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The DFL Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1226.64Az Dragons201613
2221.44Greendale Human Beings201616
3212.92Rue The Day20164
4212.68Az Dragons20163
5211.6Wixom Dynasty201616
6211.56The Factory of Sadness20153
8204.62Greendale Human Beings20155
9200.94Az Dragons20169
10200.9Greendale Human Beings201515
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
131.8Uncles with benefits201511
242.74Uncles with benefits201510
342.9Uncles with benefits20157
445.3Uncles with benefits20158
548.9Uncles with benefits201512
650.88Uncles with benefits20156
754.66Uncles with benefits20155
863.24Foxboro Shuffle201610
963.3Uncles with benefits201513
1064.3Uncles with benefits20152
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
185.6Wixom Dynasty201516Nashville Mad Dogs (85.6-83.36)
294.3@TimNFL201613Dustin's Team (94.3-70.46)
395.5Dustin's Team20157Uncles with benefits (95.5-42.9)
495.72Nashville Mad Dogs201614Dustin's Team (95.72-76.34)
595.86Dustin's Team201615Foxboro Shuffle (95.86-92.1)
6102.9Nashville Mad Dogs201514TacoCorp (102.9-102.64)
7103.6Nashville Mad Dogs20154Uncles with benefits (103.6-75.64)
8104.42Nashville Mad Dogs201511Dustin's Team (104.42-72.44)
9107.16Foxboro Shuffle20161Wixom Dynasty (107.16-95.52)
10107.38Shake and Bake20152Uncles with benefits (107.38-64.3)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1183.36Az Dragons201616Greendale Human Beings (183.36-221.44)
2175.44The Factory of Sadness201515Greendale Human Beings (175.44-200.9)
3161.56TacoCorp201612Az Dragons (161.56-175.66)
4159.58Az Dragons201514Rue The Day (159.58-170.42)
5156.22Shake and Bake20156Greendale Human Beings (156.22-171.6)
6156.08Az Dragons20151The Factory of Sadness (156.08-174.74)
7155.74Az Dragons201512TacoCorp (155.74-177.48)
8154.72Az Dragons20153Rue The Day (154.72-168)
9153.84The Factory of Sadness20157Rue The Day (153.84-166.08)
10153.22Foxboro Shuffle201515Rue The Day (153.22-164.16)
Most Combined Points
1404.8Greendale Human Beings vs Az Dragons (221.44-183.36)201616
2376.34Greendale Human Beings vs The Factory of Sadness (200.9-175.44)201515
3355.76Az Dragons vs Rue The Day (226.64-129.12)201613
4349.34Wixom Dynasty vs Nashville Mad Dogs (211.6-137.74)201616
5345.04The Factory of Sadness vs Nashville Mad Dogs (211.56-133.48)20153
6340.7Greendale Human Beings vs TacoCorp (189.12-151.58)201513
7337.22Az Dragons vs TacoCorp (175.66-161.56)201612
8333.22TacoCorp vs Az Dragons (177.48-155.74)201512
9332.5Rue The Day vs The Factory of Sadness (191-141.5)20167
10330.82The Factory of Sadness vs Az Dragons (174.74-156.08)20151
Fewest Combined Points
1138.4Dustin's Team vs Uncles with benefits (95.5-42.9)20157
2163.58TacoCorp vs Uncles with benefits (120.84-42.74)201510
3164.76@TimNFL vs Dustin's Team (94.3-70.46)201613
4168.96Wixom Dynasty vs Nashville Mad Dogs (85.6-83.36)201516
5171.34@TimNFL vs Uncles with benefits (116.68-54.66)20155
6171.68Shake and Bake vs Uncles with benefits (107.38-64.3)20152
7172.06Nashville Mad Dogs vs Dustin's Team (95.72-76.34)201614
8172.34The Factory of Sadness vs Uncles with benefits (127.04-45.3)20158
9176.86Nashville Mad Dogs vs Dustin's Team (104.42-72.44)201511
10179.24Nashville Mad Dogs vs Uncles with benefits (103.6-75.64)20154
Victory Margin
1141.34Greendale Human Beings201511Uncles with benefits (173.14-31.8)
2122.74Rue The Day201512Uncles with benefits (171.64-48.9)
3117.94Az Dragons20169Uncles with benefits (200.94-83)
4112.16Az Dragons20163Rue The Day (212.68-100.52)
5109.68Greendale Human Beings20155Wixom Dynasty (204.62-94.94)
6109.64Rue The Day20166Foxboro Shuffle (189.62-79.98)
7107.42Rue The Day20164Shake and Bake (212.92-105.5)
897.66TacoCorp20156Nashville Mad Dogs (208.38-110.72)
997.52Az Dragons201613Rue The Day (226.64-129.12)
1091.9Az Dragons20158Shake and Bake (174.94-83.04)
Least Victory Margin
10.10@TimNFL20162Wixom Dynasty (116.72-116.62)
20.26Nashville Mad Dogs201514TacoCorp (102.9-102.64)
30.28Foxboro Shuffle20156Rue The Day (151.76-151.48)
40.48Dustin's Team201514Shake and Bake (119.02-118.54)
51.06@TimNFL20154Az Dragons (110.52-109.46)
61.38Greendale Human Beings20168Rue The Day (150.44-149.06)
72.16The Factory of Sadness20164Greendale Human Beings (123.56-121.4)
82.20@TimNFL201510Rue The Day (152.28-150.08)
92.24Wixom Dynasty201516Nashville Mad Dogs (85.6-83.36)
102.60Rue The Day20165Dustin's Team (115.46-112.86)

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