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Sin City Fantasy Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1359.1Harrah's Card Counters20212
2323.26Harrah's Card Counters20215
3319.58Flamingo George Wallace20212
4313.76Mandalay Bay Ballers20211
5312.72MGM Presents: The Ghost Riders202114
6308.92New York-New York Knicks20213
7308.7New York-New York Knicks20215
8302.74Just Wynn Baby20211
9299.8New York-New York Knicks20212
10297.3Planet Hollywood Coolers20215
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
10OPEN - Luxor Lunatics20211
295.66OPEN - Luxor Lunatics202111
399.42OPEN - Luxor Lunatics202114
4112.94OPEN - Luxor Lunatics20219
5116.04OPEN - Luxor Lunatics202113
6119.2OPEN - Luxor Lunatics202112
7119.28OPEN - Luxor Lunatics20217
8127.06Venetian Valkyries20217
9127.38New York-New York Knicks202116
10130.2Venetian Valkyries20215
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
1145.02OPEN - Excalibur Knights20217OPEN - Luxor Lunatics (145.02-119.28)
2164Mandalay Bay Loan Sharks 202115OPEN - Luxor Lunatics (164-132.12)
3168Vegas Vic's Pioneers202113OPEN - Luxor Lunatics (168-116.04)
4171.3Treasure Island River Chasers20213Venetian Valkyries (171.3-157.66)
5171.66Venetian Valkyries20218Vegas Vic's Pioneers (171.66-171.42)
6171.72Planet Hollywood Coolers20216Hooter's Slot Machine Graveyard (171.72-134.92)
7179.84Mandalay Bay Ballers202115Venetian Valkyries (179.84-169.9)
8183.98Mandalay Bay Loan Sharks 202110Vegas Vic's Pioneers (183.98-145.3)
9184.1Mandalay Bay Ballers202117OPEN - Excalibur Knights (184.1-167.5)
10187.66Bellagio Cocktail Dress Escorts20219Mandalay Bay Ballers (187.66-183.14)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1294.48Planet Hollywood Coolers20213Flamingo George Wallace (294.48-295.1)
2272.8Just Wynn Baby202116Palazzo Pandemic (272.8-292.86)
3267.72Hooter's Slot Machine Graveyard20215Bellagio Cocktail Dress Escorts (267.72-272.26)
4259.62Flamingo George Wallace20216New York-New York Knicks (259.62-293.26)
5259.02Treasure Island River Chasers20217Just Wynn Baby (259.02-262.88)
6258.82Venetian Valkyries20211New York-New York Knicks (258.82-287.56)
7255.52OPEN - Excalibur Knights20211Flamingo George Wallace (255.52-295.02)
8253.96Palazzo Pandemic20211Just Wynn Baby (253.96-302.74)
9252.94Treasure Island River Chasers20212New York-New York Knicks (252.94-299.8)
10251.68Bellagio Cocktail Dress Escorts20216Just Wynn Baby (251.68-266.54)
Most Combined Points
1590.96Harrah's Card Counters vs Palazzo Pandemic (359.1-231.86)20212
2589.58Flamingo George Wallace vs Planet Hollywood Coolers (295.1-294.48)20213
3565.66Palazzo Pandemic vs Just Wynn Baby (292.86-272.8)202116
4556.7Just Wynn Baby vs Palazzo Pandemic (302.74-253.96)20211
5552.88New York-New York Knicks vs Flamingo George Wallace (293.26-259.62)20216
6552.74New York-New York Knicks vs Treasure Island River Chasers (299.8-252.94)20212
7550.54Flamingo George Wallace vs OPEN - Excalibur Knights (295.02-255.52)20211
8548.42Mandalay Bay Ballers vs Harrah's Card Counters (313.76-234.66)20211
9546.38New York-New York Knicks vs Venetian Valkyries (287.56-258.82)20211
10543.62Harrah's Card Counters vs Just Wynn Baby (292.28-251.34)202114
Fewest Combined Points
1206.08Bellagio Cocktail Dress Escorts vs OPEN - Luxor Lunatics (206.08-0)20211
2264.3OPEN - Excalibur Knights vs OPEN - Luxor Lunatics (145.02-119.28)20217
3284.04Vegas Vic's Pioneers vs OPEN - Luxor Lunatics (168-116.04)202113
4296.12Mandalay Bay Loan Sharks vs OPEN - Luxor Lunatics (164-132.12)202115
5306.64Planet Hollywood Coolers vs Hooter's Slot Machine Graveyard (171.72-134.92)20216
6323.36Mandalay Bay Ballers vs New York-New York Knicks (195.98-127.38)202116
7328.96Treasure Island River Chasers vs Venetian Valkyries (171.3-157.66)20213
8329.28Mandalay Bay Loan Sharks vs Vegas Vic's Pioneers (183.98-145.3)202110
9329.94OPEN - Excalibur Knights vs Mandalay Bay Loan Sharks (190.5-139.44)202116
10333.34Planet Hollywood Coolers vs OPEN - Luxor Lunatics (237.68-95.66)202111
Victory Margin
1213.3MGM Presents: The Ghost Riders202114OPEN - Luxor Lunatics (312.72-99.42)
2206.08Bellagio Cocktail Dress Escorts20211OPEN - Luxor Lunatics (206.08-0)
3158.02Flamingo George Wallace20212Mandalay Bay Loan Sharks (319.58-161.56)
4156.06Harrah's Card Counters20215Mandalay Bay Loan Sharks (323.26-167.2)
5145.54Flamingo George Wallace202111Vegas Vic's Pioneers (284-138.46)
6142.02Planet Hollywood Coolers202111OPEN - Luxor Lunatics (237.68-95.66)
7127.24Harrah's Card Counters20212Palazzo Pandemic (359.1-231.86)
8122.44Harrah's Card Counters20217Venetian Valkyries (249.5-127.06)
9115.6Just Wynn Baby20214Hooter's Slot Machine Graveyard (281.06-165.46)
10108.88Just Wynn Baby20219OPEN - Luxor Lunatics (221.82-112.94)
Least Victory Margin
10.24Venetian Valkyries20218Vegas Vic's Pioneers (171.66-171.42)
20.50Palazzo Pandemic202113Harrah's Card Counters (241.56-241.06)
30.62Flamingo George Wallace20213Planet Hollywood Coolers (295.1-294.48)
41.84New York-New York Knicks202114Hooter's Slot Machine Graveyard (223.9-222.06)
51.94Mandalay Bay Loan Sharks 202111Bellagio Cocktail Dress Escorts (203.6-201.66)
62OPEN - Excalibur Knights20218Harrah's Card Counters (199.24-197.24)
72.52Planet Hollywood Coolers202112Mandalay Bay Loan Sharks (212.5-209.98)
82.54Just Wynn Baby20213Harrah's Card Counters (242.56-240.02)
93.86Just Wynn Baby20217Treasure Island River Chasers (262.88-259.02)
104.22Mandalay Bay Loan Sharks 20213OPEN - Excalibur Knights (253.46-249.24)

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