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Fan Tuh Cee Pros Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1314Da Beards202012
2305.9Da Beards20228
3290.1Brady Bunch20214
4282.2Brady Bunch201811
5276.6Brady Bunch20229
6276.2Show Me Your TDs20213
7274.5Da Beards20185
8273.6Brady Bunch201513
9270.6Brady Bunch20225
10270Reid for Speed20158
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
15.09999999999999The Better Bates 201914
275.3Thomas the Train201510
3102.9Raider Nation20219
4109.2Cane Train202210
6111.2Show Me Your TDs20159
7111.3Raider Nation20196
8111.4Alabama Rebels20164
9113The Grayt120185
10 (tie)113.2Alabama Rebels201715
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
1126.5Reid for Speed20194Vandals (126.5-110.2)
2135.2Brady Bunch202113Raider Nation (135.2-129.2)
3141.4Alabama Rebels201510Show Me Your TDs (141.4-126.4)
4143.1Da Beards202112Cane Train (143.1-138.7)
5143.9Raider Nation20184Brady Bunch (143.9-142.3)
6146.9The Better Bates 201615Raider Nation (146.9-135.9)
7148.3The Grayt1201710Vandals (148.3-143.7)
8149.4Cane Train20155The Better Bates (149.4-145.5)
9149.6Raider Nation201811The Grayt1 (149.6-147.4)
10 (tie)150.7Show Me Your TDs20197Thomas the Train (150.7-148.2)
 150.7Alabama Rebels201613Reid for Speed (150.7-124.7)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1252.7Da Beards201910Thomas the Train (252.7-265.5)
2243.4Show Me Your TDs202113The Better Bates (243.4-263.2)
3234.5Alabama Rebels20203The Grayt1 (234.5-262)
4232.3Reid for Speed20184Da Beards (232.3-247.4)
5231.9Da Beards20211Reid for Speed (231.9-258.6)
6231.7Da Beards20158Reid for Speed (231.7-270)
7231.6Vandals202012Brady Bunch (231.6-247)
8230.1Thomas the Train201616Da Beards (230.1-269.4)
9229.2MR. ROB20199The Grayt1 (229.2-232.3)
10228.3Reid for Speed201812Da Beards (228.3-247.4)
Most Combined Points
1518.2Thomas the Train vs Da Beards (265.5-252.7)201910
2506.6The Better Bates vs Show Me Your TDs (263.2-243.4)202113
3506.1Da Beards vs Cane Train (314-192.1)202012
4501.7Reid for Speed vs Da Beards (270-231.7)20158
5499.5Da Beards vs Thomas the Train (269.4-230.1)201616
6496.5The Grayt1 vs Alabama Rebels (262-234.5)20203
7490.5Reid for Speed vs Da Beards (258.6-231.9)20211
8479.7Da Beards vs Reid for Speed (247.4-232.3)20184
9478.7Reid for Speed vs Da Beards (255.1-223.6)20151
10478.6Brady Bunch vs Vandals (247-231.6)202012
Fewest Combined Points
1173.2Thomas the Train vs The Better Bates (168.1-5.09999999999999)201914
2231.7The Better Bates vs Thomas the Train (156.4-75.3)201510
3236.7Reid for Speed vs Vandals (126.5-110.2)20194
4264.4Brady Bunch vs Raider Nation (135.2-129.2)202113
5267.8Alabama Rebels vs Show Me Your TDs (141.4-126.4)201510
6275.4Alabama Rebels vs Reid for Speed (150.7-124.7)201613
7277.4Vandals vs Cane Train (151.4-126)20197
8278Show Me Your TDs vs Alabama Rebels (166.6-111.4)20164
9280.7Show Me Your TDs vs Vandals (156.2-124.5)201911
10281.3The Grayt1 vs Cane Train (172.1-109.2)202210
Victory Margin
1163Thomas the Train201914The Better Bates (168.1-5.09999999999999)
2161.5Da Beards20185The Grayt1 (274.5-113)
3136.1Da Beards20228Vandals (305.9-169.8)
4128.7Brady Bunch20214The Grayt1 (290.1-161.4)
5122.9Brady Bunch201513Show Me Your TDs (273.6-150.7)
6121.9Da Beards202012Cane Train (314-192.1)
7120.7Brady Bunch20229Alabama Rebels (276.6-155.9)
8116.6Da Beards20217Thomas the Train (242.9-126.3)
9112.6Da Beards20221Alabama Rebels (261.1-148.5)
10111Show Me Your TDs20181Vandals (244.7-133.7)
Least Victory Margin
10.10Alabama Rebels20161Brady Bunch (171-170.9)
2 (tie)0.20Reid for Speed20219Brady Bunch (172-171.8)
 0.20Reid for Speed20157The Better Bates (188.6-188.4)
4 (tie)0.50Brady Bunch20208Reid for Speed (194.6-194.1)
 0.50Thomas the Train20152MR. ROB (181.1-180.6)
60.70Vandals20158MR. ROB (207.4-206.7)
70.80MR. ROB20228Cane Train (186.3-185.5)
80.90Show Me Your TDs202011Da Beards (196.5-195.6)
91Vandals20182Thomas the Train (178-177)
101.20Alabama Rebels202011Vandals (187.9-186.7)

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