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Spider 3Y Banana Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1271.8Gridiron Gangstas201313
2266.5Presidential Power20139
3261.8The Commish201315
4244.8Presidential Power20132
5242.3Don't Call It A Comeback201513
6237.3Sunday Drivers20131
7236Fantasy myA$$20138
8228.3Jackmerius Tacktheritrix201215
9226.5The Swamette20144
10226.3Jackmerius Tacktheritrix201211
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
166Don't Call It A Comeback201215
267.45Gridiron Gangstas201611
378.8Little Lebowski Urban Achievers20154
480.8Don't Call It A Comeback20154
586Presidential Power20117
688.3Gridiron Gangstas201312
792Sunday Drivers20118
892.7Presidential Power20162
993.5Little Lebowski Urban Achievers201511
1094.75Fantasy myA$$20162
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
194.75Fantasy myA$$20162Presidential Power (94.75-92.7)
2107.5The Commish20157Fantasy myA$$ (107.5-99.8)
3109.7Tittsburgh Feelers20165East Dillon Lions (109.7-103.65)
4111.2Little Lebowski Urban Achievers201614Don't Call It A Comeback (111.2-98.35)
5114.05Fantasy myA$$201614The Commish (114.05-102.85)
6115.5Little Lebowski Urban Achievers20163Annexation of Puerto Rico (115.5-107.8)
7116.05Gridiron Gangstas201614East Dillon Lions (116.05-97.7)
8 (tie)118.5Annexation of Puerto Rico20154Don't Call It A Comeback (118.5-80.8)
 118.5The Commish20152Fantasy myA$$ (118.5-107.8)
10119Don't Call It A Comeback20129Little Lebowski Urban Achievers (119-116.5)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1215.5Sunday Drivers201315The Commish (215.5-261.8)
2203.5Sunday Drivers20148Presidential Power (203.5-213.5)
3196.8The Commish20125Presidential Power (196.8-204)
4195.3Sunday Drivers201316Presidential Power (195.3-200.8)
5195Sunday Drivers201413Fantasy myA$$ (195-210)
6193Jackmerius Tacktheritrix20134Shivas Future Home (193-223)
7 (tie)192.5Fantasy myA$$20124The Commish (192.5-222.5)
 192.5Jackmerius Tacktheritrix20131Presidential Power (192.5-193.3)
9190.5Little Lebowski Urban Achievers201113Cutler's Year (190.5-201)
10190The Commish20131Sunday Drivers (190-237.3)
Victory Margin
1140.7Presidential Power20139The Commish (266.5-125.8)
2125.3Gridiron Gangstas201313Little Lebowski Urban Achievers (271.8-146.5)
3116Jackmerius Tacktheritrix20148Shivas Future Home (220-104)
4113T-Town Brats20139Gridiron Gangstas (214.5-101.5)
5106Gridiron Gangstas20143The Swamette (221.3-115.3)
6102Presidential Power20129The Commish (226-124)
7101.5Jackmerius Tacktheritrix201211The Commish (226.3-124.8)
8100.5Jackmerius Tacktheritrix201215T-Town Brats (228.3-127.8)
994.3T-Town Brats201216Don't Call It A Comeback (204.3-110)
1091.8The Commish20145Shivas Future Home (207.3-115.5)
Least Victory Margin
10.30Fantasy myA$$201311Little Lebowski Urban Achievers (183.8-183.5)
2 (tie)0.50Gridiron Gangstas20122Fantasy myA$$ (145-144.5)
 0.50Little Lebowski Urban Achievers20133Jackmerius Tacktheritrix (137.5-137)
 0.50Shivas Future Home20126Don't Call It A Comeback (140.5-140)
5 (tie)0.80Presidential Power201613Gridiron Gangstas (152.8-152)
 0.80Presidential Power20131Jackmerius Tacktheritrix (193.3-192.5)
71The Commish201312Shivas Future Home (144.8-143.8)
81.40The Commish20156Little Lebowski Urban Achievers (135.2-133.8)
91.50Jackmerius Tacktheritrix20143Fantasy myA$$ (123.8-122.3)
10 (tie)1.70Don't Call It A Comeback20141Presidential Power (161-159.3)
 1.70Fantasy myA$$201314T-Town Brats (160.5-158.8)

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