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North East Fantasy Football League Single Game Records

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Most Points Scored - Single Game
1235Reading Red Knights200610
2229.8Maiden Creek Massacre201313
3225.2Venice Vipers20186
4225.02Capri Cobras20173
5217.5State Hill Raiders201410
6216.72Maiden Creek Massacre201010
7214Aurora Shockwave20132
8211Montgomeryville Marauder20025
9209.54Dublin Hellhounds20139
10208.56Maiden Creek Massacre20195
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
120Montgomeryville Marauder20012
231Cincinnati Beernuts20029
334.66Dublin Hellhounds201511
435The Roaring Bison20024
537Lehigh Valley Monarchs20086
638Lehigh Valley Monarchs20071
739Rockledge Specialists200114
840Green Street Gangsters200611
9 (tie)43Dublin Hellhounds20081
 43Green Street Gangsters200510
 43Green Street Gangsters20075
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
146Blandon Blue Devils20086Lehigh Valley Monarchs (46-37)
261Reading Red Knights20013Atlanta Powerhouse (61-60)
363Ardsley Avengers20016Dublin Hellhounds (63-48)
4 (tie)65Perkiomenville Freedom20013Cincinnati Beernuts (65-61)
 65Rockledge Specialists20018Maiden Creek Massacre (65-63)
6 (tie)66Perkiomenville Freedom20063Rockledge Specialists (66-57)
 66Skippack Warriors200114Rockledge Specialists (66-39)
8 (tie)67Reading Red Knights20033Green Street Gangsters (67-49)
 67Skippack Warriors20012Dublin Hellhounds (67-66)
1068Reading Red Knights200714Shadow Ridge Scorpions (68-55)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1174.46Venice Vipers201915Blandon Bulldogs (174.46-196.2)
2170.3Dublin Hellhounds20183Green Street Gangsters (170.3-174.14)
3168.22Blandon Bulldogs201610Monaco Mud Cats (168.22-191.78)
4167.94Green Street Gangsters201414Maiden Creek Massacre (167.94-170.74)
5 (tie)165.16Shadow Ridge Scorpions201314Maiden Creek Massacre (165.16-203.82)
 165.16Maiden Creek Massacre20131State Hill Raiders (165.16-165.86)
7165Perkiomenville Freedom200410Blandon Blue Devils (165-174)
8163.96Green Street Gangsters20153Blandon Bulldogs (163.96-176.42)
9 (tie)163.5Capri Cobras20153Atlanta Powerhouse (163.5-176.22)
 163.5Capri Cobras20153Blandon Bulldogs (163.5-176.42)
Most Combined Points
1370.66Blandon Bulldogs vs Venice Vipers (196.2-174.46)201915
2368.98Maiden Creek Massacre vs Shadow Ridge Scorpions (203.82-165.16)201314
3366Reading Red Knights vs Cincinnati Beernuts (208-158)20096
4363.22Capri Cobras vs Blandon Bulldogs (225.02-138.2)20173
5360Monaco Mud Cats vs Blandon Bulldogs (191.78-168.22)201610
6355.28Capri Cobras vs Atlanta Powerhouse (225.02-130.26)20173
7352.96State Hill Raiders vs Aurora Shockwave (217.5-135.46)201410
8352.02Atlanta Powerhouse vs Monaco Mud Cats (190.94-161.08)201513
9349.74Reading Red Knights vs Green Street Gangsters (207.68-142.06)20111
10348Maiden Creek Massacre vs Green Street Gangsters (229.8-118.2)201313
Fewest Combined Points
183Blandon Blue Devils vs Lehigh Valley Monarchs (46-37)20086
2102Atlanta Powerhouse vs Cincinnati Beernuts (71-31)20029
3105Skippack Warriors vs Rockledge Specialists (66-39)200114
4111Ardsley Avengers vs Dublin Hellhounds (63-48)20016
5116Reading Red Knights vs Green Street Gangsters (67-49)20033
6 (tie)121Capri Cobras vs Lehigh Valley Monarchs (83-38)20071
 121Reading Red Knights vs Atlanta Powerhouse (61-60)20013
8 (tie)123Reading Red Knights vs Shadow Ridge Scorpions (68-55)200714
 123Perkiomenville Freedom vs Rockledge Specialists (66-57)20063
 123Ardsley Avengers vs Montgomeryville Marauder (103-20)20012
Victory Margin
1147Shadow Ridge Scorpions20076Reading Red Knights (195-48)
2142Reading Red Knights200610Green Street Gangsters (235-93)
3123.58Venice Vipers20186Aurora Shockwave (225.2-101.62)
4120.08Cincinnati Beernuts201110Reading Red Knights (195.94-75.86)
5119State Hill Raiders20158Shadow Ridge Scorpions (202.8-83.8)
6117Montgomeryville Marauder20025The Roaring Bison (211-94)
7113.98State Hill Raiders20192Temple Shamrocks (179.5-65.52)
8113.36Aurora Shockwave20122State Hill Raiders (178.2-64.84)
9111.6Maiden Creek Massacre201313Green Street Gangsters (229.8-118.2)
10 (tie)111Maiden Creek Massacre20088Atlanta Powerhouse (170-59)
 111Reading Red Knights200812Atlanta Powerhouse (173-62)
Least Victory Margin
10.08Reading Red Knights201010Atlanta Powerhouse (109.52-109.44)
20.10Reading Red Knights201212Maiden Creek Massacre (122.22-122.12)
30.12Capri Cobras201310Reading Red Knights (127-126.88)
40.22Reading Red Knights20105Maiden Creek Massacre (123.78-123.56)
50.26Reading Red Knights20132Monaco Mud Cats (131.68-131.42)
60.30Monaco Mud Cats201510Blandon Bulldogs (124.26-123.96)
7 (tie)0.46Shadow Ridge Scorpions20134Blandon Bulldogs (123.8-123.34)
 0.46Venice Vipers201111Maiden Creek Massacre (117.16-116.7)
90.48Monaco Mud Cats20172Capri Cobras (110.06-109.58)
100.52Venice Vipers20159Capri Cobras (126.24-125.72)

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