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H-town GridIron Single Game Records

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Most Points Scored - Single Game
11048Meat Headzz201217
21045Red Hot Chilean Peppers201713
3991Blue Meanies20173
4979JB Juggernauts20138
5974Peyton's World20129
6973TDs by GEDs201612
7971NE Given Sunday20132
8969Blue Meanies20151
9965Meat Headzz20131
10964Peyton's World201216
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
1239Peyton's World201614
2287Pooter Surprise20127
3328NE Given Sunday201311
4338Kubiak Grizzly Bears20136
5348Maccabi Hammer201310
6355Red Hot Chilean Peppers20178
7358Red Hot Chilean Peppers20126
8 (tie)360Meat Headzz20157
 360Victorious Secret20157
10361Beezy's Crew20162
Victory Margin
1552Peyton's World201411Beezy's Crew (932-380)
2522NE Given Sunday20132Victorious Secret (971-449)
3507JB Juggernauts20138Victorious Secret (979-472)
4470Red Hot Chilean Peppers201713Victorious Secret (1045-575)
5468Peyton's World20129Reverse Cowgirl (974-506)
6457TDs by GEDs201612Beezy's Crew (973-516)
7 (tie)445Maccabi Hammer20126Hornbears (951-506)
 445Beezy's Crew201511TDs by GEDs (823-378)
9438British Occupation20123Biker Thrash (893-455)
10428Peyton's World20167Blue Meanies (957-529)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)1JB Juggernauts201413Notacatbutallama (621-620)
 1Reverse Cowgirl201312JB Juggernauts (541-540)
 1Hornbears20121Meat Headzz (481-480)
 1TDs by GEDs20166Blue Meanies (558-557)
5 (tie)2Red Hot Chilean Peppers20151TDs by GEDs (518-516)
 2Red Hot Chilean Peppers20114Victorious Secret (613-611)
 2Victorious Secret20102Peyton's World (671-669)
 2Nick Singh20111Notacatbutallama (624-622)
9 (tie)3Peyton's World20131Maccabi Hammer (585-582)
 3Red Hot Chilean Peppers20122JB Juggernauts (413-410)
 3Red Hot Chilean Peppers201512TDs by GEDs (587-584)
 3Reverse Cowgirl20131Kubiak Grizzly Bears (600-597)
 3Reverse Cowgirl20147Meat Headzz (683-680)
 3Biker Thrash20125Pooter Surprise (513-510)
 3Notacatbutallama20142Beezy's Crew (565-562)
 3Evan20102Mike Lewis (624-621)

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