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Vegas Dynasty Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1169.25Henderson Trash202111
2156.4The Big Campbellowski20207
3153.95The Big Campbellowski20202
4 (tie)152.5Bad Asses202016
 152.5Henderson Trash20215
6150.45Goltz's Goalline Gods20217
7150.2Tumbleweed Productions20201
8149.95Savage Wombats202114
9148.9Hide Your beagle Vicks an Eagle20202
10148.1Bitchin' Burros20202
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
146.2Bitchin' Burros202011
251.05Henderson Trash20209
351.35Goltz's Goalline Gods202111
452.8Savage Wombats20205
555Bitchin' Burros202012
656.05Savage Wombats20218
758Hide Your beagle Vicks an Eagle202115
858.6Henderson Trash20207
959.6Scharber and Sons20219
1060.85Scharber and Sons20218
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
165Bitchin' Burros202112Hide Your beagle Vicks an Eagle (65-63.25)
270.35The Big Campbellowski202110The Shockers (70.35-67.5)
374.8The Big Campbellowski202115Bad Asses (74.8-63.9)
475.9Askin Questions20208Goltz's Goalline Gods (75.9-72.1)
578.15Savage Wombats20206Hide Your beagle Vicks an Eagle (78.15-62.6)
678.65The Shockers202111Askin Questions (78.65-67.2)
778.9Scharber and Sons202010Henderson Trash (78.9-65.8)
878.95The Big Campbellowski20204Henderson Trash (78.95-65.85)
980.35Henderson Trash202116The Big Campbellowski (80.35-72.3)
1080.9Tumbleweed Productions202110Bitchin' Burros (80.9-76.3)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1148.1Bitchin' Burros20202The Big Campbellowski (148.1-153.95)
2131.95Tumbleweed Productions20209Bitchin' Burros (131.95-134.75)
3131.05Breaking Bradford20215Henderson Trash (131.05-152.5)
4129.7Bitchin' Burros20206Henderson Trash (129.7-139.35)
5128.65Tumbleweed Productions202112Henderson Trash (128.65-134.7)
6123.35Bad Asses202114Breaking Bradford (123.35-134.8)
7122.15Askin Questions20207Savage Wombats (122.15-132.95)
8121.6The Big Campbellowski202113Henderson Trash (121.6-127.2)
9120.8Savage Wombats202116Askin Questions (120.8-127.3)
10120.45Askin Questions20218Goltz's Goalline Gods (120.45-121.75)
Most Combined Points
1302.05The Big Campbellowski vs Bitchin' Burros (153.95-148.1)20202
2283.55Henderson Trash vs Breaking Bradford (152.5-131.05)20215
3273.05Henderson Trash vs Bitchin' Burros (169.25-103.8)202111
4269.05Henderson Trash vs Bitchin' Burros (139.35-129.7)20206
5266.7Bitchin' Burros vs Tumbleweed Productions (134.75-131.95)20209
6263.35Henderson Trash vs Tumbleweed Productions (134.7-128.65)202112
7262.95Goltz's Goalline Gods vs Tumbleweed Productions (150.45-112.5)20217
8258.15Breaking Bradford vs Bad Asses (134.8-123.35)202114
9257.65Hide Your beagle Vicks an Eagle vs Goltz's Goalline Gods (148.9-108.75)20202
10257.4Savage Wombats vs Askin Questions (149.95-107.45)202114
Fewest Combined Points
1128.25Bitchin' Burros vs Hide Your beagle Vicks an Eagle (65-63.25)202112
2132.65Hide Your beagle Vicks an Eagle vs Henderson Trash (81.6-51.05)20209
3137.85The Big Campbellowski vs The Shockers (70.35-67.5)202110
4138.7The Big Campbellowski vs Bad Asses (74.8-63.9)202115
5140.3Tumbleweed Productions vs Hide Your beagle Vicks an Eagle (82.3-58)202115
6140.75Savage Wombats vs Hide Your beagle Vicks an Eagle (78.15-62.6)20206
7144.7Scharber and Sons vs Henderson Trash (78.9-65.8)202010
8144.8The Big Campbellowski vs Henderson Trash (78.95-65.85)20204
9145.85The Shockers vs Askin Questions (78.65-67.2)202111
10148Askin Questions vs Goltz's Goalline Gods (75.9-72.1)20208
Victory Margin
179.65The Big Campbellowski20207Hide Your beagle Vicks an Eagle (156.4-76.75)
275.95Breaking Bradford202011Bitchin' Burros (122.15-46.2)
365.45Henderson Trash202111Bitchin' Burros (169.25-103.8)
464.2Bad Asses202111Goltz's Goalline Gods (115.55-51.35)
563.6Breaking Bradford20216Hide Your beagle Vicks an Eagle (144.35-80.75)
661.7Goltz's Goalline Gods202014Scharber and Sons (135.75-74.05)
760.95Tumbleweed Productions20208Henderson Trash (140.15-79.2)
860.85Hide Your beagle Vicks an Eagle20217The Shockers (125.75-64.9)
959.7Breaking Bradford202012Savage Wombats (141.6-81.9)
1055.8Goltz's Goalline Gods20213Henderson Trash (135.05-79.25)
Least Victory Margin
10.30Scharber and Sons202111Savage Wombats (103.7-103.4)
20.45Breaking Bradford20205Scharber and Sons (117.15-116.7)
31.25Henderson Trash20216Askin Questions (110-108.75)
4 (tie)1.30Goltz's Goalline Gods20218Askin Questions (121.75-120.45)
 1.30Henderson Trash202012The Big Campbellowski (94.35-93.05)
61.60Tumbleweed Productions20219The Shockers (86.5-84.9)
71.75Bitchin' Burros202112Hide Your beagle Vicks an Eagle (65-63.25)
82.05Hide Your beagle Vicks an Eagle20203Bitchin' Burros (120.65-118.6)
92.25Savage Wombats20215Bitchin' Burros (93.2-90.95)
102.35Bad Asses202012Askin Questions (107.15-104.8)

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