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Butte FFL Single Game Records

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Most Points Scored - Single Game
13537Magalia Maniacs200314
23497Hesparia Hillbillies199813
33449Oroville Redenbachers201313
43442Paradise Pinecones20125
53364Oroville Redenbachers20148
63349Auburn Avengers201516
73342Oroville Redenbachers20007
83189Paradise Pinecones20184
93184Oroville Redenbachers20054
103173Chester Cheetahs20188
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
10Auburn Avengers19981
2544Humbug Hoodlums20001
3650Humbug Hoodlums19998
4654Humbug Hoodlums201410
5667Stirling City Seagulls19978
6673Chico Bears19977
7713Philbrook Freaks199612
8716Stirling City Seagulls19977
9743Philbrook Freaks200311
10751Magalia Martians200710
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
11061Chico Bears19969Oroville Redenbachers (1061-1051)
21118Hesparia Hillbillies19978Stirling City Seagulls (1118-667)
31144Humbug Hoodlums19976Weed Wackers (1144-1072)
41176Humbug Hoodlums20075Philbrook Freaks (1176-940)
51224Philbrook Freaks199713Hesparia Hillbillies (1224-1077)
6 (tie)1236Chico Bears19961Philbrook Freaks (1236-1197)
 1236Humbug Hoodlums20048Long Lake Landcruisers (1236-1077)
81272Hesparia Hillbillies200613Concow Crushers (1272-1258)
91280Auburn Avengers19965Chico Bears (1280-1068)
101287Chico Bears19996Humbug Hoodlums (1287-1142)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
12759Humbug Hoodlums201315Oroville Redenbachers (2759-3038)
22723Butte Bank Robbers20191Chico Bears (2723-2868)
32682Philbrook Freaks20024Paradise Panthers (2682-2820)
42661Hesparia Hillbillies20007Paradise Pinecones (2661-2809)
52653Long Lake Landcruisers200410Concow Crushers (2653-2730)
62650Oroville Redenbachers20073Auburn Avengers (2650-2887)
72635Chico Bears20048Auburn Avengers (2635-3158)
82537Magalia Martians200714Chico Bears (2537-3105)
92526Long Lake Landcruisers200313Butte Bank Robbers (2526-2771)
102520Oroville Redenbachers201112Humbug Hoodlums (2520-2702)
Most Combined Points
15797Oroville Redenbachers vs Humbug Hoodlums (3038-2759)201315
25793Auburn Avengers vs Chico Bears (3158-2635)20048
35688Magalia Maniacs vs Hesparia Hillbillies (3537-2151)200314
45642Chico Bears vs Magalia Martians (3105-2537)200714
55591Chico Bears vs Butte Bank Robbers (2868-2723)20191
65582Philbrook Freaks vs Oroville Redenbachers (3074-2508)19982
75537Auburn Avengers vs Oroville Redenbachers (2887-2650)20073
85512Oroville Redenbachers vs Hesparia Hillbillies (3184-2328)20054
95502Paradise Panthers vs Philbrook Freaks (2820-2682)20024
105472Philbrook Freaks vs Hesparia Hillbillies (2988-2484)20124
Fewest Combined Points
11785Hesparia Hillbillies vs Stirling City Seagulls (1118-667)19978
22087Humbug Hoodlums vs Auburn Avengers (1289-798)19961
32112Chico Bears vs Oroville Redenbachers (1061-1051)19969
42116Humbug Hoodlums vs Philbrook Freaks (1176-940)20075
52159Paradise Panthers vs Auburn Avengers (2159-0)19981
62216Humbug Hoodlums vs Weed Wackers (1144-1072)19976
72301Philbrook Freaks vs Hesparia Hillbillies (1224-1077)199713
82312Oroville Redenbachers vs Chico Bears (1461-851)200611
92313Humbug Hoodlums vs Long Lake Landcruisers (1236-1077)20048
102348Auburn Avengers vs Chico Bears (1280-1068)19965
Victory Margin
12159Paradise Panthers19981Auburn Avengers (2159-0)
21992Paradise Pinecones20125Auburn Avengers (3442-1450)
31939Paradise Panthers20008Auburn Avengers (3079-1140)
41892Hesparia Hillbillies199813Chico Bears (3497-1605)
51814Auburn Avengers201516Paradise Pinecones (3349-1535)
61791Magalia Martians201410Humbug Hoodlums (2445-654)
71773Chico Bears200212Paradise Pinecones (3033-1260)
81717Humbug Hoodlums20015Hesparia Hillbillies (2592-875)
91703Butte Bank Robbers20055Auburn Avengers (2879-1176)
101677Paradise Panthers199911Philbrook Freaks (2829-1152)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)1Auburn Avengers20081Butte Bank Robbers (1673-1672)
 1Concow Crushers20123Butte Bank Robbers (1937-1936)
3 (tie)2Oroville Redenbachers19974Red Bluff Red Heads (1558-1556)
 2Butte Bank Robbers20169Magalia Martians (1632-1630)
5 (tie)3Oroville Redenbachers201710Paradise Pinecones (1528-1525)
 3Paradise Pinecones20145Chico Bears (2014-2011)
 3Auburn Avengers20108Chico Bears (2107-2104)
8 (tie)4Paradise Pinecones20055Chico Bears (2430-2426)
 4Humbug Hoodlums200911Concow Crushers (1824-1820)
10 (tie)5Paradise Pinecones200513Concow Crushers (1512-1507)
 5Philbrook Freaks200712Humbug Hoodlums (2047-2042)
 5Magalia Martians201712Oroville Redenbachers (2002-1997)

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