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Blazing Aces Dynasty est 2012 Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1239Memphis Reapers201216
2237.6New York Jazz20129
3228.7San Diego Lollygaggers201214
4218.4New York Jazz201212
5205.8Baltimore Bolts20121
6203Albuquerque Lobos201111
7200.1Lincoln Huskers201212
8198.2Salt Lake City Devil Dogs20121
9196.2Kansas City Kings20121
10192.6Atlanta Hellhounds20124
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
136Houston Psychos20117
254.5San Antonio Dragon Lords20125
365New York Jazz20118
465.5Norfolk In Chance20119
5 (tie)67.5Baltimore Bolts20118
 67.5Lincoln Huskers20118
770.3Akron Bulldogs20123
870.9San Antonio Dragon Lords201211
972Norfolk In Chance201111
1073.1Lincoln Huskers20127
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
190.5San Antonio Dragon Lords20116Norfolk In Chance (90.5-86)
292Seattle Brewmasters20119Norfolk In Chance (92-65.5)
395San Antonio Dragon Lords20117Houston Psychos (95-36)
4100Norfolk In Chance201113Salt Lake City Devil Dogs (100-84)
5100.5Memphis Reapers20116Lincoln Huskers (100.5-91)
6 (tie)101San Antonio Dragon Lords201114Washington Tyranny (101-99)
 101Baltimore Bolts20113Seattle Brewmasters (101-98)
8104Lincoln Huskers20117Akron Bulldogs (104-94)
9105.9Baltimore Bolts20122San Antonio Dragon Lords (105.9-93.2)
10106.8Houston Psychos20125San Antonio Dragon Lords (106.8-54.5)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1179.4Washington Tyranny20121Salt Lake City Devil Dogs (179.4-198.2)
2178.2Memphis Reapers20124Lincoln Huskers (178.2-183.1)
3171.9Atlanta Hellhounds20121Santa Barbara Samurai (171.9-173.8)
4171.4Memphis Reapers201211New York Jazz (171.4-174.4)
5165.4Atlanta Hellhounds201213Lincoln Huskers (165.4-182.3)
6163.5New York Jazz201214Lincoln Huskers (163.5-164.6)
7162.9New York Jazz201213Albuquerque Lobos (162.9-168.4)
8161.2Atlanta Hellhounds201211Santa Barbara Samurai (161.2-164.4)
9160.7Salt Lake City Devil Dogs20128Lincoln Huskers (160.7-168)
10159.1Salt Lake City Devil Dogs20129Albuquerque Lobos (159.1-166.4)
Most Combined Points
1377.6Salt Lake City Devil Dogs vs Washington Tyranny (198.2-179.4)20121
2366.2San Diego Lollygaggers vs Albuquerque Lobos (228.7-137.5)201214
3365.5New York Jazz vs Norfolk In Chance (237.6-127.9)20129
4361.3Lincoln Huskers vs Memphis Reapers (183.1-178.2)20124
5347.9New York Jazz vs Houston Psychos (218.4-129.5)201212
6347.7Lincoln Huskers vs Atlanta Hellhounds (182.3-165.4)201213
7 (tie)345.8San Diego Lollygaggers vs Atlanta Hellhounds (191-154.8)201212
 345.8New York Jazz vs Memphis Reapers (174.4-171.4)201211
9345.7Santa Barbara Samurai vs Atlanta Hellhounds (173.8-171.9)20121
10342.6Atlanta Hellhounds vs San Antonio Dragon Lords (192.6-150)20124
Fewest Combined Points
1131San Antonio Dragon Lords vs Houston Psychos (95-36)20117
2135Baltimore Bolts vs Lincoln Huskers (67.5-67.5)20118
3157.5Seattle Brewmasters vs Norfolk In Chance (92-65.5)20119
4161.3Houston Psychos vs San Antonio Dragon Lords (106.8-54.5)20125
5176.5San Antonio Dragon Lords vs Norfolk In Chance (90.5-86)20116
6182Akron Bulldogs vs Norfolk In Chance (110-72)201111
7184Norfolk In Chance vs Salt Lake City Devil Dogs (100-84)201113
8189Akron Bulldogs vs New York Jazz (124-65)20118
9191.5Memphis Reapers vs Lincoln Huskers (100.5-91)20116
10192Houston Psychos vs Seattle Brewmasters (110.4-81.6)20129
Victory Margin
1163.7Memphis Reapers201216Washington Tyranny (239-75.3)
2109.7New York Jazz20129Norfolk In Chance (237.6-127.9)
3106.5San Diego Lollygaggers20126Seattle Brewmasters (187.3-80.8)
4100Salt Lake City Devil Dogs20123Akron Bulldogs (170.3-70.3)
596.8New York Jazz20127San Antonio Dragon Lords (182.1-85.3)
694San Diego Lollygaggers20115San Antonio Dragon Lords (175-81)
791.2San Diego Lollygaggers201214Albuquerque Lobos (228.7-137.5)
888.9New York Jazz201212Houston Psychos (218.4-129.5)
983.4Kansas City Kings201211San Antonio Dragon Lords (154.3-70.9)
1083Atlanta Hellhounds20116New York Jazz (183-100)
Least Victory Margin
10.30San Antonio Dragon Lords20126Akron Bulldogs (140-139.7)
20.50San Antonio Dragon Lords20111Seattle Brewmasters (116.5-116)
30.70Seattle Brewmasters201210Santa Barbara Samurai (140-139.3)
41Kansas City Kings20114Norfolk In Chance (122-121)
51.10Lincoln Huskers201214New York Jazz (164.6-163.5)
6 (tie)1.50Santa Barbara Samurai201111San Diego Lollygaggers (113.5-112)
 1.50New York Jazz20119San Diego Lollygaggers (118-116.5)
81.60Houston Psychos20126Salt Lake City Devil Dogs (155.1-153.5)
91.90Santa Barbara Samurai20121Atlanta Hellhounds (173.8-171.9)
10 (tie)2San Antonio Dragon Lords201114Washington Tyranny (101-99)
 2Lincoln Huskers20115Kansas City Kings (137-135)

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