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Michigan League 9 Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1182*G O A T20067
4165.2*Killer Racoons20082
5165*Naked Tailgaters200712
6160*G O A T20053
7 (tie)159*OUr team OUr house20066
 159*G O A T20054
9 (tie)156*Annihilators20068
 156*Manhattan Monarchs20072
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
235*Naked Tailgaters20071
338*Fernandina Beach Hurricanes200710
440*Dirty Duffers20075
541*Fernandina Beach Hurricanes20079
648*Space Dogs200611
749*Space Dogs20067
8 (tie)50*Space Dogs20069
 50*Crush V20066
1051*Naked Tailgaters20056
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
152.3*Manhattan Monarchs20087*Crush V (52.3-52.1)
260*WAHEENAHS20078*Crush V (60-58)
362*Naked Tailgaters20074*Fernandina Beach Hurricanes (62-59)
463*Fernandina Beach Hurricanes20078*Dirty Duffers (63-61)
566*The Were Wolves200511*Crush V (66-60)
667*WAHEENAHS200710*Fernandina Beach Hurricanes (67-38)
769*Crush V20055*G O A T (69-68)
872*Dirty Duffers200611*The Intimidators3 (72-68)
973*G O A T200513*Just4Fun2 (73-32)
1074*The Were Wolves20063*Dirty Duffers (74-64)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1133.15*Mojo20087*WAHEENAHS (133.15-135.25)
2133*Naked Tailgaters20054*The Intimidators3 (133-146)
3132.4*BLACK MAMBA 200813*Mongo (132.4-132.9)
4129*The Were Wolves20055*Space Dogs (129-135)
5127*Hail to the Redskins20053*G O A T (127-160)
6126.75*Just4Fun220086*Mojo (126.75-129.65)
7124*Annihilators20059*G O A T (124-125)
8122*Annihilators20072*Manhattan Monarchs (122-156)
9121.85*Killer Racoons200816*Annihilators (121.85-128.85)
10121*OUr team OUr house200613*G O A T (121-129)
Most Combined Points
1301*G O A T vs *OUr team OUr house (182-119)20067
2287*G O A T vs *Hail to the Redskins (160-127)20053
3279*The Intimidators3 vs *Naked Tailgaters (146-133)20054
4278*Manhattan Monarchs vs *Annihilators (156-122)20072
5275*Annihilators vs *Dirty Duffers (170-105)200516
6268.4*WAHEENAHS vs *Mojo (135.25-133.15)20087
7265.3*Mongo vs *BLACK MAMBA (132.9-132.4)200813
8264*Space Dogs vs *The Were Wolves (135-129)20055
9261.35*Annihilators vs *Crush V (166.85-94.5)20082
10259*Annihilators vs *Manhattan Monarchs (146-113)200514
Fewest Combined Points
1104.4*Manhattan Monarchs vs *Crush V (52.3-52.1)20087
2 (tie)105*G O A T vs *Just4Fun2 (73-32)200513
 105*WAHEENAHS vs *Fernandina Beach Hurricanes (67-38)200710
4118*WAHEENAHS vs *Crush V (60-58)20078
5121*Naked Tailgaters vs *Fernandina Beach Hurricanes (62-59)20074
6124*Fernandina Beach Hurricanes vs *Dirty Duffers (63-61)20078
7126*The Were Wolves vs *Crush V (66-60)200511
8134*Annihilators vs *Dirty Duffers (80-54)20074
9136*Killer Racoons vs *Fernandina Beach Hurricanes (95-41)20079
10137*Crush V vs *G O A T (69-68)20055
Victory Margin
1106*Naked Tailgaters200712*Fernandina Beach Hurricanes (165-59)
2100*Crush V20071*Naked Tailgaters (135-35)
399*OUr team OUr house20066*Dirty Duffers (159-60)
489.4*Killer Racoons20082*Manhattan Monarchs (165.2-75.8)
576.9*Just4Fun220088*Annihilators (141.85-64.95)
672.35*Annihilators20082*Crush V (166.85-94.5)
772*Crush V200711*Just4Fun2 (154-82)
871*Annihilators20068*Just4Fun2 (156-85)
9 (tie)70*The Were Wolves20068*The Intimidators3 (138-68)
 70*Naked Tailgaters20058*Annihilators (151-81)
Least Victory Margin
10.20*Manhattan Monarchs20087*Crush V (52.3-52.1)
20.30*Annihilators200815*Mongo (110.8-110.5)
30.50*Mongo200813*BLACK MAMBA (132.9-132.4)
40.90*Dirty Duffers200814*BLACK MAMBA (95.75-94.85)
5 (tie)1*The Were Wolves200613*Just4Fun2 (83-82)
 1*OUr team OUr house20064*Annihilators (110-109)
 1*G O A T20058*OUr team OUr house (92-91)
 1*G O A T20059*Annihilators (125-124)
 1*Crush V20055*G O A T (69-68)
 1*WAHEENAHS20069*Manhattan Monarchs (91-90)
 1*Mojo200712*G O A T (115-114)

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