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OSU Rose Crew Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
2161Kick To The Junk200812
3157Kick To The Junk20092
4156Roll the Dice20048
5155Kick To The Junk20073
6153Cleveland Steamers200711
7 (tie)152Kielbasa20032
 152Trojan Man20114
9 (tie)148Cheers200714
 148The One-Eyed Wonder Guys200914
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
129Buckwheat Bombers201112
232The Threat201113
334Kick To The Junk201110
435Cleveland Steamers200515
536Buckwheat Bombers20104
638Got Beaver?200411
7 (tie)40Metro Champs20066
 40Miller Time200611
 40Roll the Dice20054
10 (tie)41Kielbasa20074
 41Got Beaver?200912
 41Cleveland Steamers20113
 41The One-Eyed Wonder Guys20108
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
150Got Beaver?200515Cleveland Steamers (50-35)
2 (tie)54Cleveland Steamers201111Kick To The Junk (54-42)
 54Freeballers20075Metro Champs (54-49)
456Kielbasa20119Furpushington (56-52)
5 (tie)57The Threat20109Tillit Hurts (57-52)
 57Metro Champs200510Got Beaver? (57-45)
7 (tie)59The Threat20101Cleveland Steamers (59-51)
 59Roll the Dice20057Metro Champs (59-49)
 59The One-Eyed Wonder Guys20104Tillit Hurts (59-56)
1060The One-Eyed Wonder Guys201013The Clown Punchers (60-59)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1136Got Beaver?201113Helmick Maneuver (136-139)
2129Kielbasa20107Got Beaver? (129-130)
3124Fantastic200316Kielbasa (124-184)
4 (tie)122Kick To The Junk200711Cleveland Steamers (122-153)
 122Roll the Dice200314Kielbasa (122-130)
6115Freeballers200413Mud Cutters (115-120)
7114Murderation Nation20097Kick To The Junk (114-121)
8 (tie)110Buckwheat Bombers20069Cheers (110-111)
 110Got Beaver?200414Kelli's Killers (110-135)
 110Murderation Nation20112Furpushington (110-115)
Most Combined Points
1308Kielbasa vs Fantastic (184-124)200316
2 (tie)275Cleveland Steamers vs Kick To The Junk (153-122)200711
 275Helmick Maneuver vs Got Beaver? (139-136)201113
4259Got Beaver? vs Kielbasa (130-129)20107
5 (tie)252Kielbasa vs Roll the Dice (130-122)200314
 252Roll the Dice vs Kielbasa (156-96)20048
7250Kick To The Junk vs Buckwheat Bombers (146-104)200410
8245Kelli's Killers vs Got Beaver? (135-110)200414
9244Kick To The Junk vs Kielbasa (161-83)200812
10242Fantastic vs Kielbasa (144-98)20034
Fewest Combined Points
185Got Beaver? vs Cleveland Steamers (50-35)200515
296Cleveland Steamers vs Kick To The Junk (54-42)201111
399Buckwheat Bombers vs The Threat (67-32)201113
4102Metro Champs vs Got Beaver? (57-45)200510
5103Freeballers vs Metro Champs (54-49)20075
6 (tie)108Roll the Dice vs Metro Champs (59-49)20057
 108Bunch of Garys vs Cleveland Steamers (62-46)20075
 108Kielbasa vs Furpushington (56-52)20119
9 (tie)109Helmick Maneuver vs The One-Eyed Wonder Guys (63-46)20101
 109The Threat vs Tillit Hurts (57-52)20109
Victory Margin
1105The One-Eyed Wonder Guys200914Buckwheat Bombers (148-43)
291Helmick Maneuver201112Buckwheat Bombers (120-29)
385Kick To The Junk20092Bunch of Garys (157-72)
479Got Beaver?20111Tillit Hurts (132-53)
5 (tie)78Kick To The Junk200812Kielbasa (161-83)
 78Trojan Man20114The Threat (152-74)
7 (tie)74Kielbasa20032Kick To The Junk (152-78)
 74Got Beaver?201116Tillit Hurts (137-63)
 74Got Beaver?20053Kick To The Junk (138-64)
 74Freeballers20079Cleveland Steamers (116-42)
 74Freeballers200415Roll the Dice (140-66)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)1Buckwheat Bombers20065Got Beaver? (78-77)
 1Buckwheat Bombers20093Kick To The Junk (86-85)
 1Kielbasa20052Fantastic (108-107)
 1Helmick Maneuver200812Cheers (66-65)
 1Helmick Maneuver20081Cleveland Steamers (91-90)
 1Kick To The Junk200611Cleveland Steamers (71-70)
 1Cheers20088Kick To The Junk (95-94)
 1Cheers20069Buckwheat Bombers (111-110)
 1Got Beaver?201010Trojan Man (77-76)
 1Got Beaver?20107Kielbasa (130-129)
 1Cleveland Steamers20096Buckwheat Bombers (84-83)
 1Cleveland Steamers200510Mile Highers (91-90)
 1Bunch of Garys20097Cleveland Steamers (85-84)
 1Bunch of Garys201013The T-baggers (106-105)
 1Kelli's Killers20053Kielbasa (100-99)
 1Murderation Nation201014Cleveland Steamers (69-68)
 1Murderation Nation20109Got Beaver? (71-70)
 1The T-baggers201014The Threat (81-80)
 1The One-Eyed Wonder Guys201013The Clown Punchers (60-59)

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