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Calvinball Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1338.04Wrecking Balls201315
2318.88Wrecking Balls201915
3314.01Vulcan Vaders201515
4297.64Hood River Cutthroats201616
5291.8Wrecking Balls201216
6285.86Auburn Gunslingers20115
7277.51Hood River Cutthroats201615
8274.2Vulcan Vaders201216
9273.11Wrecking Balls201316
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
16Vulcan Vaders20128
243.72Wrecking Balls201415
350.71Las Vegas Wranglers201310
455.4Zero Fox20173
557.61Zero Fox201310
866.67Ace in the Hole20195
970Flacco's 'Stache20125
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
182.65Hodor201415Gamecox (82.65-63.4)
289.65Jared from Subway201511Outta Luck F.C. (89.65-87.85)
391.49Las Vegas Wranglers201312RG-3PO (91.49-70.35)
495.24RG-3PO201316Las Vegas Wranglers (95.24-87.94)
597.4Outta Luck F.C.201912PSI Foxburough (97.4-82.95)
6101.63The Fumbling Bumblers201411Las Vegas Wranglers (101.63-98.89)
7101.91PSI Foxburough201716Hodor (101.91-94.06)
8103.33Chalupa Batmans20171Zero Fox (103.33-100.19)
9109.4Las Vegas Wranglers20158Monkey Brill (109.4-100.4)
10110.39PSI Foxburough20133Vulcan Vaders (110.39-103.16)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1274.2Vulcan Vaders201216Wrecking Balls (274.2-291.8)
2265.58Hodor201316Wrecking Balls (265.58-273.11)
3254.39Wrecking Balls201516The Fumbling Bumblers (254.39-263.52)
4245.52Outta Luck F.C.201616Hood River Cutthroats (245.52-297.64)
5244.84The Skamaniacs201915Wrecking Balls (244.84-318.88)
6242.68Vulcan Vaders201915The Fumbling Bumblers (242.68-247.48)
7241.17The Fumbling Bumblers201916Wrecking Balls (241.17-249.64)
8235.59Vulcan Vaders20195The Fumbling Bumblers (235.59-250.35)
9235.08Vulcan Vaders201715Gamecox (235.08-269.76)
10232.69Hood River Cutthroats201515Vulcan Vaders (232.69-314.01)
Most Combined Points
1566Wrecking Balls vs Vulcan Vaders (291.8-274.2)201216
2563.72Wrecking Balls vs The Skamaniacs (318.88-244.84)201915
3546.7Vulcan Vaders vs Hood River Cutthroats (314.01-232.69)201515
4543.16Hood River Cutthroats vs Outta Luck F.C. (297.64-245.52)201616
5538.69Wrecking Balls vs Hodor (273.11-265.58)201316
6517.91The Fumbling Bumblers vs Wrecking Balls (263.52-254.39)201516
7504.84Gamecox vs Vulcan Vaders (269.76-235.08)201715
8495.78PSI Foxburough vs Wrecking Balls (265.97-229.81)201515
9494.73Hood River Cutthroats vs Jared from Subway (297.64-197.09)201616
10490.84Wrecking Balls vs Hood River Cutthroats (338.04-152.8)201315
Fewest Combined Points
1119Wrecking Balls vs Vulcan Vaders (113-6)20128
2146.05Hodor vs Gamecox (82.65-63.4)201415
3161.84Las Vegas Wranglers vs RG-3PO (91.49-70.35)201312
4177.5Jared from Subway vs Outta Luck F.C. (89.65-87.85)201511
5178.32Vulcan Vaders vs Wrecking Balls (134.6-43.72)201415
6180.35Outta Luck F.C. vs PSI Foxburough (97.4-82.95)201912
7183.18RG-3PO vs Las Vegas Wranglers (95.24-87.94)201316
8185.7Hood River Cutthroats vs Zero Fox (130.3-55.4)20173
9185.76The Fumbling Bumblers vs Gamecox (112.48-73.28)20179
10195.97PSI Foxburough vs Hodor (101.91-94.06)201716
Victory Margin
1185.24Wrecking Balls201315Hood River Cutthroats (338.04-152.8)
2156.57The Skamaniacs20195Ace in the Hole (223.24-66.67)
3145.3Auburn Gunslingers20115Dahntahn'ers (285.86-140.56)
4142.72Jared from Subway20164Zero Fox (221.26-78.54)
5140.68Vulcan Vaders201910PSI Foxburough (248.22-107.54)
6130.02Bottom Feeders201816PSI Foxburough (241.76-111.74)
7129.82Wrecking Balls201411Zero Fox (231.63-101.81)
8126.59Hodor20163Monkey Brill (237.91-111.32)
9126Jared from Subway201214Las Vegas Wranglers (209-83)
10123.39Hodor201310Las Vegas Wranglers (174.1-50.71)
Least Victory Margin
10.07Hood River Cutthroats20194Ace in the Hole (141.17-141.1)
20.11The Fumbling Bumblers201611Hodor (139.34-139.23)
30.13Gamecox201516Zero Fox (133.74-133.61)
40.14Hood River Cutthroats20116Vulcan Vaders (146.64-146.5)
50.15The Fumbling Bumblers201710Hodor (138.66-138.51)
60.24Monkey Brill201316Outta Luck F.C. (172.99-172.75)
70.32The Fumbling Bumblers201913Vulcan Vaders (148.15-147.83)
80.54Outta Luck F.C.20159PSI Foxburough (149.22-148.68)
90.65Wrecking Balls20182Hodor (163.15-162.5)
100.69Monkey Brill20145Wrecking Balls (164.75-164.06)

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