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The Touch of Class League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1263.35*King of the Hill20076
2250.9*Can't Touch the CATS200711
3244.8*King of the Hill20069
6232.25*Dogboyz of A-Town20079
7231.45*King of the Hill200615
8231.05*Rabid Poodles20054
9225.8*Can't Touch the CATS200613
10224.5*The Intimidators200410
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
290.6*King of the Hill20052
391.4*Playmakers 3200611
492.35*Desert MagicToads20058
795*The Brown Dog20074
895.95*Fall River Sharks20055
998.6*The Intimidators20047
1098.95*Red Mile Flames20044
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
1108.4*The Brown Dog20086*Marauders (108.4-107.15)
2111*SARATOGA INVADERS20055*Fall River Sharks (111-95.95)
3 (tie)117.75*The Intimidators20051*The Brown Dog (117.75-110.05)
 117.75*Marauders20089*Playmakers 3 (117.75-112.2)
5118.95*The Brown Dog20059*The Intimidators (118.95-101.35)
6119.85*The Brown Dog200813*Raider Boyz (119.85-99.8)
7119.95*Raider Boyz20065*Playmakers 3 (119.95-110.65)
8120.3*Playmakers 320071*Marauders (120.3-113.85)
9121.3*Raider Boyz20044*Playmakers 3 (121.3-120.5)
10123.3*Fall River Sharks200411*Red Mile Flames (123.3-110.35)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1221.15*Dogboyz of A-Town200711*Can't Touch the CATS (221.15-250.9)
2209.9*SARATOGA INVADERS200510*Playmakers 3 (209.9-212.55)
3192.9*SteamRollers20082*Rabid Poodles (192.9-197.95)
4192.45*King of the Hill200512*Red Mile Flames (192.45-205.8)
5192.35*Raider Boyz200514*SARATOGA INVADERS (192.35-207.4)
6191.7*Playmakers 320045*SteamRollers (191.7-192.9)
7191.15*Playmakers 320079*Marauders (191.15-197.85)
8187.1*Spider Monkeys200712*Playmakers 3 (187.1-192.95)
9185.1*SteamRollers20072*Rabid Poodles (185.1-197.35)
10181.9*SteamRollers200413*SARATOGA INVADERS (181.9-244.3)
Most Combined Points
1472.05*Can't Touch the CATS vs *Dogboyz of A-Town (250.9-221.15)200711
2426.2*SARATOGA INVADERS vs *SteamRollers (244.3-181.9)200413
3422.45*Playmakers 3 vs *SARATOGA INVADERS (212.55-209.9)200510
4413.2*King of the Hill vs *Rabid Poodles (231.45-181.75)200615
5407.9*King of the Hill vs *Red Mile Flames (263.35-144.55)20076
6405.65*SteamRollers vs *Marauders (242.35-163.3)200813
7399.75*SARATOGA INVADERS vs *Raider Boyz (207.4-192.35)200514
8398.25*Red Mile Flames vs *King of the Hill (205.8-192.45)200512
9394.65*Can't Touch the CATS vs *King of the Hill (222.2-172.45)200713
10392.25*King of the Hill vs *Dogboyz of A-Town (244.8-147.45)20069
Fewest Combined Points
1206.95*SARATOGA INVADERS vs *Fall River Sharks (111-95.95)20055
2215.55*The Brown Dog vs *Marauders (108.4-107.15)20086
3219.6*Desert MagicToads vs *Marauders (134.2-85.4)20059
4219.65*The Brown Dog vs *Raider Boyz (119.85-99.8)200813
5220.3*The Brown Dog vs *The Intimidators (118.95-101.35)20059
6220.6*The Brown Dog vs *Marauders (126.8-93.8)20075
7223.1*SteamRollers vs *Desert MagicToads (130.75-92.35)20058
8227.1*SteamRollers vs *Playmakers 3 (126.25-100.85)20076
9227.8*The Intimidators vs *The Brown Dog (117.75-110.05)20051
10229.95*Marauders vs *Playmakers 3 (117.75-112.2)20089
Victory Margin
1118.8*King of the Hill20076*Red Mile Flames (263.35-144.55)
2113.05*The Intimidators200410*Marauders (224.5-111.45)
3103*Can't Touch the CATS20073*Spider Monkeys (212.15-109.15)
4102*Dogboyz of A-Town20079*Spider Monkeys (232.25-130.25)
598.65*Raider Boyz20069*SteamRollers (199.2-100.55)
697.35*King of the Hill20069*Dogboyz of A-Town (244.8-147.45)
795.95*Raider Boyz200415*Rabid Poodles (218.8-122.85)
891.05*SteamRollers20071*Raider Boyz (210.95-119.9)
989.05*Rabid Poodles200513*The Intimidators (198.5-109.45)
1086.2*Can't Touch the CATS20079*The Brown Dog (192.2-106)
Least Victory Margin
10.10*Desert MagicToads200411*SteamRollers (143.3-143.2)
20.15*Can't Touch the CATS20087*Dogboyz of A-Town (134.4-134.25)
30.40*Marauders200712*Dogboyz of A-Town (157.65-157.25)
40.45*Rabid Poodles20045*The Brown Dog (143.6-143.15)
50.50*Playmakers 320088*SARATOGA INVADERS (144.45-143.95)
60.80*Raider Boyz20044*Playmakers 3 (121.3-120.5)
7 (tie)0.90*The Brown Dog200413*Desert MagicToads (168.1-167.2)
 0.90*The Intimidators20058*Fall River Sharks (131.9-131)
9 (tie)1.20*Rabid Poodles20086*SARATOGA INVADERS (172.75-171.55)
 1.20*SteamRollers20045*Playmakers 3 (192.9-191.7)

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