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HyperActive 2 Dynasty FFL Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1218Fly Igglz Fly20073
2191.75Seattle Stars20072
4188.65Louisville Legends20073
5188.35Springfield Sandbaggers200711
6183.75Coolest Nerds on the Planet20073
7181.45Springfield Sandbaggers20073
9177Rushing Roulette20084
10172.4Fighting Couch Potatoes 2200813
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
1 (tie)0FBGeezy Up in da Peezy20088
 0Ministry of Pain200817
341.1Fighting Couch Potatoes 2200810
451.6Acer FC Edge20076
558Louisville Legends20087
659.4Ministry of Pain200715
964.5Ninja Spork Avengers200711
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
10wannabee200814Bloom (0-0) TB
280Ministry of Pain20087Louisville Legends (80-58)
383.65Seattle Stars200811ebolacolas (83.65-64.6)
486.6Hawkeyeskin20075ebolacolas (86.6-81.3)
587.8ebolacolas20088FBGeezy Up in da Peezy (87.8-0)
688.3Bloom20083Seattle Stars (88.3-67.75)
788.5Ninja Spork Avengers200817Hawkeyeskin (88.5-74.5)
893Borbely's Bunker Brigade20089Louisville Legends (93-86.35)
993.85Louisville Llamas20085Bloom (93.85-81.15)
1094.6Borbely's Bunker Brigade200813Fly Igglz Fly (94.6-90.75)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1158.7Doing Justice for the League20084Bloom (158.7-165.35)
2155.85Rushing Roulette20088Fly Igglz Fly (155.85-164.95)
3153.25Fighting Couch Potatoes 2200711Bucketheads (153.25-168.1)
4151.6ebolacolas200812Doing Justice for the League (151.6-157.45)
5147.15Bucketheads20071Spontaneous Combustion (147.15-155)
6147.1Stampede20073Springfield Sandbaggers (147.1-181.45)
7146.1Borbely's Bunker Brigade200712Fly Igglz Fly (146.1-147.65)
8145.8Beaumont's Roustabouts20072Acer FC Edge (145.8-159.5)
9144.35ebolacolas200711Seattle Stars (144.35-151.35)
10141.1Beaumont's Roustabouts20073Louisville Legends (141.1-188.65)
Most Combined Points
1329.75Louisville Legends vs Beaumont's Roustabouts (188.65-141.1)20073
2328.55Springfield Sandbaggers vs Stampede (181.45-147.1)20073
3324.05Bloom vs Doing Justice for the League (165.35-158.7)20084
4321.35Bucketheads vs Fighting Couch Potatoes 2 (168.1-153.25)200711
5321.25Springfield Sandbaggers vs UCB (188.35-132.9)200711
6320.8Fly Igglz Fly vs Rushing Roulette (164.95-155.85)20088
7310.3Coolest Nerds on the Planet vs Bloom (183.75-126.55)20073
8310.1Fly Igglz Fly vs WAHOOS (218-92.1)20073
9309.05Doing Justice for the League vs ebolacolas (157.45-151.6)200812
10305.65Seattle Stars vs wannabee (191.75-113.9)20072
Fewest Combined Points
187.8ebolacolas vs FBGeezy Up in da Peezy (87.8-0)20088
2127.3wannabee vs Ministry of Pain (127.3-0)200817
3138Ministry of Pain vs Louisville Legends (80-58)20087
4148.25Seattle Stars vs ebolacolas (83.65-64.6)200811
5156.05Bloom vs Seattle Stars (88.3-67.75)20083
6162Bucketheads vs Acer FC Edge (110.4-51.6)20076
7162.25Bloom vs ebolacolas (97.05-65.2)20077
8163Ninja Spork Avengers vs Hawkeyeskin (88.5-74.5)200817
9163.3Spontaneous Combustion vs Fighting Couch Potatoes 2 (122.2-41.1)200810
10167.9Hawkeyeskin vs ebolacolas (86.6-81.3)20075
Victory Margin
1127.3wannabee200817Ministry of Pain (127.3-0)
2125.9Fly Igglz Fly20073WAHOOS (218-92.1)
392.1UCB200817Beaumont's Roustabouts (191.3-99.2)
487.8ebolacolas20088FBGeezy Up in da Peezy (87.8-0)
583.45Ministry of Pain200713Louisville Legends (148.95-65.5)
681.95Rushing Roulette20084Louisville Legends (177-95.05)
781.8Bloom200812FBGeezy Up in da Peezy (169.95-88.15)
881.1Spontaneous Combustion200810Fighting Couch Potatoes 2 (122.2-41.1)
980.25Louisville Legends200810Rushing Roulette (148.75-68.5)
1077.95Borbely's Bunker Brigade20076Rushing Roulette (151.6-73.65)
Least Victory Margin
10.15Ministry of Pain20081Rushing Roulette (95.3-95.15)
20.25WAHOOS20072Ministry of Pain (137.05-136.8)
30.55Louisville Legends20079Fighting Couch Potatoes 2 (124-123.45)
40.60Rushing Roulette200811Beaumont's Roustabouts (98.25-97.65)
50.65Acer FC Edge200712Spontaneous Combustion (97-96.35)
60.75Louisville Llamas20075UCB (108.35-107.6)
70.80Bloom20076Seattle Stars (138.1-137.3)
8 (tie)1.10Beaumont's Roustabouts20089WAHOOS (114.25-113.15)
 1.10Rushing Roulette20075Fly Igglz Fly (108.8-107.7)
101.15Seattle Stars200714ebolacolas (122.05-120.9)

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