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Queen City Dynasty League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1231.16Who's the Manning!20114
2213.776Sycho Silverbacx200911
3212.925Buckeye Chaos200915
4208.841Who's the Manning!201011
5208.55Don't Tread On Me20098
6206.876Buckeye Chaos20096
7203.917U Got Beat By A Gyrl20097
8202.8Sycho Silverbacx20096
9202.682Jako's Wacko's201015
10199.95Who's the Manning!201013
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
163.957Roid Rage201113
265.463Don't Tread On Me201111
368.478Roid Rage20117
471.491Sycho Silverbacx20116
572.825Oak Ridge Boys20106
677.567Oak Ridge Boys20109
780.216Oak Ridge Boys20101
882.538Roid Rage20118
983.192Oak Ridge Boys20102
1083.475Roid Rage20097
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
193.514G-County Fools20116Sycho Silverbacx (93.514-71.491)
296.518The Grossman20118Sycho Silverbacx (96.518-95.588)
3104.889Velvet Devils201110Oak Ridge Boys (104.889-90.165)
4108.499The Program201113Roid Rage (108.499-63.957)
5108.658The Bearded Clams20108Don't Tread On Me (108.658-107.917)
6109.967Burn Unit20106Velvet Devils (109.967-85.009)
7111.691The Bearded Clams20093Velvet Devils (111.691-109.641)
8111.792Oak Ridge Boys20103Legen.........Dary (111.792-109.625)
9112.343G-County Fools201016Jako's Wacko's (112.343-87.6)
10113.43G-County Fools20112U Got Beat By A Gyrl (113.43-99.958)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1171.273The Mattress Police20115The Bearded Clams (171.273-181.828)
2170.217Don't Tread On Me20092Buckeye Chaos (170.217-173.683)
3167.123Who's the Manning!20111Buckeye Chaos (167.123-175.598)
4161.449Buckeye Chaos201011Who's the Manning! (161.449-208.841)
5161.351Don't Tread On Me201010Legen.........Dary (161.351-191.758)
6161.317Buckeye Chaos20107The Grossman (161.317-178.426)
7160.301Legen.........Dary201011Sycho Silverbacx (160.301-162.483)
8159.033Don't Tread On Me201012Buckeye Chaos (159.033-159.791)
9158.666Sycho Silverbacx20104Who's the Manning! (158.666-188.2)
10157.675Buckeye Chaos20099Velvet Devils (157.675-183.75)
Most Combined Points
1371.9Who's the Manning! vs The Program (231.16-140.739)20114
2370.29Who's the Manning! vs Buckeye Chaos (208.841-161.449)201011
3358.08Sycho Silverbacx vs Roid Rage (213.776-144.3)200911
4353.11Legen.........Dary vs Don't Tread On Me (191.758-161.351)201010
5353.1The Bearded Clams vs The Mattress Police (181.828-171.273)20115
6349.32Burn Unit vs The Bearded Clams (197.057-152.259)201010
7348.62Jako's Wacko's vs Buckeye Chaos (202.682-145.935)201015
8348.02Burn Unit vs Roid Rage (193.941-154.075)20101
9346.87Who's the Manning! vs Sycho Silverbacx (188.2-158.666)20104
10344.41Sycho Silverbacx vs The Grossman (202.8-141.608)20096
Fewest Combined Points
1165.01G-County Fools vs Sycho Silverbacx (93.514-71.491)20116
2172.46The Program vs Roid Rage (108.499-63.957)201113
3190.96The Mattress Police vs Don't Tread On Me (125.495-65.463)201111
4192.11The Grossman vs Sycho Silverbacx (96.518-95.588)20118
5194.98Burn Unit vs Velvet Devils (109.967-85.009)20106
6195.05Velvet Devils vs Oak Ridge Boys (104.889-90.165)201110
7199.94G-County Fools vs Jako's Wacko's (112.343-87.6)201016
8205.23G-County Fools vs Velvet Devils (118.141-87.084)20101
9209.35The Mattress Police vs Oak Ridge Boys (131.783-77.567)20109
10209.46Jako's Wacko's vs Oak Ridge Boys (129.242-80.216)20101
Victory Margin
1105.52Jako's Wacko's20118Roid Rage (188.062-82.538)
295.42The Grossman20112Roid Rage (197.388-101.968)
395.05Buckeye Chaos200915Sycho Silverbacx (212.925-117.875)
490.42Who's the Manning!20114The Program (231.16-140.739)
588.83Don't Tread On Me200911Velvet Devils (186.416-97.591)
688.2Who's the Manning!200912The Mattress Police (193.35-105.15)
784.69Who's the Manning!20119Roid Rage (178.956-94.269)
884.65The Grossman201112Roid Rage (170.175-85.524)
983.91Who's the Manning!20107The Program (168.832-84.926)
1079.43Legen.........Dary20113Oak Ridge Boys (169.369-89.943)
Least Victory Margin
10.64Oak Ridge Boys20118The Program (140.1-139.457)
20.74The Bearded Clams20108Don't Tread On Me (108.658-107.917)
30.75Buckeye Chaos20106Sycho Silverbacx (136.783-136.033)
40.76Buckeye Chaos201012Don't Tread On Me (159.791-159.033)
50.93The Grossman20118Sycho Silverbacx (96.518-95.588)
60.95The Bearded Clams20105The Mattress Police (141.208-140.259)
71.08The Grossman201013Burn Unit (135.1-134.024)
81.30Oak Ridge Boys20112Sycho Silverbacx (132.731-131.435)
91.70The Mattress Police20102Who's the Manning! (145.074-143.375)
101.95The Bearded Clams20112Velvet Devils (159.534-157.579)

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