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Pushers Fantasy Football Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1213.54Maybe Next Year20103
2209.6The Boozers200914
4177.78Mother Jumpers20098
5169.68Scumdogs of the Universe201012
6168.94Scumdogs of the Universe200912
8166.7Justice Crusaders20103
9166.54The Boozers200916
10166.2The EdSkins20117
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
227.92The EdSkins201412
329.9Rage Against the Machine201516
532.34Rage Against the Machine201512
635.5The EdSkins201511
836.1Nacho Team20089
938.6Romosexual Tendencies20118
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
163.3Douche Baggeries20144Rage Against the Machine (63.3-53.66)
264.12Left Shoulder Devils201412The EdSkins (64.12-27.92)
365.4Scumdogs of the Universe201516Rage Against the Machine (65.4-29.9)
465.64Douche Baggeries20154Rage Against the Machine (65.64-53.5)
566.64Maybe Next Year201516Justice Crusaders (66.64-53.94)
667.4BitchAssHoes20147Trey Wingo (67.4-60.42)
768.04Penisburger Enterprises20142Justice Crusaders (68.04-61.9)
868.4The EdSkins20145Left Shoulder Devils (68.4-60.98)
968.7BigBallz20147Left Shoulder Devils (68.7-49.76)
1070.04Maybe Next Year20155Dazed and Confused (70.04-66.02)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1142.54Justice Crusaders201114Douche Baggeries (142.54-144.28)
2141.82Justice Crusaders200911UppityNegroes (141.82-150.5)
3139.76Maybe Next Year200912Justice Crusaders (139.76-150.58)
4138.08The Boozers20096The Illuminati (138.08-160.5)
5137.86Justice Crusaders20079Maybe Next Year (137.86-147.02)
6136.04Awesomesauce20124Douche Baggeries (136.04-144.16)
7135.44BigBallz200714Scumdogs of the Universe (135.44-140.96)
8134.92UppityNegroes20079BigBallz (134.92-151.9)
9134.28Left Shoulder Devils201211Maybe Next Year (134.28-134.52)
10132.84Mother Jumpers20103BitchAssHoes (132.84-137.9)
Most Combined Points
1308.38The Boozers vs The Illuminati (209.6-98.78)200914
2299.38Maybe Next Year vs The EdSkins (213.54-85.84)20103
3298.58The Illuminati vs The Boozers (160.5-138.08)20096
4292.32UppityNegroes vs Justice Crusaders (150.5-141.82)200911
5292.02BitchAssHoes vs BigBallz (159.38-132.64)20072
6290.98UppityNegroes vs paintboxexpress (180.82-110.16)20076
7290.34Justice Crusaders vs Maybe Next Year (150.58-139.76)200912
8287.72The EdSkins vs Maybe Next Year (156.18-131.54)20082
9287.68Maybe Next Year vs BigBallz (158.02-129.66)20073
10 (tie)286.82BigBallz vs UppityNegroes (151.9-134.92)20079
 286.82Douche Baggeries vs Justice Crusaders (144.28-142.54)201114
Fewest Combined Points
192.04Left Shoulder Devils vs The EdSkins (64.12-27.92)201412
295.3Scumdogs of the Universe vs Rage Against the Machine (65.4-29.9)201516
3114.28Douche Baggeries vs BitchAssHoes (92.56-21.72)20149
4116.96Douche Baggeries vs Rage Against the Machine (63.3-53.66)20144
5118.2BitchAssHoes vs Rage Against the Machine (85.86-32.34)201512
6118.46BigBallz vs Left Shoulder Devils (68.7-49.76)20147
7119.14Douche Baggeries vs Rage Against the Machine (65.64-53.5)20154
8120.58Maybe Next Year vs Justice Crusaders (66.64-53.94)201516
9120.86BigBallz vs The Ball Busters (76.4-44.46)20088
10125.96Maybe Next Year vs BigBallz (77.56-48.4)20104
Victory Margin
1127.7Maybe Next Year20103The EdSkins (213.54-85.84)
2114.96Justice Crusaders20103BigBallz (166.7-51.74)
3110.82The Boozers200914The Illuminati (209.6-98.78)
4105.64Penisburger Enterprises201513Rage Against the Machine (164.44-58.8)
5100.36The Boozers20084The Ball Busters (149.76-49.4)
699.8Scumdogs of the Universe20108UppityNegroes (165.9-66.1)
798.2The EdSkins20117BitchAssHoes (166.2-68)
895.4Scumdogs of the Universe20076BigBallz (142.82-47.42)
993.78The EdSkins20088Nacho Team (158.54-64.76)
1093.64Scumdogs of the Universe201012The EdSkins (169.68-76.04)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)0.04BitchAssHoes20085The Illuminati (108.78-108.74)
 0.04The Illuminati20087The Ball Busters (90.58-90.54)
30.06BitchAssHoes20121Douche Baggeries (126.62-126.56)
40.16Maybe Next Year20124Scumdogs of the Universe (103.36-103.2)
50.20Douche Baggeries201210Scumdogs of the Universe (91.14-90.94)
60.22Justice Crusaders200816Nacho Team (91.56-91.34)
7 (tie)0.24Maybe Next Year201211Left Shoulder Devils (134.52-134.28)
 0.24BigBallz20078The EdSkins (82.24-82)
90.26UppityNegroes20073Justice Crusaders (123.14-122.88)
100.36Douche Baggeries20157The EdSkins (110.1-109.74)

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