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Hamilrock Football League Single Game Records

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Most Points Scored - Single Game
1270.5Those Bastards200413
2266Steeltown Bears20124
3259.5Lincoln County Steelers20072
4243.1Stoney Creek Spartans201010
5239.4Steeltown Bears20076
6235.5Steeltown Bears201114
7234.8Hamilton Tech Hokies20186
8234.6Cleveland Steamers20096
9233.6Hamilton Tech Hokies20114
10233.3Hamilton Tech Hokies20126
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
126.9Dutch Rudders201711
235.1Prestige Worldwide 200312
336.7Prestige Worldwide 20085
437.2Cleveland Steamers200511
539.3Cleveland Steamers201811
639.9Cleveland Steamers200513
740.1Big Red Roost200513
842FC Saints20078
943.1Dutch Rudders201710
1043.3Big Red Roost200511
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
163.7FC Saints201710Dutch Rudders (63.7-43.1)
283.2Dutch Rudders201610FC Saints (83.2-52.4)
385.1Those Bastards200310The Lilyhammers (85.1-82.4)
487.4Stoney Creek Spartans20142Lincoln County Steelers (87.4-79)
588.1Those Bastards200713FC Saints (88.1-61.1)
689.1FC Saints20085Prestige Worldwide (89.1-36.7)
791.5FC Saints20117Lincoln County Steelers (91.5-64.3)
893.8Dutch Rudders20153FC Saints (93.8-83.5)
994.8Big Red Roost201614FC Saints (94.8-49.6)
1096Stoney Creek Spartans201813Those Bastards (96-83.3)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1207.6Prestige Worldwide 201216Hamilton Tech Hokies (207.6-208.5)
2206.1Steeltown Bears200413Stoney Creek Spartans (206.1-214.1)
3205.9Big Red Roost20186Hamilton Tech Hokies (205.9-234.8)
4200.2Stoney Creek Spartans20114Hamilton Tech Hokies (200.2-233.6)
5193.3Prestige Worldwide 20102Stoney Creek Spartans (193.3-205)
6192.1Steeltown Bears200415Stoney Creek Spartans (192.1-209.7)
7190.9Hamilton Tech Hokies20113Cleveland Steamers (190.9-212.1)
8188The Lilyhammers200416Stoney Creek Spartans (188-201.9)
9186.9Prestige Worldwide 20169Big Red Roost (186.9-189.8)
10186.8Jersey Creek Jets200511Lincoln County Steelers (186.8-191.1)
Most Combined Points
1440.7Hamilton Tech Hokies vs Big Red Roost (234.8-205.9)20186
2433.8Hamilton Tech Hokies vs Stoney Creek Spartans (233.6-200.2)20114
3420.3Steeltown Bears vs Dutch Rudders (266-154.3)20124
4420.2Stoney Creek Spartans vs Steeltown Bears (214.1-206.1)200413
5416.1Hamilton Tech Hokies vs Prestige Worldwide (208.5-207.6)201216
6404.2Steeltown Bears vs Lincoln County Steelers (235.5-168.7)201114
7403Cleveland Steamers vs Hamilton Tech Hokies (212.1-190.9)20113
8401.8Stoney Creek Spartans vs Steeltown Bears (209.7-192.1)200415
9398.3Stoney Creek Spartans vs Prestige Worldwide (205-193.3)20102
10391.9Steeltown Bears vs Hamilton Tech Hokies (228.7-163.2)20084
Fewest Combined Points
1106.8FC Saints vs Dutch Rudders (63.7-43.1)201710
2125.8FC Saints vs Prestige Worldwide (89.1-36.7)20085
3135.6Dutch Rudders vs FC Saints (83.2-52.4)201610
4144.4Big Red Roost vs FC Saints (94.8-49.6)201614
5149.2Those Bastards vs FC Saints (88.1-61.1)200713
6153.6Dutch Rudders vs Big Red Roost (110.3-43.3)200511
7154.7Hamilton Tech Hokies vs Dutch Rudders (108.6-46.1)20033
8154.9Hamilton Tech Hokies vs FC Saints (112.9-42)20078
9155.8FC Saints vs Lincoln County Steelers (91.5-64.3)20117
10158.7FC Saints vs Big Red Roost (100.5-58.2)200510
Victory Margin
1168.5Hamilton Tech Hokies201811Cleveland Steamers (207.8-39.3)
2158.6Those Bastards200413Jersey Creek Jets (270.5-111.9)
3144.5Prestige Worldwide 20131The Lilyhammers (212.4-67.9)
4144.4Lincoln County Steelers20072Dutch Rudders (259.5-115.1)
5129.8Stoney Creek Spartans200312Prestige Worldwide (164.9-35.1)
6129Steeltown Bears200914FC Saints (224.4-95.4)
7127.6Prestige Worldwide 20113The Lilyhammers (212.7-85.1)
8126Stoney Creek Spartans200512Big Red Roost (170.6-44.6)
9 (tie)125.7Steeltown Bears200813Big Red Roost (201.5-75.8)
 125.7Hamilton Tech Hokies201814Prestige Worldwide (229.7-104)
Least Victory Margin
10.10Cleveland Steamers20099Lincoln County Steelers (168.4-168.3)
2 (tie)0.20Lincoln County Steelers201210Stoney Creek Spartans (154.7-154.5)
 0.20Steeltown Bears201515Jersey Creek Jets (146.3-146.1)
 0.20FC Saints20049Hamilton Tech Hokies (109.7-109.5)
5 (tie)0.30Cleveland Steamers20046Steeltown Bears (152.9-152.6)
 0.30The Lilyhammers20167Prestige Worldwide (110.4-110.1)
 0.30Jersey Creek Jets20127Stoney Creek Spartans (139.3-139)
80.40Stoney Creek Spartans20075Lincoln County Steelers (145.5-145.1)
9 (tie)0.50Cleveland Steamers20049Lincoln County Steelers (150.6-150.1)
 0.50Stoney Creek Spartans200611FC Saints (145.4-144.9)

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