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Champions of the South Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1211.15Hot Sizzle as........Guess Who!!!!!20153
2191.55Hot Sizzle as........Guess Who!!!!!20155
3176.15Wicked Weasels20159
4171.25Wicked Weasels201515
5169.15DEEZ NUTS20159
6168.3DEEZ NUTS201515
7165.8DEEZ NUTS20151
9163.4West Texas Zombie Slayers20159
10162.55Red Jesus Disciples20157
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
162.25Red Jesus Disciples201515
264.1The Silly Wabbits201511
364.7Bad News Beavers201516
467.35Red Jesus Disciples201516
569The Silly Wabbits20157
879.65The Silly Wabbits20158
1081.8Red Jesus Disciples20158
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
167.35Red Jesus Disciples201516Bad News Beavers (67.35-64.7)
293Real American Gangsters201511Charlie_Horse (93-71.55)
395.3Red Jesus Disciples201512Hot Sizzle as........Guess Who!!!!! (95.3-91.6)
497.2559FIFTY20155Charlie_Horse (97.25-90.55)
598.4#Blessed20154The Silly Wabbits (98.4-94)
699.05The Silly Wabbits20155DEEZ NUTS (99.05-85.75)
7100.3West Texas Zombie Slayers2015459FIFTY (100.3-81.7)
8101.4DEEZ NUTS20152#Blessed (101.4-100.75)
9101.95West Texas Zombie Slayers201511Wicked Weasels (101.95-95.35)
10102.25Bad News Beavers201510Real American Gangsters (102.25-100.45)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1168.3DEEZ NUTS201515Wicked Weasels (168.3-171.25)
2163.4West Texas Zombie Slayers20159DEEZ NUTS (163.4-169.15)
3148.1#Blessed201510West Texas Zombie Slayers (148.1-150)
4144.2Real American Gangsters201513#Blessed (144.2-148.8)
5143.15Bad News Beavers201513Hot Sizzle as........Guess Who!!!!! (143.15-148.65)
6141.3559FIFTY20158Sex Panther (141.35-145.95)
7136.75Hot Sizzle as........Guess Who!!!!!201516Wicked Weasels (136.75-160.6)
8135.1DEEZ NUTS20158Hot Sizzle as........Guess Who!!!!! (135.1-142.15)
9132.45Red Jesus Disciples20155Sex Panther (132.45-148.35)
10131.6Bad News Beavers20155#Blessed (131.6-134.1)
Most Combined Points
1339.65Hot Sizzle as........Guess Who!!!!! vs Red Jesus Disciples (211.15-128.5)20153
2339.55Wicked Weasels vs DEEZ NUTS (171.25-168.3)201515
3332.55DEEZ NUTS vs West Texas Zombie Slayers (169.15-163.4)20159
4309.4Hot Sizzle as........Guess Who!!!!! vs West Texas Zombie Slayers (191.55-117.85)20155
5300.3Wicked Weasels vs Bad News Beavers (176.15-124.15)20159
6298.1West Texas Zombie Slayers vs #Blessed (150-148.1)201510
7297.35Wicked Weasels vs Hot Sizzle as........Guess Who!!!!! (160.6-136.75)201516
8293#Blessed vs Real American Gangsters (148.8-144.2)201513
9291.8Hot Sizzle as........Guess Who!!!!! vs Bad News Beavers (148.65-143.15)201513
10287.3Sex Panther vs 59FIFTY (145.95-141.35)20158
Fewest Combined Points
1132.05Red Jesus Disciples vs Bad News Beavers (67.35-64.7)201516
2164.55Real American Gangsters vs Charlie_Horse (93-71.55)201511
3173.1Sex Panther vs The Silly Wabbits (109-64.1)201511
4182West Texas Zombie Slayers vs 59FIFTY (100.3-81.7)20154
5184.8The Silly Wabbits vs DEEZ NUTS (99.05-85.75)20155
6186.659FIFTY vs Red Jesus Disciples (124.35-62.25)201515
7186.9Red Jesus Disciples vs Hot Sizzle as........Guess Who!!!!! (95.3-91.6)201512
8187.859FIFTY vs Charlie_Horse (97.25-90.55)20155
9189.45Charlie_Horse vs The Silly Wabbits (109.8-79.65)20158
10192.15Real American Gangsters vs Red Jesus Disciples (110.35-81.8)20158
Victory Margin
193.55Red Jesus Disciples20157The Silly Wabbits (162.55-69)
282.65Hot Sizzle as........Guess Who!!!!!20153Red Jesus Disciples (211.15-128.5)
373.7Hot Sizzle as........Guess Who!!!!!20155West Texas Zombie Slayers (191.55-117.85)
466.45DEEZ NUTS201514Sex Panther (159.75-93.3)
565.45Sex Panther201510Charlie_Horse (150.45-85)
663.6#Blessed201516DEEZ NUTS (164.7-101.1)
763.35Wicked Weasels20158#Blessed (161.05-97.7)
862.159FIFTY201515Red Jesus Disciples (124.35-62.25)
959.65DEEZ NUTS20151Charlie_Horse (165.8-106.15)
1059.4559FIFTY201516West Texas Zombie Slayers (155.2-95.75)
Least Victory Margin
10.25The Silly Wabbits20151West Texas Zombie Slayers (118.75-118.5)
20.65DEEZ NUTS20152#Blessed (101.4-100.75)
31.35The Silly Wabbits20156Bad News Beavers (105.15-103.8)
41.80Bad News Beavers201510Real American Gangsters (102.25-100.45)
51.90West Texas Zombie Slayers201510#Blessed (150-148.1)
62.05#Blessed20151Real American Gangsters (121.95-119.9)
72.50#Blessed20155Bad News Beavers (134.1-131.6)
82.65Red Jesus Disciples201516Bad News Beavers (67.35-64.7)
92.95Wicked Weasels201515DEEZ NUTS (171.25-168.3)
103.70Red Jesus Disciples201512Hot Sizzle as........Guess Who!!!!! (95.3-91.6)

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