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USFL - USFLnation Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1175New York Federals200711
2145Los Angeles Renegades20079
3141New York Federals20068
4136Los Angeles Renegades200610
5131New York Federals20076
6129Los Angeles Renegades200612
7126Los Angeles Renegades200712
8123New York Federals200610
9121Oakland InVaders20066
10 (tie)118New York Federals20077
 118Memphis Showboats200612
 118Los Angeles Renegades200614
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
10Green Bay GrimReapers200711
226Buffalo Tailgaters200611
329Memphis Showboats20071
431Green Bay GrimReapers20078
534Chicago Blitz20076
637Green Bay GrimReapers20075
740Birmingham Stallions20074
842Green Bay GrimReapers20062
9 (tie)43Pittsburgh Maulers200615
 43Buffalo Tailgaters200613
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
150Oakland InVaders20076Chicago Blitz (50-34)
2 (tie)55Green Bay GrimReapers20061Cleveland Venom (55-51)
 55Tampa Bay Bandits200611Green Bay GrimReapers (55-52)
 55Chicago Blitz20063New York Federals (55-50)
561Memphis Showboats20069Oakland InVaders (61-45)
662Buffalo Tailgaters200710Pittsburgh Maulers (62-59)
7 (tie)65Buffalo Tailgaters200610Tampa Bay Bandits (65-55)
 65Buffalo Tailgaters20079Tampa Bay Bandits (65-64)
 65Buffalo Tailgaters200711SoCal Express (65-46)
1066Green Bay GrimReapers20065SoCal Express (66-62)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1101Memphis Showboats20076SoCal Express (101-110)
2100Los Angeles Renegades20073Memphis Showboats (100-106)
3 (tie)95Birmingham Stallions20069SoCal Express (95-107)
 95SoCal Express20063Tampa Bay Bandits (95-108)
 95SoCal Express20072Los Angeles Renegades (95-114)
6 (tie)94Pittsburgh Maulers20079Oakland InVaders (94-104)
 94Los Angeles Renegades20062SoCal Express (94-115)
893Los Angeles Renegades20077Oakland InVaders (93-102)
992Green Bay GrimReapers20068Pittsburgh Maulers (92-112)
1091Cleveland Venom20063Pittsburgh Maulers (91-96)
Most Combined Points
1254New York Federals vs Oakland InVaders (175-79)200711
2224Los Angeles Renegades vs Cleveland Venom (145-79)20079
3213New York Federals vs SoCal Express (141-72)20068
4211SoCal Express vs Memphis Showboats (110-101)20076
5 (tie)209Los Angeles Renegades vs SoCal Express (126-83)200712
 209Los Angeles Renegades vs SoCal Express (114-95)20072
 209SoCal Express vs Los Angeles Renegades (115-94)20062
 209Los Angeles Renegades vs Cleveland Venom (136-73)200610
9206Memphis Showboats vs Los Angeles Renegades (106-100)20073
10205Oakland InVaders vs Chicago Blitz (121-84)20066
Fewest Combined Points
1 (tie)84Oakland InVaders vs Chicago Blitz (50-34)20076
 84Tampa Bay Bandits vs Green Bay GrimReapers (84-0)200711
395SoCal Express vs Buffalo Tailgaters (69-26)200611
4105Chicago Blitz vs New York Federals (55-50)20063
5 (tie)106Green Bay GrimReapers vs Cleveland Venom (55-51)20061
 106Memphis Showboats vs Oakland InVaders (61-45)20069
7 (tie)107Chicago Blitz vs Birmingham Stallions (67-40)20074
 107Tampa Bay Bandits vs Green Bay GrimReapers (55-52)200611
9 (tie)110Chicago Blitz vs Memphis Showboats (81-29)20071
 110SoCal Express vs Green Bay GrimReapers (73-37)20075
Victory Margin
196New York Federals200711Oakland InVaders (175-79)
284Tampa Bay Bandits200711Green Bay GrimReapers (84-0)
373Los Angeles Renegades200612Buffalo Tailgaters (129-56)
469New York Federals20068SoCal Express (141-72)
566Los Angeles Renegades20079Cleveland Venom (145-79)
663Los Angeles Renegades200610Cleveland Venom (136-73)
762New York Federals20076Green Bay GrimReapers (131-69)
861New York Federals20073Chicago Blitz (108-47)
960Los Angeles Renegades20076Birmingham Stallions (116-56)
1059New York Federals200610Birmingham Stallions (123-64)
Least Victory Margin
11Buffalo Tailgaters20079Tampa Bay Bandits (65-64)
2 (tie)2Tampa Bay Bandits20076Pittsburgh Maulers (82-80)
 2Memphis Showboats200611Cleveland Venom (77-75)
 2Oakland InVaders20073Birmingham Stallions (86-84)
 2Los Angeles Renegades20065Oakland InVaders (69-67)
6 (tie)3New York Federals20079Birmingham Stallions (87-84)
 3Tampa Bay Bandits200611Green Bay GrimReapers (55-52)
 3Chicago Blitz20072Green Bay GrimReapers (91-88)
 3Buffalo Tailgaters200710Pittsburgh Maulers (62-59)
 3Birmingham Stallions20061Memphis Showboats (81-78)

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