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Come Correct XII Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1260Chicano Bears20216
2258Ovaries & Overtime20222
3256Team Ryno202114
4248Nurse's Rule20215
5247Dom Slayer20217
6246Kick'en Balls202211
7 (tie)245Team Occhipinti20215
 245Texas Southern Style20211
9240Kick'en Balls20229
10239Chicano Bears20225
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
1 (tie)0Team Occhipinti202215
 0Team Ryno202117
 0Dom Slayer20219
 0Dom Slayer202111
 0Dom Slayer202212
 0Dom Slayer202217
 0Ovaries & Overtime202214
 0Texas Southern Style202116
 0Game Bred Gutta Boyz20227
 0Game Bred Gutta Boyz202213
 0Game Bred Gutta Boyz202216
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
176Dom Slayer20227Game Bred Gutta Boyz (76-0)
296Dom Slayer20226Team Occhipinti (96-88)
3104Nurse's Rule20221Task Force Outlaw (104-96)
4111Game Bred Gutta Boyz202215Team Occhipinti (111-0)
5117Ovaries & Overtime202210Mongo Slade (117-114)
6120Team Occhipinti202212Game Bred Gutta Boyz (120-120) TB
7126Ovaries & Overtime20227Team Occhipinti (126-91)
8127Nurse's Rule20219Team Occhipinti (127-122)
9130Mongo Slade202115Dom Slayer (130-118)
10132Mongo Slade202110Dom Slayer (132-124)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1238Dom Slayer20215Team Occhipinti (238-245)
2229Mongo Slade20215Nurse's Rule (229-248)
3212Prime Time Players20212Task Force Outlaw (212-223)
4210Ovaries & Overtime202110Chicano Bears (210-234)
5206Dom Slayer20211Ovaries & Overtime (206-225)
6202Prime Time Players202113Chicano Bears (202-217)
7194Team Ryno202116Prime Time Players (194-224)
8191Chicano Bears20211Team Occhipinti (191-198)
9 (tie)187Mongo Slade20222Team Ryno (187-203)
 187Prime Time Players20211Nurse's Rule (187-211)
Most Combined Points
1483Team Occhipinti vs Dom Slayer (245-238)20215
2477Nurse's Rule vs Mongo Slade (248-229)20215
3444Chicano Bears vs Ovaries & Overtime (234-210)202110
4435Task Force Outlaw vs Prime Time Players (223-212)20212
5431Ovaries & Overtime vs Dom Slayer (225-206)20211
6419Chicano Bears vs Prime Time Players (217-202)202113
7418Prime Time Players vs Team Ryno (224-194)202116
8415Mongo Slade vs Prime Time Players (238-177)202114
9407Chicano Bears vs Team Ryno (239-168)20225
10406Kick'en Balls vs Mongo Slade (223-183)20221
Fewest Combined Points
176Dom Slayer vs Game Bred Gutta Boyz (76-0)20227
2111Game Bred Gutta Boyz vs Team Occhipinti (111-0)202215
3135Mongo Slade vs Texas Southern Style (135-0)202116
4146Prime Time Players vs Dom Slayer (146-0)20219
5154Ovaries & Overtime vs Team Ryno (154-0)202117
6156Nurse's Rule vs Dom Slayer (156-0)202217
7166Team Occhipinti vs Ovaries & Overtime (166-0)202214
8168Chicano Bears vs Game Bred Gutta Boyz (168-0)202213
9171Team Occhipinti vs Dom Slayer (171-0)202111
10172Dom Slayer vs Game Bred Gutta Boyz (172-0)202216
Victory Margin
1175Texas Southern Style202212Dom Slayer (175-0)
2172Dom Slayer202216Game Bred Gutta Boyz (172-0)
3171Team Occhipinti202111Dom Slayer (171-0)
4168Chicano Bears202213Game Bred Gutta Boyz (168-0)
5167Dom Slayer20217Texas Southern Style (247-80)
6166Team Occhipinti202214Ovaries & Overtime (166-0)
7156Nurse's Rule202217Dom Slayer (156-0)
8154Ovaries & Overtime202117Team Ryno (154-0)
9146Prime Time Players20219Dom Slayer (146-0)
10137Ovaries & Overtime20222Game Bred Gutta Boyz (258-121)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)1Mongo Slade20212Team Occhipinti (183-182)
 1Chicano Bears20227Texas Southern Style (152-151)
 1Chicano Bears20218Dom Slayer (176-175)
 1Task Force Outlaw202211Prime Time Players (152-151)
5 (tie)2Team Ryno20223Task Force Outlaw (159-157)
 2Task Force Outlaw202210Team Occhipinti (152-150)
7 (tie)3Prime Time Players202111Team Ryno (151-148)
 3Ovaries & Overtime202210Mongo Slade (117-114)
94Task Force Outlaw202112Dom Slayer (164-160)
10 (tie)5Nurse's Rule20219Team Occhipinti (127-122)
 5Team Occhipinti202110Texas Southern Style (133-128)

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