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Wayne's World Fantasy Football League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1214Wayne's Warriors200612
2211Cris' Crusaders200614
3 (tie)207Joe's Juggernauts20022
 207Chapman's Chumps20062
5204The Longballs20058
6 (tie)202Super Starrs20053
 202Joe's Juggernauts20025
8201Dave's Deathknights20023
9198Wayne's Warriors20066
10197The Longballs200511
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
139Super Starrs200213
248The Grapestains200412
357The Longballs200514
461Matthew's Maulers20036
562Joe's Juggernauts20057
665Dereks Destroyers200314
767Super Starrs20033
8 (tie)68Bruce's Bandits20052
 68The Longballs200510
 68The Longballs200615
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
187Schabels Schlagens20044The Grapestains (87-83)
289Cris' Crusaders200613The Longballs (89-86)
3 (tie)94Wayne's Warriors20041Joe's Juggernauts (94-94) TB
 94Cris' Crusaders200615The Longballs (94-68)
 94Joe's Juggernauts20052Bruce's Bandits (94-68)
 94Dave's Deathknights20047The Grapestains (94-82)
795Matthew's Maulers200610The Longballs (95-95) TB
8 (tie)96Bruce's Bandits20054Super Starrs (96-73)
 96Joe's Juggernauts200311Tetter's Tornados (96-94)
 96Gridiron Gang200611Beach Ballers (96-86)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1179Bruce's Bandits200412Wayne's Warriors (179-181)
2177Dave's Deathknights200210The Longballs (177-182)
3174Wayne's Warriors20021The Longballs (174-188)
4 (tie)169The Longballs20025Joe's Juggernauts (169-202)
 169Aaron's Annihilators20022The Longballs (169-180)
6165Wayne's Warriors200215Dave's Deathknights (165-171)
7 (tie)163Dave's Deathknights200413The Longballs (163-167)
 163Dave's Deathknights20053The Longballs (163-163) TB
9 (tie)162Wayne's Warriors200410Schabels Schlagens (162-175)
 162Chapman's Chumps200616Wayne's Warriors (162-188)
 162Schabels Schlagens200414Bruce's Bandits (162-190)
Most Combined Points
1371Joe's Juggernauts vs The Longballs (202-169)20025
2366Chapman's Chumps vs Dereks Destroyers (207-159)20062
3362The Longballs vs Wayne's Warriors (188-174)20021
4360Wayne's Warriors vs Bruce's Bandits (181-179)200412
5359The Longballs vs Dave's Deathknights (182-177)200210
6 (tie)352Bruce's Bandits vs Schabels Schlagens (190-162)200414
 352Dave's Deathknights vs Dereks Destroyers (193-159)20025
8351The Longballs vs Bruce's Bandits (196-155)200212
9350Wayne's Warriors vs Chapman's Chumps (188-162)200616
10349The Longballs vs Aaron's Annihilators (180-169)20022
Fewest Combined Points
1 (tie)162Joe's Juggernauts vs Bruce's Bandits (94-68)20052
 162Cris' Crusaders vs The Longballs (94-68)200615
3163Matthew's Maulers vs The Longballs (106-57)200514
4166Devastators vs Super Starrs (99-67)20033
5167Devastators vs Super Starrs (128-39)200213
6169Bruce's Bandits vs Super Starrs (96-73)20054
7 (tie)170Bruce's Bandits vs The Longballs (102-68)200510
 170Schabels Schlagens vs The Grapestains (87-83)20044
9174Dave's Deathknights vs The Grapestains (126-48)200412
10175Cris' Crusaders vs The Longballs (89-86)200613
Victory Margin
1128Cris' Crusaders200614Matthew's Maulers (211-83)
2115Wayne's Warriors200612Dereks Destroyers (214-99)
3113Bruce's Bandits200511Dereks Destroyers (196-83)
4112The Longballs200214Schabels Schlagens (182-70)
5111Aaron's Annihilators20035Super Starrs (186-75)
6110Aaron's Annihilators20049The Grapestains (182-72)
7109Wayne's Warriors20055Dave's Deathknights (195-86)
8107Bruce's Bandits20038Devastators (187-80)
9105Super Starrs20053Matthew's Maulers (202-97)
10104Wayne's Warriors20066Matthew's Maulers (198-94)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)1Wayne's Warriors200210Bruce's Bandits (135-134)
 1Super Starrs200214Bruce's Bandits (117-116)
 1Super Starrs20044Bobo's Broncos (135-134)
 1Cris' Crusaders20055The Longballs (103-102)
 1The Longballs200417Aaron's Annihilators (110-109)
 1The Longballs200312Super Starrs (162-161)
 1Chapman's Chumps200514Super Starrs (129-128)
 1Chapman's Chumps20052Cris' Crusaders (135-134)
 1Dereks Destroyers20066Cris' Crusaders (104-103)
10 (tie)2Wayne's Warriors200412Bruce's Bandits (181-179)
 2Super Starrs200613Chapman's Chumps (110-108)
 2Super Starrs200510Joe's Juggernauts (133-131)
 2Cris' Crusaders20051Joe's Juggernauts (110-108)
 2Joe's Juggernauts200311Tetter's Tornados (96-94)
 2Joe's Juggernauts200312Matthew's Maulers (121-119)
 2Joe's Juggernauts20039Bruce's Bandits (144-142)
 2Chapman's Chumps20056Super Starrs (101-99)
 2Chapman's Chumps20061Wayne's Warriors (145-143)
 2Aaron's Annihilators20051Dave's Deathknights (116-114)
 2Bobo's Broncos200615Matthew's Maulers (97-95)

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