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MILF Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1194.25Victorius Secret201413
3164.4Way More Funner20076
4164.15Way More Funner20079
5162.35Way More Funner201413
6160.8The Name is Dalton20144
7157.9Lebowski's Libations20146
8157.85The Name is Dalton201313
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
114O'Malley: Opulent Obliteration200713
224.3Victorius Secret20149
329.2Team Jugernaut20061
436.3Franchise 520076
547.4Your my boy Blue20075
648.1Team Jugernaut200611
748.85The Grass Roots20075
854.45Lebowski's Libations200715
954.5Victorius Secret201313
1058O'Malley: Opulent Obliteration201312
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
160.21st & Tesh200713O'Malley: Opulent Obliteration (60.2-14)
262.1The Octagon20075The Grass Roots (62.1-48.85)
369.65The Octagon200712Way More Funner (69.65-66)
470.25Way More Funner20074The Octagon (70.25-69.05)
570.45Elgin Elgins200713Team Jugernaut (70.45-70.4)
672.45Way More Funner20078The Grass Roots (72.45-68.6)
772.8Your my boy Blue20078The Octagon (72.8-62.85)
875.3Thunder Buddies200611O'Malley: Opulent Obliteration (75.3-62.3)
975.85Your my boy Blue20064Team Jugernaut (75.85-72.2)
1076.4Team Jugernaut2007101st & Tesh (76.4-62.95)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1133.05Your my boy Blue20148Rafters (133.05-138.25)
2128.35Victorius Secret20134The Name is Dalton (128.35-129.95)
3 (tie)125.6Lebowski's Libations201315Way More Funner (125.6-146.95)
 125.6Rafters20135The Name is Dalton (125.6-135.9)
5124.2Cougars201311Thunder Buddies (124.2-131.9)
6124.05The Name is Dalton20146Elgin Elgins (124.05-140.4)
7123.95Thunder Buddies20142The Name is Dalton (123.95-141.2)
8123.9Lebowski's Libations20145Cougars (123.9-128.3)
9122.9Way More Funner20072Your my boy Blue (122.9-136.55)
10122.35Your my boy Blue20134Cougars (122.35-144.65)
Most Combined Points
1300.25Victorius Secret vs Lebowski's Libations (194.25-106)201413
2278Cougars vs Way More Funner (181.6-96.4)20148
3272.55Way More Funner vs Lebowski's Libations (146.95-125.6)201315
4271.5Way More Funner vs The Name is Dalton (162.35-109.15)201413
5271.3Rafters vs Your my boy Blue (138.25-133.05)20148
6267.8Your my boy Blue vs Tim Roemer (149.25-118.55)201413
7267Cougars vs Your my boy Blue (144.65-122.35)20134
8265.15The Name is Dalton vs Thunder Buddies (141.2-123.95)20142
9264.45Elgin Elgins vs The Name is Dalton (140.4-124.05)20146
10263.85dingos vs Mc RB Cube (157.05-106.8)20134
Fewest Combined Points
174.21st & Tesh vs O'Malley: Opulent Obliteration (60.2-14)200713
2110.95The Octagon vs The Grass Roots (62.1-48.85)20075
3113.7Elgin Elgins vs Team Jugernaut (84.5-29.2)20061
4127.9Franchise 5 vs Team Jugernaut (79.8-48.1)200611
5134.45O'Malley: Opulent Obliteration vs Lebowski's Libations (80-54.45)200715
6 (tie)135.65Your my boy Blue vs The Octagon (72.8-62.85)20078
 135.65The Octagon vs Way More Funner (69.65-66)200712
8136.05O'Malley: Opulent Obliteration vs Your my boy Blue (88.65-47.4)20075
9137.35Way More Funner vs Victorius Secret (113.05-24.3)20149
10137.6Thunder Buddies vs O'Malley: Opulent Obliteration (75.3-62.3)200611
Victory Margin
199.1Way More Funner20076Elgin Elgins (164.4-65.3)
293.8O'Malley: Opulent Obliteration20076Franchise 5 (130.1-36.3)
388.75Way More Funner20149Victorius Secret (113.05-24.3)
488.25Victorius Secret201413Lebowski's Libations (194.25-106)
585.2Cougars20148Way More Funner (181.6-96.4)
680.2Rafters20144Thunder Buddies (141.45-61.25)
776.8Cougars20137dingos (145.3-68.5)
876.45Way More Funner20139Victorius Secret (137.9-61.45)
972.8Way More Funner20079Thunder Buddies (164.15-91.35)
1072.3O'Malley: Opulent Obliteration20068Team Jugernaut (132.35-60.05)
Least Victory Margin
10.05Elgin Elgins200713Team Jugernaut (70.45-70.4)
20.20Way More Funner20137The Name is Dalton (96.1-95.9)
30.45Your my boy Blue20065Elgin Elgins (89.25-88.8)
40.50O'Malley: Opulent Obliteration20071The Grass Roots (90.35-89.85)
50.65Rafters20139O'Malley: Opulent Obliteration (99.95-99.3)
60.95The Octagon20061Thunder Buddies (83-82.05)
71.05Thunder Buddies200610Elgin Elgins (92.15-91.1)
8 (tie)1.20Way More Funner20074The Octagon (70.25-69.05)
 1.20Your my boy Blue20074Team Jugernaut (99.55-98.35)
101.25Cougars201413Neenah Nordiques (114.9-113.65)

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