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Jacksonville Auction Fantasy Football League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1128Westchester Wildcats200413
2125Westchester Wildcats20077
3124McCrary's Maulers200712
4122Lucky Dogs200414
5120Orange Park Lords of Darkness200410
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
111The Dirty Birds20079
319Westchester Wildcats20068
4 (tie)20SQs Playas20075
 20The Dirty Birds20043
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
136The Dirty Birds20076Dave's Destroyers (36-21)
237The Dirty Birds200414Titletown Pocket Rockets (37-34)
339Westchester Wildcats20053Orange Park Lords of Darkness (39-37)
4 (tie)40The Dirty Birds20061Powers Avenue Prophets (40-35)
 40Maui Menehunes20062Sofa King Bid (40-33)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
196Maniacs200413Conspiracy Theorists (96-102)
295Orange Park Lords of Darkness200511Conspiracy Theorists (95-98)
391Conspiracy Theorists200414Lucky Dogs (91-122)
490Golden Eagles200714Powers Avenue Prophets (90-94)
589Lucky Dogs20049Powers Avenue Prophets (89-90)
Most Combined Points
1213Lucky Dogs vs Conspiracy Theorists (122-91)200414
2198Conspiracy Theorists vs Maniacs (102-96)200413
3193Conspiracy Theorists vs Orange Park Lords of Darkness (98-95)200511
4 (tie)190Hiroshima AtomBombs vs Maniacs (107-83)200610
 190Orange Park Lords of Darkness vs Lucky Dogs (105-85)20048
 190The Dirty Birds vs Westchester Wildcats (119-71)20066
Fewest Combined Points
157The Dirty Birds vs Dave's Destroyers (36-21)20076
260Lucky Dogs vs Maniacs (42-18)200611
361Hiroshima AtomBombs vs The Dirty Birds (50-11)20079
469The Dirty Birds vs SQs Playas (49-20)20075
570Dave's Destroyers vs SQs Playas (44-26)20064
Victory Margin
186Orange Park Lords of Darkness20043Conspiracy Theorists (119-33)
284Powers Avenue Prophets20043The Dirty Birds (104-20)
3 (tie)73Westchester Wildcats20077Conspiracy Theorists (125-52)
 73Westchester Wildcats200413Lucky Dogs (128-55)
5 (tie)72Hiroshima AtomBombs200612Sofa King Bid (105-33)
 72McCrary's Maulers200712Dave's Destroyers (124-52)

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