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Michigan League 3 Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
2176Sacramento Haymakers20073
3168*Flying Porkers200414
4 (tie)165*Flying Porkers20072
 165*Flying Porkers200712
7161*Hybrid Mutants20068
8160*Flying Porkers200711
9159Sacramento Haymakers200412
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
135*Escanaba Knights20069
2 (tie)41Mutt Cutts20049
 41Vermont Catamounts20038
442.6*Prozac Nation20081
545*Hybrid Mutants20031
646Sacramento Haymakers20076
747MUCK Fichigan200410
848MUCK Fichigan200512
9 (tie)49*KATs Back Fever20034
 49*Michigan Panthers20056
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
156*KATs Back Fever20033ACLs "R" Us (56-55)
266*Michigan Panthers20067*Escanaba Knights (66-61)
367ACLs "R" Us200310*Gladiators (67-66)
468.15*Prozac Nation200811*Escanaba Knights (68.15-53.3)
569*KATs Back Fever200511*Michigan Panthers (69-68)
670ACLs "R" Us20074*VINCERO (70-66)
771*WAHEENAHS20061*Escanaba Knights (71-53)
873*Hybrid Mutants20075ACLs "R" Us (73-53)
974BrownsROCK200313*Gladiators (74-53)
1075MUCK Fichigan200513*Michigan Panthers (75-60)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1138*KATs Back Fever200410*Gladiators (138-140)
2135*Gladiators200511*Hybrid Mutants (135-146)
3134.65*Prozac Nation200812Sacramento Haymakers (134.65-148.5)
4132*Michigan Panthers20045*Gladiators (132-152)
5 (tie)131*Once a Bum....20035ACLs "R" Us (131-135)
 131*Flying Porkers200611*Hybrid Mutants (131-142)
7130*Prozac Nation20076*Flying Porkers (130-131)
8128*Once a Bum....200512*Gladiators (128-155)
9127MUCK Fichigan200413*Gladiators (127-178)
10 (tie)126*KATs Back Fever20066*Flying Porkers (126-144)
 126*Prozac Nation20072*Hybrid Mutants (126-128)
 126*Gladiators200415*KATs Back Fever (126-129)
Most Combined Points
1305*Gladiators vs MUCK Fichigan (178-127)200413
2286*Flying Porkers vs *VINCERO (165-121)20072
3 (tie)284*Flying Porkers vs ACLs "R" Us (160-124)200711
 284*Gladiators vs *Michigan Panthers (152-132)20045
5283.15Sacramento Haymakers vs *Prozac Nation (148.5-134.65)200812
6283*Gladiators vs *Once a Bum.... (155-128)200512
7281*Hybrid Mutants vs *Gladiators (146-135)200511
8279Sacramento Haymakers vs Mutt Cutts (176-103)20073
9278*Gladiators vs *KATs Back Fever (140-138)200410
10273*Hybrid Mutants vs *Flying Porkers (142-131)200611
Fewest Combined Points
1111*KATs Back Fever vs ACLs "R" Us (56-55)20033
2121.45*Prozac Nation vs *Escanaba Knights (68.15-53.3)200811
3124*WAHEENAHS vs *Escanaba Knights (71-53)20061
4 (tie)126*Flying Porkers vs Mutt Cutts (85-41)20049
 126*Hybrid Mutants vs ACLs "R" Us (73-53)20075
6 (tie)127BrownsROCK vs *Gladiators (74-53)200313
 127*Michigan Panthers vs *Escanaba Knights (66-61)20067
 127*WAHEENAHS vs *Escanaba Knights (92-35)20069
9129*Flying Porkers vs *Hybrid Mutants (84-45)20031
10 (tie)133ACLs "R" Us vs *Gladiators (67-66)200310
 133*Michigan Panthers vs *KATs Back Fever (82-51)200611
Victory Margin
197.9Sacramento Haymakers20086Mutt Cutts (154.2-56.3)
297*Hybrid Mutants20068*Prozac Nation (161-64)
3 (tie)85ACLs "R" Us200410MUCK Fichigan (132-47)
 85*Gladiators20053*KATs Back Fever (162-77)
583.55*Gladiators20085*Tomlins Terrors (143.75-60.2)
682*Hybrid Mutants200515ACLs "R" Us (142-60)
779*Flying Porkers200712*Hybrid Mutants (165-86)
8 (tie)75*Hybrid Mutants20076Sacramento Haymakers (121-46)
 75*Flying Porkers200414Sacramento Haymakers (168-93)
 75*Prozac Nation200413*Once a Bum.... (134-59)
Least Victory Margin
10.15*Escanaba Knights200814*WAHEENAHS (118.8-118.65)
20.35*Escanaba Knights20087*Tomlins Terrors (116.1-115.75)
30.80*Hybrid Mutants200814*Gladiators (124.5-123.7)
4 (tie)1ACLs "R" Us200310*Gladiators (67-66)
 1ACLs "R" Us20073*WAHEENAHS (79-78)
 1ACLs "R" Us20067*Hybrid Mutants (104-103)
 1*KATs Back Fever20033ACLs "R" Us (56-55)
 1*KATs Back Fever200511*Michigan Panthers (69-68)
 1*Once a Bum....20046*Hybrid Mutants (83-82)
 1*Flying Porkers20078*WAHEENAHS (79-78)
 1*Flying Porkers20076*Prozac Nation (131-130)
 1*Prozac Nation200613*KATs Back Fever (115-114)
 1*Gladiators200311*Hybrid Mutants (87-86)

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