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The Disciples of Belichick Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1199.56Sex Panther By Odeon20148
2197.1Sex Panther By Odeon20112
3190.74Former Champions201414
4183.5Former Champions20153
5179.5My Name Is My Name201314
7173.98Sex Panther By Odeon20153
9172.64Former Champions20141
10171.94PorkChop Express20114
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
133.7My Name Is My Name201511
658.8Odysseus Cat Killer201411
859.36Former Champions201412
960.58Derelicte My Balls20138
1060.86PorkChop Express20147
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
168.88Odysseus Cat Killer201313Derelicte My Balls (68.88-67.9)
271.14PorkChop Express20138Derelicte My Balls (71.14-60.58)
373.1Fluffing the Passer20147PorkChop Express (73.1-60.86)
475.88csonkanators20132My Name Is My Name (75.88-64.54)
577.2Sex Panther By Odeon201511My Name Is My Name (77.2-33.7)
678.1La Flama Blanca20136Adalius (78.1-46.4)
778.74Fluffing the Passer201514Odysseus Cat Killer (78.74-78.6)
878.96Odysseus Cat Killer201410Fluffing the Passer (78.96-74.02)
979.12My Name Is My Name201310Adalius (79.12-73.12)
1080.22La Flama Blanca201411Odysseus Cat Killer (80.22-58.8)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1154.4CTownFan20112Sex Panther By Odeon (154.4-197.1)
2151.96PorkChop Express20128La Flama Blanca (151.96-167.98)
3147.3Wyld Stallyns20153Former Champions (147.3-183.5)
4147.12AngryMuthas20119Sex Panther By Odeon (147.12-148.28)
5145.74Adalius201113csonkanators (145.74-151.18)
6145.58csonkanators20153Former Champions (145.58-183.5)
7143.86PorkChop Express201413Sex Panther By Odeon (143.86-155.3)
8142.9Odysseus Cat Killer201111Fluffing the Passer (142.9-157.52)
9140.6csonkanators20115Fluffing the Passer (140.6-141.62)
10138.26Sex Panther By Odeon20151Wyld Stallyns (138.26-140.1)
Most Combined Points
1351.5Sex Panther By Odeon vs CTownFan (197.1-154.4)20112
2330.8Former Champions vs Wyld Stallyns (183.5-147.3)20153
3329.08Former Champions vs csonkanators (183.5-145.58)20153
4319.94La Flama Blanca vs PorkChop Express (167.98-151.96)20128
5316.54My Name Is My Name vs Sex Panther By Odeon (179.5-137.04)201314
6310.02Sex Panther By Odeon vs Derelicte My Balls (199.56-110.46)20148
7308.42La Flama Blanca vs csonkanators (170.26-138.16)20121
8300.42Fluffing the Passer vs Odysseus Cat Killer (157.52-142.9)201111
9299.16Sex Panther By Odeon vs PorkChop Express (155.3-143.86)201413
10298.1Sex Panther By Odeon vs Wyld Stallyns (163.8-134.3)201513
Fewest Combined Points
1110.9Sex Panther By Odeon vs My Name Is My Name (77.2-33.7)201511
2124.5La Flama Blanca vs Adalius (78.1-46.4)20136
3131.72PorkChop Express vs Derelicte My Balls (71.14-60.58)20138
4133.96Fluffing the Passer vs PorkChop Express (73.1-60.86)20147
5136.78Odysseus Cat Killer vs Derelicte My Balls (68.88-67.9)201313
6139.02La Flama Blanca vs Odysseus Cat Killer (80.22-58.8)201411
7139.84Adalius vs csonkanators (87.66-52.18)201312
8140.42csonkanators vs My Name Is My Name (75.88-64.54)20132
9143.24Adalius vs AngryMuthas (83.98-59.26)201111
10150.32Patriot Missiles vs csonkanators (95.66-54.66)20133
Victory Margin
1103.32Dark Helmets20126Patriot Missiles (167.94-64.62)
289.88Former Champions201414La Flama Blanca (190.74-100.86)
389.1Sex Panther By Odeon20148Derelicte My Balls (199.56-110.46)
481.04Sex Panther By Odeon20149Fluffing the Passer (160.16-79.12)
580.24Sex Panther By Odeon20153Patriot Missiles (173.98-93.74)
677.62csonkanators201412Former Champions (136.98-59.36)
777.06Sex Panther By Odeon201212Odysseus Cat Killer (162.36-85.3)
876.3Wyld Stallyns20153Fluffing the Passer (147.3-71)
975.88Patriot Missiles20127csonkanators (148.26-72.38)
1075.58Derelicte My Balls201512csonkanators (147.68-72.1)
Least Victory Margin
10.08V Rings201112CTownFan (99.04-98.96)
20.10Sex Panther By Odeon201416Former Champions (89.28-89.18)
3 (tie)0.14Fluffing the Passer201514Odysseus Cat Killer (78.74-78.6)
 0.14Patriot Missiles20125Fluffing the Passer (112.4-112.26)
50.22PorkChop Express20149Former Champions (104.02-103.8)
60.28La Flama Blanca201512Patriots (102.5-102.22)
7 (tie)0.30My Name Is My Name20146Odysseus Cat Killer (99.14-98.84)
 0.30AngryMuthas20112Patriot Missiles (122.2-121.9)
90.32Dark Helmets20128Patriots (123.08-122.76)
100.34Patriots20129Adalius (133.72-133.38)

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