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Champions League of the BFFL Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1292New York SacXchange20133
2259New York SacXchange201314
3256Bronx Bombers201313
4 (tie)245Maryland Bucktooth Beavers20134
 245Bronx Bombers201311
6243Silicon Valley Gypsies20131
7242New York SacXchange201312
8241Seattle Metropolitans20133
9239Lake Wylie Knights201310
10236Lake Wylie Knights201313
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
1 (tie)0Carolina Swamp Foxes201316
 0Fallbrook Wildfire201315
390Camaguey Brigade 2506201311
497Camaguey Brigade 2506201313
5100Alamo City Ackbars201312
6101Cinco Ranch Cowboy Killa's20133
7 (tie)103Cinco Ranch Cowboy Killa's20137
 103Cinco Ranch Cowboy Killa's201310
9104South Jersey Jacks20139
10106Rochester Cowboys20136
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
1121Camaguey Brigade 2506201310Cinco Ranch Cowboy Killa's (121-103)
2128Richmond Texicans20136Carolina Swamp Foxes (128-121)
3131Rochester Cowboys20135Cinco Ranch Cowboy Killa's (131-113)
4136Camaguey Brigade 250620132Silicon Valley Gypsies (136-119)
5140New York SacXchange20137Cinco Ranch Cowboy Killa's (140-103)
6 (tie)142Lake Wylie Knights20133Alamo City Ackbars (142-127)
 142Camaguey Brigade 2506201312Maryland Bucktooth Beavers (142-120)
 142Silicon Valley Gypsies201311Aliamanu Warriors (142-120)
9145Camaguey Brigade 250620138Richmond Texicans (145-108)
10147Silicon Valley Gypsies201310Richmond Texicans (147-140)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1219Rochester Cowboys201312New York SacXchange (219-242)
2216Seattle Metropolitans201314South Jersey Jacks (216-219)
3214Alamo City Ackbars201313Lake Wylie Knights (214-236)
4199Bronx Bombers20135Fallbrook Wildfire (199-200)
5 (tie)197Rochester Cowboys20131Maryland Bucktooth Beavers (197-205)
 197Alamo City Ackbars20131Bronx Bombers (197-211)
7196Cinco Ranch Cowboy Killa's201313Alamo City Ackbars (196-214)
8195Rochester Cowboys201311Bronx Bombers (195-245)
9191Alamo City Ackbars20139Maryland Bucktooth Beavers (191-193)
10190Maryland Bucktooth Beavers201310Lake Wylie Knights (190-239)
Most Combined Points
1461New York SacXchange vs Rochester Cowboys (242-219)201312
2450Lake Wylie Knights vs Alamo City Ackbars (236-214)201313
3440Bronx Bombers vs Rochester Cowboys (245-195)201311
4439Bronx Bombers vs Seattle Metropolitans (256-183)201313
5435South Jersey Jacks vs Seattle Metropolitans (219-216)201314
6434New York SacXchange vs Rochester Cowboys (259-175)201314
7433New York SacXchange vs Carolina Swamp Foxes (292-141)20133
8431New York SacXchange vs South Jersey Jacks (242-189)201312
9 (tie)429Lake Wylie Knights vs Maryland Bucktooth Beavers (239-190)201310
 429New York SacXchange vs Maryland Bucktooth Beavers (292-137)20133
Fewest Combined Points
1149Alamo City Ackbars vs Fallbrook Wildfire (149-0)201315
2160Alamo City Ackbars vs Carolina Swamp Foxes (160-0)201316
3224Camaguey Brigade 2506 vs Cinco Ranch Cowboy Killa's (121-103)201310
4243New York SacXchange vs Cinco Ranch Cowboy Killa's (140-103)20137
5244Rochester Cowboys vs Cinco Ranch Cowboy Killa's (131-113)20135
6249Richmond Texicans vs Carolina Swamp Foxes (128-121)20136
7253Camaguey Brigade 2506 vs Richmond Texicans (145-108)20138
8254Kings County Kings vs Camaguey Brigade 2506 (164-90)201311
9255Camaguey Brigade 2506 vs Silicon Valley Gypsies (136-119)20132
10260South Jersey Jacks vs Camaguey Brigade 2506 (163-97)201313
Victory Margin
1160Alamo City Ackbars201316Carolina Swamp Foxes (160-0)
2155New York SacXchange20133Maryland Bucktooth Beavers (292-137)
3151New York SacXchange20133Carolina Swamp Foxes (292-141)
4149Alamo City Ackbars201315Fallbrook Wildfire (149-0)
5136New York SacXchange201313Camaguey Brigade 2506 (233-97)
6122Bronx Bombers201313Aliamanu Warriors (256-134)
7108Seattle Metropolitans201312Alamo City Ackbars (208-100)
8106Maryland Bucktooth Beavers20134Richmond Texicans (245-139)
9102Maryland Bucktooth Beavers20136Cinco Ranch Cowboy Killa's (231-129)
10101Bronx Bombers201312Richmond Texicans (213-112)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)1Carolina Swamp Foxes201314Maryland Bucktooth Beavers (151-150)
 1Fallbrook Wildfire20135Bronx Bombers (200-199)
32Maryland Bucktooth Beavers20139Alamo City Ackbars (193-191)
4 (tie)3Cinco Ranch Cowboy Killa's20131Aliamanu Warriors (183-180)
 3Camaguey Brigade 250620133Fallbrook Wildfire (164-161)
 3Silicon Valley Gypsies20135Alamo City Ackbars (192-189)
 3South Jersey Jacks201314Seattle Metropolitans (219-216)
85Lake Wylie Knights20134Silicon Valley Gypsies (174-169)
96Seattle Metropolitans20132Alamo City Ackbars (154-148)
10 (tie)7Richmond Texicans20136Carolina Swamp Foxes (128-121)
 7Silicon Valley Gypsies201310Richmond Texicans (147-140)

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