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Dubcey's Fantasy Football Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
11040.25Bloodfeast Islandmen201810
21029.75Bloodfeast Islandmen20196
31028.25The Ligers20193
4987.5Bad Hombres20184
5986.75Full Blown Trash20153
6985.25Full Blown Trash20159
7975.75Entertainment 72020169
8947Bloodfeast Islandmen201812
9946.25Bloodfeast Islandmen201513
10940.75Bath Salt Zombies201112
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
1163Prostate Playaz200510
2200.5Grundle Lickers201111
3206.25Wad of Hell201414
4213.75Naptown Ryderz200415
5219.75Prostate Playaz20048
6224Bloodfeast Islandmen201215
7253Bath Salt Zombies20146
8263Grundle Lickers20109
9265.25DD Allstars201010
10269Grundle Lickers20133
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
1288.25Grundle Lickers20117DD Allstars (288.25-287)
2335Viva La Resistance200510Prostate Playaz (335-163)
3387Nuts on Your Drumset201312Viva La Resistance (387-350.75)
4 (tie)387.75Bath Salt Zombies20135Bad Hombres (387.75-299)
 387.75B-Lesher Endzone Molesters20197DD Allstars (387.75-343.75)
6394Viva La Resistance20137Entertainment 720 (394-340.25)
7397.75Grundle Lickers20057Wad of Hell (397.75-370.75)
8400.5The Ligers20142Wad of Hell (400.5-389)
9404Naptown Ryderz20044DD Allstars (404-389)
10404.5Full Blown Trash201014DD Allstars (404.5-386)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1880.75Entertainment 72020193The Ligers (880.75-1028.25)
2825.75The Ligers201810Bloodfeast Islandmen (825.75-1040.25)
3810The Ligers20153Entertainment 720 (810-834)
4807.75Little Executive Rough Riders20034Pigskin Pussycats (807.75-921.75)
5788.75Bad Hombres201810Prostate Playaz (788.75-794)
6778.75DD Allstars201512The Ligers (778.75-865)
7775Full Blown Trash201612Prostate Playaz (775-799.5)
8774.25Entertainment 72020166Prostate Playaz (774.25-838.75)
9767.25Full Blown Trash20186Bloodfeast Islandmen (767.25-845)
10762.5Viva La Resistance20173Prostate Playaz (762.5-825)
Most Combined Points
11909The Ligers vs Entertainment 720 (1028.25-880.75)20193
21866Bloodfeast Islandmen vs The Ligers (1040.25-825.75)201810
31729.5Pigskin Pussycats vs Little Executive Rough Riders (921.75-807.75)20034
41660Full Blown Trash vs Wad of Hell (986.75-673.25)20153
51644Entertainment 720 vs The Ligers (834-810)20153
61643.75The Ligers vs DD Allstars (865-778.75)201512
71636.5Wad of Hell vs DD Allstars (917.75-718.75)20184
81624.5Bloodfeast Islandmen vs Entertainment 720 (946.25-678.25)201513
91613Prostate Playaz vs Entertainment 720 (838.75-774.25)20166
101612.75Alcoholic All-Stars vs Wad of Hell (891.75-721)200313
Fewest Combined Points
1498Viva La Resistance vs Prostate Playaz (335-163)200510
2575.25Grundle Lickers vs DD Allstars (288.25-287)20117
3675Bad Hombres vs Grundle Lickers (412-263)20109
4686.75Bath Salt Zombies vs Bad Hombres (387.75-299)20135
5694.25Bath Salt Zombies vs Nuts on Your Drumset (419.75-274.5)201013
6710.5Bloodfeast Islandmen vs Prostate Playaz (490.75-219.75)20048
7731.5B-Lesher Endzone Molesters vs DD Allstars (387.75-343.75)20197
8734.25Viva La Resistance vs Entertainment 720 (394-340.25)20137
9737.75Nuts on Your Drumset vs Viva La Resistance (387-350.75)201312
10739Entertainment 720 vs Nuts on Your Drumset (441.75-297.25)201211
Victory Margin
1660.25Viva La Resistance200415Naptown Ryderz (874-213.75)
2532.25Bloodfeast Islandmen20196Grundle Lickers (1029.75-497.5)
3523.5Full Blown Trash20179DD Allstars (868.25-344.75)
4517.5Viva La Resistance20124Grundle Lickers (929.5-412)
5498Nuts on Your Drumset20149DD Allstars (884.25-386.25)
6496.75Viva La Resistance20048F.I.G.A. Niggaz (790.75-294)
7482.75Bad Hombres201414Grundle Lickers (936.5-453.75)
8480.25Prostate Playaz201311Bath Salt Zombies (868.5-388.25)
9476Entertainment 72020169B-Lesher Endzone Molesters (975.75-499.75)
10463.5DD Allstars201913Wad of Hell (822-358.5)
Least Victory Margin
10.25Viva La Resistance201411Wad of Hell (432.5-432.25)
2 (tie)0.50Bloodfeast Islandmen20102Prostate Playaz (689-688.5)
 0.50The Ligers201013Viva La Resistance (542-541.5)
 0.50Grundle Lickers20102Wad of Hell (527-526.5)
 0.50B-Lesher Endzone Molesters20182DD Allstars (739.25-738.75)
6 (tie)0.75Full Blown Trash20115Bloodfeast Islandmen (529.75-529)
 0.75Wad of Hell201413DD Allstars (522.25-521.5)
8 (tie)1Grundle Lickers20103Prostate Playaz (618.5-617.5)
 1The Box Socials2003818th Street Gangsters (685.75-684.75)
10 (tie)1.25The Ligers20042Entertainment 720 (529-527.75)
 1.25Grundle Lickers20117DD Allstars (288.25-287)

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