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GLFFL - Dick Butkus League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1230.55*Toxic KATs20069
2187.4BEAR HUNTERS200311
3182.8*Butkus DoCoMo200414
4180.7*Prozac Nation20047
5179*FastFish Greyhounds200512
6176.5*Toxic KATs20059
7175.2*FastFish Greyhounds200311
8174.8*Toxic KATs200615
9173.6NorthOaks Raiders20032
10173.1*Prozac Nation20069
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
155.7*FastFish Greyhounds20058
257.8*Flying Monkeys20059
359.1*BrownsROCK Dick20033
459.8*Flying Monkeys20056
561.25*BrownsROCK Dick200410
661.55*Butkus DoCoMo200611
762.45*The Brown Dog20055
862.95BEAR HUNTERS20038
963*all faulked up20053
1064.05*Flying Monkeys200512
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
171.9*West Haven Black Crowes20033*BrownsROCK Dick (71.9-59.1)
278.9*Flying Monkeys200611*West Haven Black Crowes (78.9-73.15)
385.55*The Brown Dog200311*West Haven Black Crowes (85.55-66)
488.45*The Brown Dog200510*Flying Monkeys (88.45-85.25)
589.2*Butkus DoCoMo20059*Prozac Nation (89.2-78.95)
691.3*Flying Monkeys200513*Butkus DoCoMo (91.3-87.4)
791.65*Prozac Nation200512*Flying Monkeys (91.65-64.05)
892.6*Toxic KATs20065*all faulked up (92.6-71.35)
993.1*BrownsROCK Dick20044*Flying Monkeys (93.1-89.7)
1093.5*BrownsROCK Dick20035*The Brown Dog (93.5-88.85)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1173.1*Prozac Nation20069*Toxic KATs (173.1-230.55)
2167.35*Toxic KATs200413*Butkus DoCoMo (167.35-169.45)
3149.5*FastFish Greyhounds200414*Butkus DoCoMo (149.5-182.8)
4145.45*The Brown Dog20045*FastFish Greyhounds (145.45-161.7)
5144.8*Annihilators20054*Butkus DoCoMo (144.8-163.15)
6144.5*West Haven Black Crowes200410*Prozac Nation (144.5-147.65)
7143.7*Butkus DoCoMo20053*SteamRollers (143.7-146)
8140.6*Butkus DoCoMo200313NorthOaks Raiders (140.6-165.3)
9139.4*SteamRollers20068*Toxic KATs (139.4-150.7)
10139.2*FastFish Greyhounds200514*West Haven Black Crowes (139.2-143)
Most Combined Points
1403.65*Toxic KATs vs *Prozac Nation (230.55-173.1)20069
2336.8*Butkus DoCoMo vs *Toxic KATs (169.45-167.35)200413
3332.3*Butkus DoCoMo vs *FastFish Greyhounds (182.8-149.5)200414
4310.5*FastFish Greyhounds vs *SteamRollers (179-131.5)200512
5307.95*Butkus DoCoMo vs *Annihilators (163.15-144.8)20054
6307.15*FastFish Greyhounds vs *The Brown Dog (161.7-145.45)20045
7305.9NorthOaks Raiders vs *Butkus DoCoMo (165.3-140.6)200313
8305.85*Toxic KATs vs *Prozac Nation (173.05-132.8)200616
9294.55*Toxic KATs vs *FastFish Greyhounds (159.55-135)20043
10293.05*Prozac Nation vs Vermont Catamounts (171.9-121.15)200614
Fewest Combined Points
1131*West Haven Black Crowes vs *BrownsROCK Dick (71.9-59.1)20033
2151.55*The Brown Dog vs *West Haven Black Crowes (85.55-66)200311
3152.05*Flying Monkeys vs *West Haven Black Crowes (78.9-73.15)200611
4153.65*Annihilators vs *Flying Monkeys (95.85-57.8)20059
5155.7*Prozac Nation vs *Flying Monkeys (91.65-64.05)200512
6160.55*West Haven Black Crowes vs *Flying Monkeys (100.75-59.8)20056
7163.95*Toxic KATs vs *all faulked up (92.6-71.35)20065
8164.55*all faulked up vs *Flying Monkeys (99.2-65.35)20055
9166.65*all faulked up vs *Butkus DoCoMo (98.45-68.2)20032
10168.15*Butkus DoCoMo vs *Prozac Nation (89.2-78.95)20059
Victory Margin
1104.05NorthOaks Raiders20032*The Brown Dog (173.6-69.55)
296.05BEAR HUNTERS200311*Toxic KATs (187.4-91.35)
396*FastFish Greyhounds200410*BrownsROCK Dick (157.25-61.25)
494.85*Prozac Nation20047*FastFish Greyhounds (180.7-85.85)
590.3*Toxic KATs20048*Flying Monkeys (171.4-81.1)
690.15*FastFish Greyhounds20048*West Haven Black Crowes (166.05-75.9)
786.7*FastFish Greyhounds20056*Annihilators (168.6-81.9)
885.9NorthOaks Raiders20058*Prozac Nation (169.85-83.95)
976.85*SteamRollers200510*all faulked up (148.15-71.3)
1076.6*Toxic KATs20049*all faulked up (165.55-88.95)
Least Victory Margin
10.05NorthOaks Raiders20034*Toxic KATs (103.45-103.4)
20.25*SteamRollers20031BEAR HUNTERS (122.35-122.1)
30.35*West Haven Black Crowes20059NorthOaks Raiders (113.95-113.6)
40.40*West Haven Black Crowes200312BEAR HUNTERS (135.45-135.05)
50.60*SteamRollers200310NorthOaks Raiders (113.35-112.75)
60.75*FastFish Greyhounds20037*Prozac Nation (122.65-121.9)
70.85*Flying Monkeys20069*all faulked up (95.15-94.3)
81.05Vermont Catamounts20065*SteamRollers (117.85-116.8)
91.20*Prozac Nation200314*West Haven Black Crowes (125.25-124.05)
10 (tie)1.35*all faulked up200312*Prozac Nation (123.5-122.15)
 1.35*SteamRollers200613*FastFish Greyhounds (106.05-104.7)

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