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Superior League 4 Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1171.2*Rabid Poodles20069
2171.1*Superior Cats IV20076
3170.25*Superior Cats IV200711
5165.6*MM Superior Boys200714
8160.9*MM Superior Boys200611
9159.85*PATRIOT USA200412
10158.9NorthOaks Raiders200511
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
10*Warp Speed Warriors20081
238.9*Dark Knights200510
339.25*Screamin' Hillbillies200510
544.2*ALL FAULKED UP20045
645.5*Warp Speed Warriors20079
746.35*ALL FAULKED UP200610
847.65*Superior Eagles200413
948.7*Warp Speed Warriors200713
1048.85*BrownsROCK in '0520057
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
154.7*BrownsROCK in '0520065*ALL FAULKED UP (54.7-49.4)
256.7*The Trading Post20089*Twister (56.7-52.85)
359.2*Superior Cats IV20059*Dark Knights (59.2-54.2)
462.1*A Wolf With Too Many Leagues200613*Annihilators (62.1-49.9)
565*Warp Speed Warriors200811*UNTOUCHABLES (65-64.1)
667.15*Twister20068NorthOaks Raiders (67.15-57.45)
768.05*Twister200812*UNTOUCHABLES (68.05-62.7)
870.75*Good Shot for A Midget200510*Dark Knights (70.75-38.9)
971.05*Dark Knights20055*ALL FAULKED UP (71.05-63.2)
1071.15*Superior Cats IV20083*Warp Speed Warriors (71.15-53.35)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1144.1*Twister200412*ALL FAULKED UP (144.1-153.75)
2139.9*BrownsROCK in '0520079*Superior Cats IV (139.9-147.95)
3128.35*BrownsROCK in '05200716*MM Superior Boys (128.35-133.05)
4122.65*Sweet Gherkins200415*Good Shot for A Midget (122.65-150.05)
5121.15*Rabid Poodles20043*Superior Eagles (121.15-128.8)
6120.7*UNTOUCHABLES20063NorthOaks Raiders (120.7-131.25)
7119.6*MM Superior Boys200613*UNTOUCHABLES (119.6-120.75)
8118.1*UNTOUCHABLES20043*Dark Knights (118.1-119.2)
9117.35*Twister200413*Rabid Poodles (117.35-135.95)
10116.2*The Trading Post200811*Lakeview Lakers IV (116.2-121.25)
Most Combined Points
1297.85*ALL FAULKED UP vs *Twister (153.75-144.1)200412
2287.85*Superior Cats IV vs *BrownsROCK in '05 (147.95-139.9)20079
3284.9*Rabid Poodles vs *Annihilators (171.2-113.7)20069
4272.7*Good Shot for A Midget vs *Sweet Gherkins (150.05-122.65)200415
5269.8*PATRIOT USA vs *UNTOUCHABLES (159.85-109.95)200412
6268.15*MM Superior Boys vs *Rabid Poodles (165.6-102.55)200714
7264.3*Annihilators vs *Superior Cats IV (152-112.3)20068
8264.15*Superior Cats IV vs *D&B Maniacs (171.1-93.05)20076
9262.15* ZWQ-68A vs *MM Superior Boys (156.1-106.05)20073
10261.4*MM Superior Boys vs *BrownsROCK in '05 (133.05-128.35)200716
Fewest Combined Points
1101.35*LTs BACK !!! vs *Warp Speed Warriors (101.35-0)20081
2104.1*BrownsROCK in '05 vs *ALL FAULKED UP (54.7-49.4)20065
3109.55*The Trading Post vs *Twister (56.7-52.85)20089
4109.65*Good Shot for A Midget vs *Dark Knights (70.75-38.9)200510
5112*A Wolf With Too Many Leagues vs *Annihilators (62.1-49.9)200613
6112.7*ALL FAULKED UP vs *Screamin' Hillbillies (73.45-39.25)200510
7113.4*Superior Cats IV vs *Dark Knights (59.2-54.2)20059
8120.85*65 Toss Power Trap vs *Warp Speed Warriors (75.35-45.5)20079
9124.5*Superior Cats IV vs *Warp Speed Warriors (71.15-53.35)20083
10124.6*Twister vs NorthOaks Raiders (67.15-57.45)20068
Victory Margin
1118.75*UNTOUCHABLES200610*ALL FAULKED UP (165.1-46.35)
2101.35*LTs BACK !!!20081*Warp Speed Warriors (101.35-0)
399.35*MM Superior Boys200611*Rude Awakening (160.9-61.55)
492.2*Superior Cats IV200711*Lakeview Lakers IV (170.25-78.05)
588.2*MM Superior Boys200711*Twister (128.8-40.6)
684.45*MM Superior Boys20068*ALL FAULKED UP (151.65-67.2)
782.6*Sweet Gherkins20045*ALL FAULKED UP (126.8-44.2)
880.85*The Trading Post20079*D&B Maniacs (132.55-51.7)
978.8*Annihilators200612*ALL FAULKED UP (165.75-86.95)
1078.05*Superior Cats IV20076*D&B Maniacs (171.1-93.05)
Least Victory Margin
10.20*Sweet Gherkins20054*Good Shot for A Midget (86.7-86.5)
2 (tie)0.30*Twister20079* ZWQ-68A (102.5-102.2)
 0.30*BrownsROCK in '05200715* ZWQ-68A (78.8-78.5)
4 (tie)0.40*Warp Speed Warriors20075*MM Superior Boys (72.5-72.1)
 0.40*LTs BACK !!!200811*Superior Cats IV (115.35-114.95)
60.50*Warp Speed Warriors20076*UNTOUCHABLES (72.2-71.7)
70.55*MM Superior Boys20071*Lakeview Lakers IV (89.35-88.8)
80.60*UNTOUCHABLES20062*BrownsROCK in '05 (92.95-92.35)
9 (tie)0.65*BrownsROCK in '0520075*UNTOUCHABLES (79.65-79)
 0.65*PATRIOT USA20043*Good Shot for A Midget (84.55-83.9)

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