Pups20049Capulets (37-26)
1338Georgia Termites200512Texas Rattlers (38-31)
14 (tie)39Texas Rattlers20049Bird (39-34)
 39Bad Karma20049Bone Crushers (39-29)
 39Wild Boyz II20041Pups (39-13)
Single Game - Highest Score By Loseing Team
1129.45The Predators20066Junkyard Dawgs (129.45-148.75)
2123.15The Predators200612Junkyard Dawgs (123.15-124.85)
3120Junkyard Dawgs20062The Predators (120-123.4)
4115.95Junkyard Dawgs20064Bad Karma (115.95-149.6)
5110.65Bone Crushers200613Bad Karma (110.65-124.6)
6110.1Bad Karma20061The Predators (110.1-129.65)
7103.95Junkyard Dawgs20065Wild Boyz II (103.95-106.5)
8102.7Wild Boyz II200610Bone Crushers (102.7-129.1)
9102.25Bad Karma20066Texas Rattlers (102.25-135.5)
1099.25The Predators200614Bone Crushers (99.25-130.75)
1199.05Texas Rattlers20065Bone Crushers (99.05-106.75)
1295.4Georgia Termites20064Wild Boyz II (95.4-103.3)
1393.25The Predators20065KOBAYASHI MARU (93.25-106.85)
1492.6Georgia Termites200610The Predators (92.6-106.35)
1591.8Bad Karma200615Bone Crushers (91.8-157.15)
Single Game - Fewest Points Scored (Combined)
126Capulets vs The Predators (19-7)200216
229No Clue vs Bad Karma (19-10)20047
337Capulets vs Bone Crushers (20-17)20052
445Pups vs The Predators (25-20)200415
548The Predators vs Georgia Termites (30-18)200510
Single Game - Fewest Points Scored
2 (tie)7Capulets20053
 7The Predators200216
4 (tie)9Capulets200510
 9The Predators200513

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