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GLFFL - Otto Graham League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1176.2*Lone Gunmen200810
2166*BrownsROCK Otto20076
3162.5*Graham DoCoMo20073
4162.1*Elmhurst Carnivores20068
5160.1*Warp Speed Warriors200412
6160*KATs Cowboys & kowgirls20047
7157.2*Graham DoCoMo20058
8155.4*Elmhurst Carnivores200511
9154.95*Graham DoCoMo20051
10154.75*KATs Cowboys & kowgirls20048
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
115.9*Warp Speed Warriors200612
217.45*Warp Speed Warriors20076
317.6*Warp Speed Warriors20061
423.5*Mentor Manglers20059
526.4*Grumpy Miners20077
631.8*Italian Ice20078
733.9*THE PATRIOT II200613
835.1*Mutt Cutts20078
936.8*Warp Speed Warriors20069
1037.1*BrownsROCK Otto200411
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
147.1*WEASELS OG20086*Kihei Heat (47.1-43.9)
258.75*VINCERO20089*Dirty Duffers (58.75-58.1)
360.3*"Mighty,Mighty,Meatheads"20044*Elmhurst Carnivores (60.3-54.8)
462.8*Warp Speed Warriors20074*Grumpy Miners (62.8-43.85)
566.2*Graham DoCoMo20054*Elmhurst Carnivores (66.2-60.2)
666.8*Playmakers 520056*Mentor Manglers (66.8-55.7)
767.3*Italian Ice20076*Warp Speed Warriors (67.3-17.45)
868.3*Dirty Duffers20087*BrownsROCK Otto (68.3-62.1)
968.5*Italian Ice20081*Dirty Duffers (68.5-67.6)
1068.85*THE PATRIOT II20058*Young Guns (68.85-57.7)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1140.05*Graham DoCoMo20072*Lone Gunmen (140.05-145.75)
2132.7*Graham DoCoMo20082* TRB-692 (132.7-146.05)
3129.55*Graham DoCoMo20076*BrownsROCK Otto (129.55-166)
4128.65* TRB-69220088*KATs Cowboys & kowgirls (128.65-131.2)
5127.95*Young Guns20056*FastFish Shoes (127.95-149.3)
6127.05*THE PATRIOT II200412*Young Guns (127.05-135)
7124.65*Elmhurst Carnivores200412*Warp Speed Warriors (124.65-160.1)
8122.45*VINCERO20081*Lone Gunmen (122.45-129.65)
9122.4*FastFish Shoes20054*Warp Speed Warriors (122.4-133.05)
10120.65*Mentor Manglers20064*Italian Ice (120.65-122.65)
Most Combined Points
1295.55*BrownsROCK Otto vs *Graham DoCoMo (166-129.55)20076
2291.65*Lone Gunmen vs *Mentor Manglers (176.2-115.45)200810
3285.8*Lone Gunmen vs *Graham DoCoMo (145.75-140.05)20072
4284.75*Warp Speed Warriors vs *Elmhurst Carnivores (160.1-124.65)200412
5278.75* TRB-692 vs *Graham DoCoMo (146.05-132.7)20082
6277.25*FastFish Shoes vs *Young Guns (149.3-127.95)20056
7262.05*Young Guns vs *THE PATRIOT II (135-127.05)200412
8259.85*KATs Cowboys & kowgirls vs * TRB-692 (131.2-128.65)20088
9258.9*KATs Cowboys & kowgirls vs Fighting Pike (154.75-104.15)20048
10255.45*Warp Speed Warriors vs *FastFish Shoes (133.05-122.4)20054
Fewest Combined Points
184.75*Italian Ice vs *Warp Speed Warriors (67.3-17.45)20076
291*WEASELS OG vs *Kihei Heat (47.1-43.9)20086
3105.25*Elmhurst Carnivores vs *Warp Speed Warriors (87.65-17.6)20061
4106.65*Warp Speed Warriors vs *Grumpy Miners (62.8-43.85)20074
5109.3*Lone Gunmen vs *Grumpy Miners (82.9-26.4)20077
6114.35*Cornered CATS vs *THE PATRIOT II (73.1-41.25)20084
7114.6*Graham DoCoMo vs *Italian Ice (82.8-31.8)20078
8115.1*"Mighty,Mighty,Meatheads" vs *Elmhurst Carnivores (60.3-54.8)20044
9115.85*Grumpy Miners vs *Mentor Manglers (92.35-23.5)20059
10116.85*VINCERO vs *Dirty Duffers (58.75-58.1)20089
Victory Margin
1109.3*FastFish Shoes200612*Warp Speed Warriors (125.2-15.9)
2101.65*Graham DoCoMo20051*THE PATRIOT II (154.95-53.3)
3 (tie)89.95*Elmhurst Carnivores200512*Mentor Manglers (138.4-48.45)
 89.95*KATs Cowboys & kowgirls20084*Dirty Duffers (143.85-53.9)
585.2*Graham DoCoMo20058*Mutt Cutts (157.2-72)
684.55*KATs Cowboys & kowgirls20079*Kihei Heat (131.3-46.75)
780.15*KATs Cowboys & kowgirls20047*Elmhurst Carnivores (160-79.85)
879.5*Graham DoCoMo20073*Warp Speed Warriors (162.5-83)
978.25*Young Guns200411*BrownsROCK Otto (115.35-37.1)
1077.75*Cornered CATS20076*THE PATRIOT II (131.35-53.6)
Least Victory Margin
10.35*KATs Cowboys & kowgirls20089*Silver Monkeys (84.55-84.2)
20.40*Lone Gunmen20087*Kihei Heat (90.85-90.45)
30.50*Mutt Cutts20055*Cornered CATS (69.7-69.2)
4 (tie)0.55*Cornered CATS20056*Elmhurst Carnivores (110.85-110.3)
 0.55*Mutt Cutts200611*Warp Speed Warriors (70.3-69.75)
60.65*VINCERO20089*Dirty Duffers (58.75-58.1)
70.75*KATs Cowboys & kowgirls20072* TRB-692 (100.6-99.85)
80.80*Grumpy Miners200411*Cornered CATS (93.6-92.8)
90.90*Italian Ice20081*Dirty Duffers (68.5-67.6)
101.10*Chaos Theory200510*FastFish Shoes (85.45-84.35)

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