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Midwest Dynasty Syndicate Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1199.94Lee High Rebels201610
3175.9Point Blank In Broad Daylight 201612
4174.24Project Mayhem20165
5172.32Point Blank In Broad Daylight 20169
6169.72Straight Outta Lincoln20168
7168.96Point Blank In Broad Daylight 201615
9165.12Bearnaked Legacy20161
10163.16Lee High Rebels201614
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
166.44Bearnaked Legacy201614
368.24CHILD'S PLAY, MAN20167
470.44Weaver's Beavers201611
571.28The Grain Belts201611
675.18Steel City Reserve20166
775.9Straight Outta Lincoln201612
875.92Point Blank In Broad Daylight 20162
977.74Blu Ballerz20167
1078.6Straight Outta Lincoln20166
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
171.28The Grain Belts201611Weaver's Beavers (71.28-70.44)
282.88Steel City Reserve201613The Grain Belts (82.88-80.36)
392.24The Grain Belts20163Daredevil (92.24-91.38)
494.06Straight Outta Lincoln20169The Grain Belts (94.06-80.44)
594.84CHILD'S PLAY, MAN20166Steel City Reserve (94.84-75.18)
695.88Steel City Reserve20167Straight Outta Lincoln (95.88-81.5)
798.16Weaver's Beavers20165Steel City Reserve (98.16-79.62)
8 (tie)103.18Upgrayedd201611Steel City Reserve (103.18-79.08)
 103.18Weaver's Beavers201612Daredevil (103.18-97.56)
10107.26Point Blank In Broad Daylight 201614Bearnaked Legacy (107.26-66.44)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1145.34Upgrayedd201612Bearnaked Legacy (145.34-154.02)
2145.1Lee High Rebels201616Point Blank In Broad Daylight (145.1-147.66)
3144.64Point Blank In Broad Daylight 20168Straight Outta Lincoln (144.64-169.72)
4144.08Bearnaked Legacy20167Upgrayedd (144.08-156.62)
5138.06Weaver's Beavers20166Project Mayhem (138.06-155.04)
6137.24Upgrayedd201615Point Blank In Broad Daylight (137.24-168.96)
7135.78The Grain Belts20165Blu Ballerz (135.78-145.1)
8135.66Point Blank In Broad Daylight 20161Bearnaked Legacy (135.66-165.12)
9132.76Point Blank In Broad Daylight 20164Upgrayedd (132.76-165.4)
10132.52Project Mayhem20167The Grain Belts (132.52-156.92)
Most Combined Points
1316.3Upgrayedd vs Lee High Rebels (184.2-132.1)20165
2314.36Straight Outta Lincoln vs Point Blank In Broad Daylight (169.72-144.64)20168
3313.58Lee High Rebels vs Bearnaked Legacy (199.94-113.64)201610
4306.2Point Blank In Broad Daylight vs Upgrayedd (168.96-137.24)201615
5300.78Bearnaked Legacy vs Point Blank In Broad Daylight (165.12-135.66)20161
6300.7Upgrayedd vs Bearnaked Legacy (156.62-144.08)20167
7300.04Point Blank In Broad Daylight vs The Grain Belts (175.9-124.14)201612
8299.36Bearnaked Legacy vs Upgrayedd (154.02-145.34)201612
9298.16Upgrayedd vs Point Blank In Broad Daylight (165.4-132.76)20164
10293.1Project Mayhem vs Weaver's Beavers (155.04-138.06)20166
Fewest Combined Points
1141.72The Grain Belts vs Weaver's Beavers (71.28-70.44)201611
2163.24Steel City Reserve vs The Grain Belts (82.88-80.36)201613
3170.02CHILD'S PLAY, MAN vs Steel City Reserve (94.84-75.18)20166
4173.7Point Blank In Broad Daylight vs Bearnaked Legacy (107.26-66.44)201614
5174.5Straight Outta Lincoln vs The Grain Belts (94.06-80.44)20169
6177.38Steel City Reserve vs Straight Outta Lincoln (95.88-81.5)20167
7177.78Weaver's Beavers vs Steel City Reserve (98.16-79.62)20165
8182.26Upgrayedd vs Steel City Reserve (103.18-79.08)201611
9183.62The Grain Belts vs Daredevil (92.24-91.38)20163
10190.68Lee High Rebels vs Weaver's Beavers (109.88-80.8)201613
Victory Margin
186.3Lee High Rebels201610Bearnaked Legacy (199.94-113.64)
283.64Point Blank In Broad Daylight 20169Upgrayedd (172.32-88.68)
378.14Blu Ballerz20166Straight Outta Lincoln (156.74-78.6)
477.72Lee High Rebels201614Weaver's Beavers (163.16-85.44)
577.7Lee High Rebels20167CHILD'S PLAY, MAN (145.94-68.24)
675.64Upgrayedd20166Daredevil (142.26-66.62)
770.24The Grain Belts20161Steel City Reserve (159.6-89.36)
869.44Upgrayedd201612Straight Outta Lincoln (145.34-75.9)
966.86Project Mayhem20165CHILD'S PLAY, MAN (174.24-107.38)
1060.42Point Blank In Broad Daylight 201612Blu Ballerz (175.9-115.48)
Least Victory Margin
10.84The Grain Belts201611Weaver's Beavers (71.28-70.44)
20.86The Grain Belts20163Daredevil (92.24-91.38)
30.98Blu Ballerz201613Upgrayedd (118.44-117.46)
41.32Project Mayhem20162Bearnaked Legacy (130.24-128.92)
52.52Steel City Reserve201613The Grain Belts (82.88-80.36)
62.56Point Blank In Broad Daylight 201616Lee High Rebels (147.66-145.1)
73.56CHILD'S PLAY, MAN20163Point Blank In Broad Daylight (129.66-126.1)
84Daredevil20169Lee High Rebels (126.18-122.18)
94.22Weaver's Beavers20169CHILD'S PLAY, MAN (115.7-111.48)
104.30Lee High Rebels201612CHILD'S PLAY, MAN (114.64-110.34)

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