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Pain & Suffering Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
2220.3The Brothers Penis20131
3214.1Bounty Hunter201410
5199.35Bounty Hunter201214
6196.65Smelly Pirate Hookers20161
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
137.75Swamp Ass20127
242.95The Bang Bros Dynasty20136
349.7The Pink City Plush Toys201613
459.7Monroe Hazmats201412
561.6Monroe Hazmats20142
664.9The Pink City Plush Toys201612
766.65Soul Train20125
868.35BTN Cowboyz20139
970.15The Pink City Plush Toys201411
1072.05Vegas Ballers20128
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
191.85Smelly Pirate Hookers20127Swamp Ass (91.85-37.75)
292.55Vegas Ballers201310The Pink City Plush Toys (92.55-92.05)
393.85Soul Train201411The Pink City Plush Toys (93.85-70.15)
494.65Soul Train201511The Pink City Plush Toys (94.65-81.45)
596.25The Bang Bros Dynasty20145Big Ozhole (96.25-79.1)
696.6Soul Train20157The Bang Bros Dynasty (96.6-92.55)
797.75Vegas Ballers20125Soul Train (97.75-66.65)
898.15The Pink City Plush Toys20164Joe Buck Yourself (98.15-86.05)
9 (tie)99.35The Pink City Plush Toys20123The Brothers Penis (99.35-99.25)
 99.35Bounty Hunter201510Soul Train (99.35-91.8)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1181BTN Cowboyz20134Bounty Hunter (181-185.55)
2168.85Bounty Hunter20148U Hate Me (168.85-174.65)
3165.65Vegas Ballers20136Bounty Hunter (165.65-188.6)
4161.55The Brothers Penis20153DDT (161.55-167.5)
5160.75Joe Buck Yourself201516Bounty Hunter (160.75-167.75)
6160.2Smelly Pirate Hookers201512The Bang Bros Dynasty (160.2-160.45)
7159.3The Pink City Plush Toys20128Joe Buck Yourself (159.3-168.7)
8158.9OnlyMyCouchPullsOut!!!20135The Brothers Penis (158.9-166.3)
9156.85Vegas Ballers20134The Brothers Penis (156.85-182.15)
10156.6The Pink City Plush Toys20162The Brothers Penis (156.6-162.8)
Most Combined Points
1366.55Bounty Hunter vs BTN Cowboyz (185.55-181)20134
2354.25Bounty Hunter vs Vegas Ballers (188.6-165.65)20136
3349.25OnlyMyCouchPullsOut!!! vs Smelly Pirate Hookers (221.45-127.8)201313
4344.25Smelly Pirate Hookers vs Soul Train (196.65-147.6)20161
5343.5U Hate Me vs Bounty Hunter (174.65-168.85)20148
6340.75DDT vs Bounty Hunter (185.2-155.55)20131
7340.6The Brothers Penis vs Joe Buck Yourself (220.3-120.3)20131
8339The Brothers Penis vs Vegas Ballers (182.15-156.85)20134
9338.6Bounty Hunter vs BTN Cowboyz (185.05-153.55)20124
10338.4Bounty Hunter vs The Brothers Penis (214.1-124.3)201410
Fewest Combined Points
1129.6Smelly Pirate Hookers vs Swamp Ass (91.85-37.75)20127
2164Soul Train vs The Pink City Plush Toys (93.85-70.15)201411
3164.4Vegas Ballers vs Soul Train (97.75-66.65)20125
4175.35The Bang Bros Dynasty vs Big Ozhole (96.25-79.1)20145
5176.1Soul Train vs The Pink City Plush Toys (94.65-81.45)201511
6178.55DDT vs The Bang Bros Dynasty (135.6-42.95)20136
7181.4The Bang Bros Dynasty vs Vegas Ballers (109.35-72.05)20128
8182.45U Hate Me vs Big Ozhole (103.8-78.65)20158
9184.2The Pink City Plush Toys vs Joe Buck Yourself (98.15-86.05)20164
10184.6Vegas Ballers vs The Pink City Plush Toys (92.55-92.05)201310
Victory Margin
1115.2DDT201413Big Ozhole (196.6-81.4)
2101.2DDT201613The Pink City Plush Toys (150.9-49.7)
3100The Brothers Penis20131Joe Buck Yourself (220.3-120.3)
499.3OnlyMyCouchPullsOut!!!20169The Bang Bros Dynasty (191.95-92.65)
593.65OnlyMyCouchPullsOut!!!201313Smelly Pirate Hookers (221.45-127.8)
692.65DDT20136The Bang Bros Dynasty (135.6-42.95)
792.6DDT20164Big Ozhole (205.1-112.5)
890.9Big Ozhole20142Monroe Hazmats (152.5-61.6)
989.8Bounty Hunter201410The Brothers Penis (214.1-124.3)
1087.3Bounty Hunter20152Smelly Pirate Hookers (173.15-85.85)
Least Victory Margin
10.10The Pink City Plush Toys20123The Brothers Penis (99.35-99.25)
2 (tie)0.25The Bang Bros Dynasty201512Smelly Pirate Hookers (160.45-160.2)
 0.25Bounty Hunter20162Smelly Pirate Hookers (156.8-156.55)
40.30OnlyMyCouchPullsOut!!!201416Bounty Hunter (153.6-153.3)
50.50Vegas Ballers201310The Pink City Plush Toys (92.55-92.05)
60.70Big Ozhole20166Smelly Pirate Hookers (129-128.3)
7 (tie)0.95Soul Train20146Joe Buck Yourself (136.75-135.8)
 0.95The Brothers Penis201615Smelly Pirate Hookers (120.4-119.45)
9 (tie)1.15The Brothers Penis20168Joe Buck Yourself (145.8-144.65)
 1.15Vegas Ballers20138The Bang Bros Dynasty (120.75-119.6)

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