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Necessary Roughness Fantasy Football Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1242.06Steven Gayol201413
2216.52Paul Giordano201814
3216.35Paul Giordano201812
4211.17Keith Lindsay20182
5209.23Danny McDonnell20107
6208.52Steven Gayol201615
7208.32Keith Lindsay20128
8207.47Edwin De La Cruz201612
9206.78Keith Lindsay201816
10206.03Keith Lindsay201812
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
150.62Dave Bartoldus201014
253.68Scott Collins201014
355.17Lisa Miano20157
457.66Betsy Milne20116
559.4DP TD Machines201814
660.34Steve Giustino201111
761.33Scott Collins20165
861.67Scott Collins201710
962.13Lisa Miano20127
1062.32Scott Collins20108
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
169.05Scott Collins201714Albert Danza (69.05-68.53)
275.35Mark Rossetti201014Dave Bartoldus (75.35-50.62)
379.4Steve Rescigno201714Jeff Guillot (79.4-70.27)
486.3Josh Moskoviz20179Albert Danza (86.3-80.32)
587.32Jeff Guillot20117Steve Rescigno (87.32-80.07)
688.9Josh Moskoviz201711Scott Collins (88.9-87.92)
790.18Erik Seide20125Betsy Milne (90.18-75.31)
890.41Josh Moskoviz201413Keith Lindsay (90.41-86.88)
990.48Jeff Guillot20109Scott Collins (90.48-79.36)
1090.62Dave Bartoldus201012Mark Rossetti (90.62-77.13)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1189.57Brian Gardner20184Jen Pagano (189.57-197.98)
2181.15Steven Gayol201816Jen Pagano (181.15-203.53)
3177.7Brian Gardner201810Jen Pagano (177.7-182.47)
4176.06Josh Moskoviz20168Lisa Miano (176.06-182.73)
5175Keith Lindsay201811Paul Giordano (175-182.13)
6173.47Jen Pagano20124Betsy Milne (173.47-196.88)
7172.19Paul Giordano201512Keith Lindsay (172.19-175.05)
8172.02Brian Gardner20182Keith Lindsay (172.02-211.17)
9171.08Albert Danza20181Steven Gayol (171.08-194.5)
10168.62Keith Lindsay20186Jen Pagano (168.62-172.65)
Most Combined Points
1387.55Jen Pagano vs Brian Gardner (197.98-189.57)20184
2384.68Jen Pagano vs Steven Gayol (203.53-181.15)201816
3383.19Keith Lindsay vs Brian Gardner (211.17-172.02)20182
4371.13Steven Gayol vs Edwin De La Cruz (242.06-129.07)201413
5370.35Betsy Milne vs Jen Pagano (196.88-173.47)20124
6365.58Steven Gayol vs Albert Danza (194.5-171.08)20181
7361.04Jen Pagano vs DP TD Machines (197.22-163.82)20188
8360.17Jen Pagano vs Brian Gardner (182.47-177.7)201810
9358.82Paul Giordano vs Space Force (216.52-142.3)201814
10358.79Lisa Miano vs Josh Moskoviz (182.73-176.06)20168
Fewest Combined Points
1125.97Mark Rossetti vs Dave Bartoldus (75.35-50.62)201014
2137.58Scott Collins vs Albert Danza (69.05-68.53)201714
3149.67Steve Rescigno vs Jeff Guillot (79.4-70.27)201714
4165.49Erik Seide vs Betsy Milne (90.18-75.31)20125
5166.62Josh Moskoviz vs Albert Danza (86.3-80.32)20179
6167.39Jeff Guillot vs Steve Rescigno (87.32-80.07)20117
7167.75Dave Bartoldus vs Mark Rossetti (90.62-77.13)201012
8169.84Jeff Guillot vs Scott Collins (90.48-79.36)20109
9171.89Lisa Miano vs Betsy Milne (114.23-57.66)20116
10173.18Lisa Miano vs Mo Zigelman (91.7-81.48)20154
Victory Margin
1138.95Paul Giordano201812Scott Collins (216.35-77.4)
2112.99Steven Gayol201413Edwin De La Cruz (242.06-129.07)
3111.98Mo Zigelman20173Paul Giordano (178.58-66.6)
4110.1Steven Gayol201615Lisa Miano (208.52-98.42)
5109.96Keith Lindsay20128Jeff Guillot (208.32-98.36)
6107.94Steven Gayol201811DP TD Machines (198.17-90.23)
7104.65Steve Rescigno20161Mo Zigelman (181.47-76.82)
8103.41Jeff Guillot201814DP TD Machines (162.81-59.4)
9102.93Keith Lindsay201812DP TD Machines (206.03-103.1)
1098.03Keith Lindsay20165Scott Collins (159.36-61.33)
Least Victory Margin
10.02Brian Gardner20187Albert Danza (159.35-159.33)
20.08Erik Seide20103Paul Giordano (108.23-108.15)
30.10Mo Zigelman201610Paul Giordano (149.03-148.93)
40.11Paul Giordano20141Betsy Milne (120.09-119.98)
50.13Jeff Guillot20142Lisa Miano (91.38-91.25)
60.15Jeff Guillot201213Brian Gardner (118.41-118.26)
70.18Jeff Guillot20129Lisa Miano (133.72-133.54)
8 (tie)0.24Scott Collins20155Betsy Milne (118.96-118.72)
 0.24Brian Collins201314Paul Giordano (130.43-130.19)
100.26Jen Pagano201712Scott Collins (128.26-128)

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