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IRGNFF 2005 Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1206.68Rax and His Freaks20045
2197.98By Demons Be Driven20053
3194.9By Demons Be Driven200413
4193.14Brew Crew Al200513
5192.18Horror Show200414
6191.58go cowboyz200410
7191.54Brew Crew Al200413
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
137.56the contender200514
277.28Doghouse Roses20057
379.32Horror Show200513
479.72Brew Crew Al200517
580.4TGR TROJAN-ENZ20053
681.04Pimp Juice200417
785.48Horror Show20057
885.72TGR TROJAN-ENZ20059
985.74Legend Killer20044
1087.82TGR TROJAN-ENZ20054
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
1105.26Horror Show20044Brew Crew Al (105.26-94.72)
2106.62Horror Show20042TGR TROJAN-ENZ (106.62-105)
3108.68TGR TROJAN-ENZ20057Fuck A Duck (108.68-107.64)
4114.68Fuck A Duck200510the contender (114.68-112.66)
5115.04Doghouse Roses20059Horror Show (115.04-104.14)
6116.32Pooslingers20059Fuck A Duck (116.32-112.06)
7116.62Legend Killer20048Horror Show (116.62-91.04)
8118.18go cowboyz20042Rax and His Freaks (118.18-106.3)
9119.08go cowboyz20046By Demons Be Driven (119.08-93.66)
10119.42Legend Killer20052TGR TROJAN-ENZ (119.42-88.82)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1191.54Brew Crew Al200413By Demons Be Driven (191.54-194.9)
2170.78the contender200410go cowboyz (170.78-191.58)
3165.18Rax and His Freaks200413TGR TROJAN-ENZ (165.18-181.3)
4162.18Pooslingers20052By Demons Be Driven (162.18-174.54)
5161.7Legend Killer200412Pooslingers (161.7-179.02)
6159.06Fuck A Duck200512Legend Killer (159.06-180.98)
7154.14go cowboyz200512Rax and His Freaks (154.14-166.08)
8152.46Pimp Juice20048Pooslingers (152.46-187.08)
9150.86Rax and His Freaks20049Pimp Juice (150.86-162.22)
10150.3Rax and His Freaks200416Pooslingers (150.3-187.62)
Most Combined Points
1386.44By Demons Be Driven vs Brew Crew Al (194.9-191.54)200413
2362.36go cowboyz vs the contender (191.58-170.78)200410
3350.62Rax and His Freaks vs Brew Crew Al (206.68-143.94)20045
4346.48TGR TROJAN-ENZ vs Rax and His Freaks (181.3-165.18)200413
5342.18Brew Crew Al vs Pooslingers (193.14-149.04)200513
6341.02Horror Show vs By Demons Be Driven (192.18-148.84)200414
7340.72Pooslingers vs Legend Killer (179.02-161.7)200412
8340.04Legend Killer vs Fuck A Duck (180.98-159.06)200512
9339.54Pooslingers vs Pimp Juice (187.08-152.46)20048
10337.92Pooslingers vs Rax and His Freaks (187.62-150.3)200416
Fewest Combined Points
1199.98Horror Show vs Brew Crew Al (105.26-94.72)20044
2202.7Pooslingers vs Pimp Juice (121.66-81.04)200417
3207.66Legend Killer vs Horror Show (116.62-91.04)20048
4208.24Legend Killer vs TGR TROJAN-ENZ (119.42-88.82)20052
5211.62Horror Show vs TGR TROJAN-ENZ (106.62-105)20042
6212.74go cowboyz vs By Demons Be Driven (119.08-93.66)20046
7214.08the contender vs Legend Killer (119.8-94.28)200414
8214.62Doghouse Roses vs TGR TROJAN-ENZ (134.22-80.4)20053
9214.72Pooslingers vs the contender (177.16-37.56)200514
10215.54Rax and His Freaks vs Brew Crew Al (135.82-79.72)200517
Victory Margin
1139.6Pooslingers200514the contender (177.16-37.56)
279.7By Demons Be Driven20058the contender (174.3-94.6)
375.88Pooslingers200411Fuck A Duck (190.92-115.04)
475.32TGR TROJAN-ENZ20043Brew Crew Al (169.24-93.92)
575.08the contender200415By Demons Be Driven (179.6-104.52)
670.92Doghouse Roses20043Horror Show (173.96-103.04)
770.52Pooslingers20049By Demons Be Driven (164.36-93.84)
870.2By Demons Be Driven20053Pimp Juice (197.98-127.78)
968.38By Demons Be Driven20059TGR TROJAN-ENZ (154.1-85.72)
1068.36Rax and His Freaks20059Brew Crew Al (165.36-97)
Least Victory Margin
11.04TGR TROJAN-ENZ20057Fuck A Duck (108.68-107.64)
21.62Horror Show20042TGR TROJAN-ENZ (106.62-105)
31.64Doghouse Roses200512TGR TROJAN-ENZ (137.76-136.12)
42.02Fuck A Duck200510the contender (114.68-112.66)
52.08Pimp Juice200510TGR TROJAN-ENZ (129.96-127.88)
62.72Horror Show20051Brew Crew Al (137.3-134.58)
73.18Brew Crew Al20056Pooslingers (148.74-145.56)
83.36By Demons Be Driven200413Brew Crew Al (194.9-191.54)
93.40go cowboyz20045Pimp Juice (125.08-121.68)
103.70Doghouse Roses20052go cowboyz (143.32-139.62)

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