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DNFL Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1 (tie)152Chia Kung Fu Fighters20072
 152Skol Krushers20079
3148Water (and Electric) Boy Ferrell20069
4 (tie)146Rollover20076
 146Wendt's Motown Masher200610
7143Bend it Like Bendeck20079
8138Talented Mr Riley20079
9 (tie)137Dingoes20088
 137Skol Krushers20074
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
1 (tie)24Ivy League Cassidy20066
 24Ivy League Cassidy200710
 24Pain Train20081
 24Wyld Stallyns20076
5 (tie)30Rollover200611
 30Sake Watson20079
7 (tie)31Bombers200812
 31Skol Krushers20083
10 (tie)32Ankit's a Rookie No More!200810
 32Draft Dodgers200811
 32Sake Watson200711
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
144Booger's Gas-passers20081Draft Dodgers (44-40)
246Atlanta Fantasy Football Team20081Pain Train (46-24)
347Pain Train20085Ivy League Cassidy (47-37)
4 (tie)52McLean's McTeam200613Bend it Like Bendeck (52-50)
 52No Fear of the Madden Curse20079Ivy League Cassidy (52-40)
 52Wendt's Motown Masher20061Bend it Like Bendeck (52-38)
753Ivy League Cassidy20087Water (and Electric) Boy Ferrell (53-47)
8 (tie)54InWinceAbles20078Zippy's Speedsters (54-43)
 54Sake Watson20068Ankit's a Rookie No More! (54-49)
1055Sake Watson200710Ankit's a Rookie No More! (55-52)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1119Honeybadgers20077Pain Train (119-129)
2115.36Honeybadgers200714Draft Dodgers (115.36-116.3)
3108Honeybadgers200810Booger's Gas-passers (108-111)
4107Bend it Like Bendeck20076Rollover (107-146)
5106No Fear of the Madden Curse20073Skol Krushers (106-110)
6105Rollover20073McLean's McTeam (105-109)
7 (tie)104Ankit's a Rookie No More!20072InWinceAbles (104-109)
 104InWinceAbles200614Booger's Gas-passers (104-113)
9103No Fear of the Madden Curse20085Rollover (103-120)
10 (tie)102Ankit's a Rookie No More!200812Dingoes (102-103)
 102Atlanta Fantasy Football Team200711Skol Krushers (102-135)
Most Combined Points
1 (tie)253Chia Kung Fu Fighters vs Skol Krushers (152-101)20072
 253Rollover vs Bend it Like Bendeck (146-107)20076
3248Pain Train vs Honeybadgers (129-119)20077
4245Skol Krushers vs Pain Train (152-93)20079
5244Wendt's Motown Masher vs Chia Kung Fu Fighters (146-98)200610
6241Bend it Like Bendeck vs Chia Kung Fu Fighters (143-98)20079
7237Skol Krushers vs Atlanta Fantasy Football Team (135-102)200711
8231.66Draft Dodgers vs Honeybadgers (116.3-115.36)200714
9230Zippy's Speedsters vs Booger's Gas-passers (131-99)200711
10226Wyld Stallyns vs Talented Mr Riley (127-99)20066
Fewest Combined Points
170Atlanta Fantasy Football Team vs Pain Train (46-24)20081
2 (tie)84Pain Train vs Ivy League Cassidy (47-37)20085
 84Booger's Gas-passers vs Draft Dodgers (44-40)20081
489Wyld Stallyns vs Dingoes (58-31)200613
590Wendt's Motown Masher vs Bend it Like Bendeck (52-38)20061
691No Fear of the Madden Curse vs Bombers (60-31)200812
7 (tie)92Dingoes vs Draft Dodgers (60-32)200811
 92No Fear of the Madden Curse vs Ivy League Cassidy (52-40)20079
995Pain Train vs Ivy League Cassidy (62-33)20075
1097InWinceAbles vs Zippy's Speedsters (54-43)20078
Victory Margin
192Honeybadgers20079InWinceAbles (136-44)
290Dingoes20068Draft Dodgers (129-39)
385Rollover200710Ivy League Cassidy (109-24)
483Honeybadgers20076Water (and Electric) Boy Ferrell (144-61)
581Water (and Electric) Boy Ferrell20069Zippy's Speedsters (148-67)
6 (tie)77Bombers20088Chia Kung Fu Fighters (127-50)
 77Skol Krushers20074McLean's McTeam (137-60)
876The Orphans200611No Fear of the Madden Curse (119-43)
9 (tie)75O Canada20083Pain Train (116-41)
 75Pain Train20066Ivy League Cassidy (99-24)
 75Honeybadgers200611Mac Attack (136-61)
Least Victory Margin
10.94Draft Dodgers200714Honeybadgers (116.3-115.36)
2 (tie)1Ivy League Cassidy200612No Fear of the Madden Curse (98-97)
 1Water (and Electric) Boy Ferrell20063Dingoes (73-72)
 1Dingoes200812Ankit's a Rookie No More! (103-102)
 1McLean's McTeam20063Wendt's Motown Masher (73-72)
 1No Fear of the Madden Curse20077Wyld Stallyns (62-61)
 1Zippy's Speedsters20083Honeybadgers (72-71)
 1Zippy's Speedsters20071Sake Watson (91-90)
 1Wendt's Motown Masher20081McLean's McTeam (83-82)
 1Wyld Stallyns20089Sake Watson (56-55)
 1Wyld Stallyns200710Dingoes (77-76)

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