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Most Points Scored - Single Game
1179.7Todd Dunn200714
2174.3Matt Harper20073
3173.9Curtis Leslie20076
4173.5Curtis Leslie200712
5168.7Curtis Leslie200812
6167.2Chris Dowdell20077
7164.8Tony Pierce20086
8162Curtis Leslie20066
9160George Scharein20068
10159Justin Terry20066
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
112.9Richard Stewart20076
216John Whitt200616
321.6Drew Petty200811
429.5Drew Petty200810
530.4John Whitt20071
632.5Drew Petty200715
733.3Langston Longley20077
834.6Richard Stewart200811
935.3Eric Frasier200714
10 (tie)35.4Langston Longley20079
 35.4Cortezz' Simmons20081
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
141.9Drew Petty20082Cortezz' Simmons (41.9-36)
243.5Eric Frasier20078Ronnie Peay Jr. (43.5-36.5)
344.1Steven Edwards20081Drew Petty (44.1-39.2)
445.9Steven Edwards200811Drew Petty (45.9-21.6)
548.4Cortezz' Simmons200813Steven Edwards (48.4-41.6)
648.5Richard Stewart20079Langston Longley (48.5-35.4)
752.4Carlos Matthews20089Cortezz' Simmons (52.4-48.4)
8 (tie)55Chris Story20082Steven Edwards (55-52.4)
 55John Whitt20066Chris Dowdell (55-51)
1055.5Ronnie Peay Jr.20075Matt Harper (55.5-44.1)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1143.9John Whitt20073Matt Harper (143.9-174.3)
2141John Whitt20076Curtis Leslie (141-173.9)
3136.9Ronnie Peay Jr.200810Chris Dowdell (136.9-143.2)
4132Curtis Leslie200612Justin Tidwell (132-141)
5130.5John Lambert Sr.20072Curtis Leslie (130.5-150)
6129.7Ronnie Peay Jr.200812George Scharein (129.7-148.2)
7129.1Donny Wallace200814Chris Dowdell (129.1-130.3)
8128Tony Pierce20066Curtis Leslie (128-162)
9125Donny Wallace200714Todd Dunn (125-179.7)
10121.7Steven Edwards20078Justin Terry (121.7-142)
Most Combined Points
1318.2Matt Harper vs John Whitt (174.3-143.9)20073
2314.9Curtis Leslie vs John Whitt (173.9-141)20076
3304.7Todd Dunn vs Donny Wallace (179.7-125)200714
4290Curtis Leslie vs Tony Pierce (162-128)20066
5285.4Chris Dowdell vs John Lambert Sr. (167.2-118.2)20077
6280.5Curtis Leslie vs John Lambert Sr. (150-130.5)20072
7280.1Chris Dowdell vs Ronnie Peay Jr. (143.2-136.9)200810
8 (tie)277.9Tony Pierce vs Ronnie Peay Jr. (164.8-113.1)20086
 277.9George Scharein vs Ronnie Peay Jr. (148.2-129.7)200812
10273Justin Tidwell vs Curtis Leslie (141-132)200612
Fewest Combined Points
167.5Steven Edwards vs Drew Petty (45.9-21.6)200811
277.9Drew Petty vs Cortezz' Simmons (41.9-36)20082
380Eric Frasier vs Ronnie Peay Jr. (43.5-36.5)20078
483.3Steven Edwards vs Drew Petty (44.1-39.2)20081
583.9Richard Stewart vs Langston Longley (48.5-35.4)20079
690Cortezz' Simmons vs Steven Edwards (48.4-41.6)200813
798John Whitt vs Langston Longley (57-41)20068
899.6Ronnie Peay Jr. vs Matt Harper (55.5-44.1)20075
9100.8Carlos Matthews vs Cortezz' Simmons (52.4-48.4)20089
10105.9John Lambert Sr. vs Langston Longley (60.2-45.7)20078
Victory Margin
1101.8Curtis Leslie200712John Lambert Sr. (173.5-71.7)
299.4Curtis Leslie20084Chris Story (157.6-58.2)
392.3Curtis Leslie20085Chris Dowdell (136.5-44.2)
4 (tie)92Curtis Leslie20067Nate Holmes (134-42)
 92Drew Petty20071John Whitt (122.4-30.4)
689.9Justin Terry200715Drew Petty (122.4-32.5)
789.7John Lambert Sr.20073George Scharein (157.4-67.7)
889.4Curtis Leslie200812Justin Terry (168.7-79.3)
985.7Richard Stewart20083John Whitt (131.4-45.7)
1085Jonathan Crim200616John Whitt (101-16)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)0.20Chris Dowdell200714Steven Edwards (98.4-98.2)
 0.20Todd Dunn200713Steven Edwards (120.2-120)
30.40Langston Longley20071Todd Dunn (79.5-79.1)
4 (tie)0.50Langston Longley20073Tony Pierce (80.2-79.7)
 0.50Ronnie Peay Jr.20083Donny Wallace (107-106.5)
60.90John Lambert Sr.20076Eric Frasier (83.3-82.4)
7 (tie)1Justin Terry20068Justin Tidwell (105-104)
 1Donny Wallace20067Chris Story (80-79)
 1Chris Dowdell200613Nate Holmes (92-91)
101.10Curtis Leslie200813Carlos Matthews (100.3-99.2)

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