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GLFFL - Draft Day Fanatics Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1181.55*The Mighty Griffins20085
2175.8*VanIsle Mariners200814
3166.1*The Mighty Griffins200813
4162*The Mighty Griffins20082
5158.1*Da Bayou Bengels200810
6155.5*The Mighty Griffins20086
7153.7*VanIsle Mariners200815
8152.6*Da Bayou Bengels20082
9152.4*The Mighty Griffins200816
10151.1*Mad Brad's B-1 Bombers20084
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
159.35*Georgia Bandits200813
260.6*Four Horseman20086
361.35*Georgia Bandits20081
562.95*Georgia Bandits20082
764.2*The Buckeye Bruisers200810
869.15*Peninsula Piranhas200813
970.1*Four Horseman20081
1070.4*Fast Fish WAR200811
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
169.15*Peninsula Piranhas200813*Georgia Bandits (69.15-59.35)
270.1*Four Horseman20081*Georgia Bandits (70.1-61.35)
387.55*Four Horseman200810*The Buckeye Bruisers (87.55-64.2)
488.4*Peninsula Piranhas20087*Georgia Bandits (88.4-84.65)
589.1*The Buckeye Bruisers20082*Georgia Bandits (89.1-62.95)
692*Georgia Bandits200810*Mad Brad's B-1 Bombers (92-85.3)
792.3*The Mighty Griffins20081*Peninsula Piranhas (92.3-73.3)
895.1*VanIsle Mariners20086*Georgia Bandits (95.1-88.75)
997.4*Mad Brad's B-1 Bombers20085*Four Horseman (97.4-76.85)
1097.6*Careless Navigators 20089*Fast Fish WAR (97.6-82.45)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1150.35*Mad Brad's B-1 Bombers20086*The Mighty Griffins (150.35-155.5)
2131.1*Hail To The Redskins200810*Da Bayou Bengels (131.1-158.1)
3126.95*Da Bayou Bengels200812*The Buckeye Bruisers (126.95-144.8)
4125.75*Hail To The Redskins200811*Peninsula Piranhas (125.75-139.9)
5123*The Buckeye Bruisers200814*VanIsle Mariners (123-175.8)
6120.8*Four Horseman20082*Hail To The Redskins (120.8-130.45)
7120*Careless Navigators 20084*Hail To The Redskins (120-129.4)
8118.45*Mad Brad's B-1 Bombers200813*Careless Navigators (118.45-127.4)
9114.7*VanIsle Mariners200812*BrownsFANATIC (114.7-127.65)
10114.3*Da Bayou Bengels200811*The Mighty Griffins (114.3-131.35)
Most Combined Points
1305.85*The Mighty Griffins vs *Mad Brad's B-1 Bombers (155.5-150.35)20086
2298.8*VanIsle Mariners vs *The Buckeye Bruisers (175.8-123)200814
3290.95*The Mighty Griffins vs *Careless Navigators (181.55-109.4)20085
4289.2*Da Bayou Bengels vs *Hail To The Redskins (158.1-131.1)200810
5271.75*The Buckeye Bruisers vs *Da Bayou Bengels (144.8-126.95)200812
6268.65*The Mighty Griffins vs *Four Horseman (166.1-102.55)200813
7265.65*Peninsula Piranhas vs *Hail To The Redskins (139.9-125.75)200811
8265.25*The Mighty Griffins vs *VanIsle Mariners (152.4-112.85)200816
9264.4*VanIsle Mariners vs *Careless Navigators (153.7-110.7)200815
10256.3*VanIsle Mariners vs *The Buckeye Bruisers (147.75-108.55)20089
Fewest Combined Points
1128.5*Peninsula Piranhas vs *Georgia Bandits (69.15-59.35)200813
2131.45*Four Horseman vs *Georgia Bandits (70.1-61.35)20081
3151.75*Four Horseman vs *The Buckeye Bruisers (87.55-64.2)200810
4152.05*The Buckeye Bruisers vs *Georgia Bandits (89.1-62.95)20082
5165.6*The Mighty Griffins vs *Peninsula Piranhas (92.3-73.3)20081
6173.05*Peninsula Piranhas vs *Georgia Bandits (88.4-84.65)20087
7174.25*Mad Brad's B-1 Bombers vs *Four Horseman (97.4-76.85)20085
8175.45*Fast Fish WAR vs *BrownsFANATIC (112.55-62.9)20086
9177.3*Georgia Bandits vs *Mad Brad's B-1 Bombers (92-85.3)200810
10178.75*Mad Brad's B-1 Bombers vs *Hail To The Redskins (100.65-78.1)20089
Victory Margin
173.45*Careless Navigators 200811*BrownsFANATIC (136.85-63.4)
272.15*The Mighty Griffins20085*Careless Navigators (181.55-109.4)
369*Careless Navigators 20086*Four Horseman (129.6-60.6)
468.5*The Mighty Griffins20082*Fast Fish WAR (162-93.5)
563.55*The Mighty Griffins200813*Four Horseman (166.1-102.55)
663.2*Da Bayou Bengels20082*Mad Brad's B-1 Bombers (152.6-89.4)
761.65*VanIsle Mariners20087*Da Bayou Bengels (142.7-81.05)
857.85*Da Bayou Bengels20081*BrownsFANATIC (130.55-72.7)
956.1*Mad Brad's B-1 Bombers20084*Fast Fish WAR (151.1-95)
1054.1*VanIsle Mariners200811*Four Horseman (133.6-79.5)
Least Victory Margin
11.20*The Buckeye Bruisers200811*Mad Brad's B-1 Bombers (110.4-109.2)
2 (tie)2.65*Georgia Bandits20089*Four Horseman (106.2-103.55)
 2.65*Fast Fish WAR20085*The Buckeye Bruisers (101.5-98.85)
43.75*Peninsula Piranhas20087*Georgia Bandits (88.4-84.65)
55.15*The Mighty Griffins20086*Mad Brad's B-1 Bombers (155.5-150.35)
65.20*Da Bayou Bengels20089*BrownsFANATIC (115.9-110.7)
75.95*Georgia Bandits20083*BrownsFANATIC (108.9-102.95)
86.20*The Mighty Griffins20084*Georgia Bandits (106.75-100.55)
96.35*VanIsle Mariners20086*Georgia Bandits (95.1-88.75)
106.70*Georgia Bandits200810*Mad Brad's B-1 Bombers (92-85.3)

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