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Southern EXtreme FFL Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1181.95Gold Rush201010
2164.1Gold Rush201012
3160.6Mercy Killer20072
4157.85Gold Rush200915
5157.8Southern Rattlesnakes20086
6156.2Mercy Killer20109
7155.75Mercy Killer200910
8151.75Bull Nose201010
9151.5Bull Nose200913
10150.7Mercy Killer20099
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
1 (tie)27.7Juggernaut20081
 27.7Carolina Sharks200810
340.9Z U L U20097
442Cowboy Gee20098
543.6Cowboy Gee20076
646.3Phat Boys200715
748.35Ickey Shuffle201012
848.6Ickey Shuffle20097
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
161.1Carolina Sharks200715Phat Boys (61.1-46.3)
266.7Carolina Sharks20088Juggernaut (66.7-49.95)
367.45Juggernaut20075Cowboy Gee (67.45-63.85)
472.3Juggernaut200811Carolina Sharks (72.3-65.9)
5 (tie)72.35Juggernaut200710Bad Monkies (72.35-58.55)
 72.35Ickey Shuffle200912Cowboy Gee (72.35-61.65)
774.6Cowboy Gee20093S.U. Jaguar (74.6-67.05)
874.9Southern Rattlesnakes20091Cowboy Gee (74.9-71.55)
975.9Z U L U20095Cowboy Gee (75.9-61.05)
1076Bull Nose20098S.U. Jaguar (76-72.7)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1139.4Gold Rush20086Southern Rattlesnakes (139.4-157.8)
2129.05Phat Boys20073Gold Rush (129.05-138.2)
3128.45Curly Fry201011Mercy Killer (128.45-130)
4123.25Gold Rush20107Southern Rattlesnakes (123.25-126)
5121.35Mercy Killer20088Milton Mooseknuckles (121.35-141.05)
6120.2Ickey Shuffle20109Bull Nose (120.2-148.4)
7119.55Z U L U20096Gold Rush (119.55-137.5)
8119.15Cowboy Gee200911Curly Fry (119.15-120.75)
9118.55Gold Rush200713Curly Fry (118.55-130.6)
10118.3Mercy Killer20104Cowboy Gee (118.3-125.95)
Most Combined Points
1299.25Gold Rush vs Cowboy Gee (181.95-117.3)201010
2297.2Southern Rattlesnakes vs Gold Rush (157.8-139.4)20086
3271.2Gold Rush vs Ramblin' Wreck (164.1-107.1)201012
4268.6Bull Nose vs Ickey Shuffle (148.4-120.2)20109
5267.25Gold Rush vs Phat Boys (138.2-129.05)20073
6263.45Southern Rattlesnakes vs Bull Nose (148.05-115.4)201011
7262.4Milton Mooseknuckles vs Mercy Killer (141.05-121.35)20088
8259.95Gold Rush vs Mercy Killer (157.85-102.1)200915
9258.45Mercy Killer vs Curly Fry (130-128.45)201011
10257.5Gold Rush vs Mercy Killer (144.2-113.3)200815
Fewest Combined Points
1107.4Carolina Sharks vs Phat Boys (61.1-46.3)200715
2116.65Carolina Sharks vs Juggernaut (66.7-49.95)20088
3120.5Curly Fry vs Carolina Sharks (92.8-27.7)200810
4126.65Gold Rush vs Juggernaut (98.95-27.7)20081
5130.9Juggernaut vs Bad Monkies (72.35-58.55)200710
6131.3Juggernaut vs Cowboy Gee (67.45-63.85)20075
7133.25Carolina Sharks vs Cowboy Gee (89.65-43.6)20076
8133.5S.U. Jaguar vs Z U L U (92.6-40.9)20097
9134Ickey Shuffle vs Cowboy Gee (72.35-61.65)200912
10136.95Z U L U vs Cowboy Gee (75.9-61.05)20095
Victory Margin
1100.85Gold Rush20098Cowboy Gee (142.85-42)
295.7Curly Fry20084Juggernaut (148.8-53.1)
388.9Curly Fry201012Ickey Shuffle (137.25-48.35)
486.55Mercy Killer200910Curly Fry (155.75-69.2)
583.9Bull Nose200913S.U. Jaguar (151.5-67.6)
683.5Mercy Killer20099Z U L U (150.7-67.2)
781.35Mercy Killer20079Gold Rush (138.35-57)
881Milton Mooseknuckles20076Juggernaut (131-50)
974.1Gold Rush20093Southern Rattlesnakes (137.65-63.55)
1071.25Gold Rush20081Juggernaut (98.95-27.7)
Least Victory Margin
10.55Carolina Sharks200712Curly Fry (88.75-88.2)
20.60Curly Fry20072Southern Rattlesnakes (98.7-98.1)
3 (tie)0.75Curly Fry20108Peabody (99.95-99.2)
 0.75Southern Rattlesnakes20084Thor's Hammer (84.4-83.65)
50.80Southern Rattlesnakes20094Cowboy Gee (93.5-92.7)
60.90Gold Rush200911S.U. Jaguar (109.5-108.6)
7 (tie)1Gold Rush20077Carolina Sharks (85.35-84.35)
 1Mercy Killer20076Southern Rattlesnakes (97.8-96.8)
91.10Bull Nose201012Cowboy Gee (117.15-116.05)
101.30Milton Mooseknuckles20084Cowboy Gee (115.45-114.15)

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