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Otto Graham League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1181.05Four Horsemen 20139
2176.2Lone Gunmen200810
3172.95Dirty Duffers20165
4169.1My Tribute20131
6167.85My Tribute20145
7167.4Dirty Duffers20167
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
116.4Dirty Duffers201410
217.45Warp Speed Warriors20076
3 (tie)26.25BrownsROCK Otto (TEAM FOR SALE!)200910
 26.25BrownsROCK Otto (TEAM FOR SALE!)200910
526.3*Zero Tolerance20117
626.4*Grumpy Miners20077
727.9Warp Speed Warriors201611
829.3Warp Speed Warriors20144
931.8Italian Ice20078
1035.1*Mutt Cutts20078
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
147.1*WEASELS OG20086Kihei Heat (47.1-43.9)
247.55My Tribute20175ConVicks (47.55-37.5)
3 (tie)52.1Warp Speed Warriors200910BrownsROCK Otto (TEAM FOR SALE!) (52.1-26.25)
 52.1Warp Speed Warriors200910BrownsROCK Otto (TEAM FOR SALE!) (52.1-26.25)
552.6My Tribute201215Kihei Heat (52.6-48.95)
658.75*VINCERO20089Dirty Duffers (58.75-58.1)
7 (tie)61.85Warp Speed Warriors20095*VINCERO (61.85-55.55)
 61.85Warp Speed Warriors20095*VINCERO (61.85-55.55)
962.8Warp Speed Warriors20074*Grumpy Miners (62.8-43.85)
1063*Eindhoven Playas201110My Tribute (63-52.9)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1147.1Warp Speed Warriors20153MeanMachine (147.1-168.35)
2140.05Graham DoCoMo20072Lone Gunmen (140.05-145.75)
3138.15Four Horsemen 20157VTCats (138.15-143.9)
4136.25Stitchface20171Stallworth & Swann (136.25-142.25)
5135.9BrownsROCK201314 AK49 (135.9-162.65)
6133.2VTCats201616Dirty Duffers (133.2-155.4)
7133.15Italian Ice20095Lone Gunmen (133.15-144.4)
8132.9VTCats20146Nasty Boys (132.9-136.3)
9132.7Graham DoCoMo20082Blaz'n (132.7-146.05)
10132.5Italian Ice20156Nasty Boys (132.5-154.4)
Most Combined Points
1315.45MeanMachine vs Warp Speed Warriors (168.35-147.1)20153
2298.55 AK49 vs BrownsROCK (162.65-135.9)201314
3296.75VTCats vs Stallworth & Swann (164.35-132.4)20153
4295.55BrownsROCK vs Graham DoCoMo (166-129.55)20076
5291.65Lone Gunmen vs *Mentor Manglers (176.2-115.45)200810
6289.4Dirty Duffers vs Lone Gunmen (167.4-122)20167
7288.6Dirty Duffers vs VTCats (155.4-133.2)201616
8288.2My Tribute vs Kihei Heat (163-125.2)20135
9286.9Nasty Boys vs Italian Ice (154.4-132.5)20156
10285.8Lone Gunmen vs Graham DoCoMo (145.75-140.05)20072
Fewest Combined Points
1 (tie)78.35Warp Speed Warriors vs BrownsROCK Otto (TEAM FOR SALE!) (52.1-26.25)200910
 78.35Warp Speed Warriors vs BrownsROCK Otto (TEAM FOR SALE!) (52.1-26.25)200910
384.75Italian Ice vs Warp Speed Warriors (67.3-17.45)20076
485.05My Tribute vs ConVicks (47.55-37.5)20175
591*WEASELS OG vs Kihei Heat (47.1-43.9)20086
6101.55My Tribute vs Kihei Heat (52.6-48.95)201215
7102.95Steagles vs *Eindhoven Playas (66.9-36.05)20117
8106.65Warp Speed Warriors vs *Grumpy Miners (62.8-43.85)20074
9109.3Lone Gunmen vs *Grumpy Miners (82.9-26.4)20077
10110.45My Tribute vs *Zero Tolerance (84.15-26.3)20117
Victory Margin
1124.9Four Horsemen 20139VTCats (181.05-56.15)
2117.05Dirty Duffers20165Kihei Heat (172.95-55.9)
3100.45Highland Wolves20171ConVicks (143.25-42.8)
499.45Four Horsemen 201410Dirty Duffers (115.85-16.4)
592.85Warp Speed Warriors20178ConVicks (158.1-65.25)
689.95*BIG DOG DADDY 20084Dirty Duffers (143.85-53.9)
788.85VTCats201112Graham DoCoMo (147.8-58.95)
887.95VTCats201114My Tribute (160.5-72.55)
986.2VTCats20113Warp Speed Warriors (166.7-80.5)
1085Lone Gunmen200914*Zero Tolerance (159.6-74.6)
Least Victory Margin
10.05*Zero Tolerance200911My Tribute (86.4-86.35)
20.10THE PATRIOT II20145VTCats (106.15-106.05)
3 (tie)0.20VTCats201511Warp Speed Warriors (82.6-82.4)
 0.20Zed's Dead201712VTCats (107.2-107)
50.30Kihei Heat201112My Tribute (92.4-92.1)
60.35*BIG DOG DADDY 20089*Silver Monkeys (84.55-84.2)
70.40Lone Gunmen20087Kihei Heat (90.85-90.45)
8 (tie)0.45THE PATRIOT II20159Stitchface (90.45-90)
 0.45Kihei Heat20118Steel Curtain (90.65-90.2)
 0.45Graham DoCoMo201415 AK49 (74.6-74.15)
 0.45Graham DoCoMo201415 AK49 (74.6-74.15)

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